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  1. Thanks for all the feedback. Sounds like the best strategy is to set a curfew before the game and then not have to argue about how dark it is later. Obviously in my case I needed to speak up a little sooner. But it was a new situation for me - and one important takeaway I learned is how quickly the visibility conditions deteriorated from merely sketchy to undeniably bad. PS, this seemed timely 111th annual Midnight Sun Baseball Game called for darkness
  2. Thanks, that does make it simple. For policy in an official league that would probably take it out of everyone's judgment. But there honestly is a substantial period of safe time after that. Perhaps we start no new innings after the sun has dropped?
  3. Hi. Due to mountain ridges in our area, the sun drops from the horizon early, but we still have a long time of ambient light afterwards. In fact, after the sun drops is actually safer than the half hour before, due to the low sun directly in players' eyes. However, as a result of this, true darkness sort of creeps up on us later. Recently a game came up where the coaches were pushing to keep playing even though it was clearly unsafe. I was looking for some specific criteria to use, to better argue for ending the game. So instead of just saying "it's too dang dark," I can point to mor
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