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  1. My one concern is that it looks like the MI may have moved in a way to draw the contact/INT.
  2. You'll probably want the poly wools still for the cold weather games, but you'll love the poly spandex in the summer
  3. It's not the years, it's the miles
  4. I'll be 43 in 4 months.
  5. You don't restrict assistants. "He left us no space. His first actions took us away from the typical IAWE structure and to not further instigate, I had no option but to eject him immediately"
  6. The minute VAC comes out and yells at HHC, he's done. You can't have any tolerance for people from opposite teams getting into it.
  7. That's an indy ball league, not minor league.
  8. udbrky

    Mic'd up

    If you want to check out a good example, try to find last year's SEC championship game. They were mic'd and the plate ump put on a great demonstration of communication.
  9. Thanks, I thought it negated it, but debated it with a friend all week. We couldn't find anything in the case plays, so wanted clarification.
  10. Where is the source on this? I'd love a bigger case play book for NFHS. There's a lot of situations, like this, that are missing. Thanks, my friend and I have been debating this the last couple days
  11. R1 leaves early on a fly ball. He reaches 2B. F1 takes the rubber, coach yells to appeal it. F1 drops the ball while on the rubber. F1 starts to deliver and stops. F1 comes set and (lefty) throws to 1B without stepping. F1 doesn't come set and quick pitches Can they still appeal after balks? If so, all balks?
  12. Our baseball chair said to award, then present. We had Jim Evans at a Babe Ruth clinic several years ago and he said offense is SOL if they take it and get it reversed.
  13. Which infraction? R3 left 3B early. Catcher interferes with batter on the swing. Runner scores. We call time and enforce CI since batter and runners did not both advance at least one base.
  14. We discussed this in our association meeting last week.
  15. Shoot, I'm still doing Middle School Basketball. It is tough to sweat your butt off, then walk out into sub-30 (and that's warm!) weather. They canceled sectional games here a couple weeks ago. We had a high of -17 for a couple days and schools were closed for 3-4 days.
  16. Couple hours? Don't ever plan on the rainout and drink late, then go out and do it on a "dried out" field in 100 degree sun super hungover. A friend gave me that advice
  17. Here are some other good points from last year:
  18. Different partners use different signals. Just stick with it consistently and do what you say you're going to do. Nothing worse than your partner saying he'll have 3B, then he doesn't. I point to where I'm going. If my partner mirrors it, I don't really care much, because at least he knows what I'm telling him I'm doing and understands. That's the most important part of communication.
  19. https://www.mlb.com/video/gomes-scores-to-tie-game-in-9th/c-2007755583?tid=6479266
  20. I am not lying about any part of this. I wish there was video. Pretty high up Midwest Babe Ruth guy runs this complex, saw it happen and called me safe twice. I know I'm not doing this justice in describing how hilarious I had to have looked.
  21. My one friend said she'd quit her job to have more time to watch if there was one. Nobody got it. If this were 12-year-olds they'd all have moms video taping it!
  22. warnings are only as good as the person listening to them
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