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  1. "In the end R1 thinking he was out before the PU called him out assumed he was out and ran into the dugout So he’s out for abandonment." R-1 is not out for abandonment. He did not abandon anything. He was wrongly called out by the umpire and left the field of play after being called out (that's what runners are supposed to do after being called out). If the error in calling him out is caught after an umpire conference or after the HC complains, he should be returned to the base he occupied at the the time he was wrongly called out. But he's not out a second time for complying with the ini
  2. And hopefully the umpires working the game did not deprive this young man of an epic possibly once in a lifetime solo triple play!!
  3. I think you're probably right, Max! Good insight.
  4. Just thinking with my fingertips. Maybe what they're trying to accomplish is to eventually get managers to immediately appeal not just the facts (what actually happened or didn't happen), but also the application of the Rules the umpire used to judge those facts. If a possible erroneous Rule application could be "video" reviewed, there might never be a need for a protest to be decided post game. But just like government trying to solve problems with more centralized oversight, the likely result will be even more video reviews and slower games. Protests are rare anyway. Just curious what the ba
  5. Interesting. The mechanic I learned was just to step to the right and towards 1st with a big horizontal point towards 1st (great position to see a tag on the back of the BR), but I was not taught to necessarily verbalize. Although, the verbal I have used is, "Play it!" Everyone understands what that means. But also guaranteed that once I step out to the right parallel with the 1st baseline and point, the Offensive coaches and dugout are all screaming to "Run!" (great verbal understood by the vast majority of batters--but not all LoL). And their combined voices are always louder than I could
  6. Because we like strikes and we like calling strikes. Strikes get the players swinging the bat, which in turn helps both teams toward the object of the game: Score runs and win! Catcher sticks a borderline pitch, many of us think, “Yeah, I can grab that one and no one will hiss!” Catcher butchers a pitch or slides out to grab a pitch that caught the outside edge, “Nope, I can’t grab that without hearing a load of hiss!” That’s baseball as this amateur umpire knows and loves it. Super slow motion t.v video replay and imaginary yellow 1st down line type strike zone boxes? That’s a game manu
  7. Audio says it's a high school playoff game.
  8. R-1 and R-2. Batter clocks one to the gap in left on a field with no fence and the OB Track & Field track way out there. I start heading toward the 3rd baseline extended for a contested play on BR at the plate as BR rounds 3rd, so I'm 95 feet away from 3rd. I can't tell if BR misses 3rd or hits the inside front corner. BR safe at the plate. Immediate appeal after play for missing 3rd, and my partner on the bases immediately upholds the appeal and calls BR out (lead to the eventual ejection of his father once his yelling turned into calling the BU profane things--don't worry, we had the Hom
  9. I could use some additional education here, because I don't see how that was obstruction. The runner was running in fair territory as the pitcher fielded the batted ball going up the 1st baseline. He fielded the ball and tossed it to F3 without changing direction, something he has every right to do, and he can't disappear after the ball leaves his hands. Had he caught this ball literally on the baseline and tossed it up the baseline to 1st, and BR ran into him in fair territory as soon as the ball was released, would you call obstruction? Does the fielder making the throw have to change the ve
  10. Trying to honestly review the new Force3 V-3, but I can’t seem to get hit. Have been hit in the inner thigh, in the wrist, in both arms, and have tracked at least a couple into my mask, but my chest and abdomen remain untouched. My Force3 V-3 CP remains untouched. But here’s what I will say so far. This CP is light. Incredibly light. Lighter on my body than the original Force3 V-1, and lighter on my body than my Douglas 3 panel hard shell or my Wilson Platinum. Feels as light as the Cobalt I purchased and then gave away because of the lower extension design deficiencies. Maybe F3 is using
  11. Recontra

    Hit by pitch

    A great mentor of mine (one of many!!) once told me in our post game in the locker room that my strike zone was generally fine, but he could tell the couple of pitches I might have missed were because I was not in rhythm with the battery. Good batters are also in rhythm with the battery, sometimes by the 2nd time up, but always by the 3rd time up. If a pitcher comes set (3rd inning or later), and delays and looks at the base runner(s) more than once, and is set a couple/several seconds longer than normal—batter asks for time—I’m granting it—regardless of whether I believe the batter has dust i
  12. There's a cute illustration in the Evans/Nelson manual of a base umpire hands on knees set, standing and pointing ("That's a balk!"), immediately going back to hands on knees set, and then standing up again to call time, repeat the verbal and point, and then award bases. Helps me remember the sequence and the signalling mechanic. If it's a high school game and you do inadvertently go back to hands on knees set, it's real easy to pop right back up and call time--nobody will notice, and if they do, they'll probably think you must be a college umpire who forgot he was working a high school game 😀
  13. Most new balls are coming in on a dead ball (foul, ball out of play, pitcher goes hand to mouth to ball). I think if a pitcher just wants a new ball, I'd see it's pretty obvious what he's doing and why, and if a runner took off while he's mid-stride throwing the ball to the dugout (dead ball territory), I'd call Time! before the runner got very far. Games are slow enough already with Covid protocols. Just my two cents.
  14. Recontra


    Thanks, Kevin! You made this another "Learn Something New Friday!" 😃
  15. Not a big deal at all, but technically in a high school game, the proper call is, "That's obstruction!"
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