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  1. Interested in shirts. Any panel shirt. Black with grey or blue with black. Thanks.
  2. @Thunderheads Found my CP and a mask.. Lock it up sir
  3. Hey. Still have either of these masks??
  4. Interested in a Force 3 mask or All Star mag. Also, a low profile chest protector. Douglas, Adams, something. I’m 6’3 so no smalls. Don’t mind a little shorter coverage area. thanks!!
  5. Sold! Lock it up please. Thanks.
  6. Nike mask for sale with pads. Pads do not have the swoosh mark on them. Will include a regular harness and shipping for 260.00 venmo or PayPal. mask was worn for one season. No shots or dings. Will post photos tonight when I get home. I Purchased for 250.00 for frame only. thanks Thad.
  7. Checking to see if you still have this. Thanks. Thad
  8. 115.00 shipped. West Vest Gold Chest Protector for sale. L/XL. Very good condition.
  9. Shoot me photos of windpact. Please thanks.
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