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  1. I’m on Bupropion as well. It’s been fantastic for me. And yes, as a kid I was the trouble maker who couldn’t learn at a desk. I really love working the dish but I’ve been exclusively on bases for the last few weeks since they want the Jr. umps to work the plate with adult umpires on bases to support and give advice to the younger kids. I find that I need a ton of focus on bases, which has been a challenge, but also really satisfying when I have a good game. Being an umpire has been such an eye opener. It honestly has changed my life. Thanks for your story…I relate 100%.
  2. I’m an adult with diagnosed ADHD. I have been umpiring as many games as I possibly can lately because I have found umpiring to be incredibly therapeutic. It’s been training me to stay focused for 2 hours at a time and be as attentive and detail-oriented as I possibly can. I’ve been an umpire for over a year, and I’ve become hooked on it because it makes me feel a bit “normal”, since I feel like it’s a job that people without ADHD typically do. At times, I feel a bit like a charlatan because umpiring seems like the kind of job that people with ADHD should absolutely not take on. It’s being going fairly well for me, but at times, I definitely notice that I missed something because I let my mind wander or I focused on the wrong thing. It’s usually minor, and I have been feeling pretty good about the games I’ve done these past several weeks. Admitting this is a little embarrassing, but I really wanted to know if there are other ADHD umpires out there, and if you have any techniques or tips on staying focused. Thanks for reading.
  3. I have an opportunity to umpire this year’s “Fall Ball” season which begins after Labor Day. It’s basically a come-as-you-are for Little League kids to keep skills sharp and have fun. They get shirts, but supply their own caps and pants. They don’t technically keep score and it’s described as non-competitive. They do, however, bring in umpires to officiate, nonetheless. Has anyone worked these kinds of games before, and if so, do you apply the same level of stringency you might use in regular season, or do you tend to lighten up a little? I’ve never done this sort of ball before and don’t want to come off as a hard-ass if it isn’t appropriate. Advice is appreciated!
  4. Sold! Thank you for that! @Thunderheads You can lock this one.
  5. This is a fairly good condition original Douglas West Vest. It's just not quite the right fit for my frame. Size 15. The clips are a little rusty but function fine. The plates and straps are in good condition. $140 plus shipping.
  6. @MadMax Thanks for the advice. It's massively helpful. I know that working inside is the real deal, but if you've only ever swam in the kiddie pool, real or not, that first jump in the ocean is going to be a little crazy. And I guess it was for me. I tried to remind myself that out of 7 innings, I had 3 cases where something went screwy, but only 1 of them was absolutely my fault, which was getting in the way of that throw. I have always taken C when I've got anything other than no runners or a runner on 1st only. Everything else, I go to C. Now, staying where I should be...that was probably my failure. One thing you mentioned that really struck a chord with me was how new umpires tend to scramble around and move too much to appear that they're hustling. You nailed it there. That is exactly what I was doing. It is indeed just a lack of experience on my part, and it was what I was doing, 100%. Thanks again for this...I re-read it a few times and took notes!
  7. @RecontraWow, the "I'm listing all my gear on ebay" comment is *exactly* what I was thinking after that game, at least for a good 10 minutes anyway. The last time I thought that was a men's softball game I umpired that was off the charts insane. I scoped out the parking lot before making a bee-line to my car that day. I wish we had an umpire bar in town...that sounds like the best therapy ever.
  8. Thanks, brother. I spoke to the UIC and we're aiming to work a game together soon. Like you, he also said that was an ejection-worthy comment. Once I build up a little more confidence on that diamond, the thumb is going to get a little quicker.
  9. I think the “being outside” thing was less daunting than the sum of all the new complications added by this division. The kids didn’t seem used to having the freedom of stealing and leading, and did all sorts of weird, janky things that took me by surprise. Not their fault, it’s mine for not being ready for it. At this point, I’m all in on this and have to be fully committed to getting better.
  10. This is great, thanks! I actually am in the process of trying to schedule games with one of the umpires that inspired me to get into this. He’s the UIC and incredibly great at his craft.
  11. Thank you for this, @Velho. I definitely want to keep doing this into my retirement, so a few words of encouragement to a rookie go a long way.
  12. So here’s the deal. I’m a new umpire, less than a year. I’ve worked mainly 12U, and have had pretty good success and no major problems. Today I worked my first 50/70 game. Wow…what a difference. Let’s just say that I didn’t make friends with one of the coaches. First off, working inside was weird. I found myself situationally unaware a couple times…luckily those times didn’t lead to problems. However I had two situations at 3rd where the 3rd base coach was livid. Both were tags on the slide, and I called both out. That is simply how I saw it. The second one had the kid returning safely on a pick-off attempt, and then he gets up and immediately leads off * while the 3rd baseman still has the ball.* I had him out on the tag milliseconds before he got back on the bag. Coach was super pissed and commented “that’s the second one you missed.” So now I’m a little miffed. But I let it go. A bit later, I’m slightly in the wrong place at the wrong time and I get in the way a little bit from a throw from short to first. I have to lean a little, but they make the play just fine. Again, first time working inside and honestly it’s just weird, and yes, I most likely was not in a great position. The game felt really “fast” to me, being my first 50/70 game. The lead offs and steals were a new thing to deal with. Coach calls time, and the proceeds to tell the PU to TELL ME to not get in the way and interfere. PU is a little speechless and now I’m getting a little bummed out…I tell him “If you have something to say to me, talk to me!” He reiterates it, but nicely. I let it go again. He seemed a little taken aback by my response. Most of the game was fine except for these things, but it was enough that I left the field feeling really down. Does anyone else have experiences feeling like you sucked in early games in your umpiring career? I absolutely love doing this, but it was defeating to get knocked down several pegs in one game. I’m a volunteer and I do it for love of the game. Thanks, all.
  13. Check out the video here. I know there is a serious umpire shortage in youth ball, but it should be no mystery as to why. That ump appears to be a kid. From where I'm sitting, the ump has the call correct. The only weird thing I'm seeing is the retired batter runner strolling across the infield between the pitcher and catcher during a live ball. What do you think? The thing that really irks me about this is that nobody immediately hauled ass over there to get that coach the hell away from that kid. That coach should never set foot on a diamond ever again.
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