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  1. @MadMax U gonna rock a sweet navy shirt? (It IS high school after all.)
  2. Dawg, I think the potential issue would be umpiring LL for pay. Umpiring non-LL ball for pay isn't an issue. A friend who is a region instructor and slated to go to the LLWS works in our local association doing college and HS ball. And he above all would follow the rules.
  3. @ArchAngel72 I think this is totally (and I mean totally) on the coach. You can talk to the kid, but you aren't the one who put him at that position knowing full well how unsafely he plays the position. Your League President should have a word with the coach about how he is coaching.
  4. This is up there with the Mexican league "swinging ball" call a few years ago.
  5. Due to covid, all leagues (HS & summer) here are saying that the defense uses only their own baseballs. Umpires do not touch baseballs. Which leads me to - what happens if the defense changes out the ball for a pitcher w/o getting time first, and a runner is on base...maybe taking the opportunity to run? I have some ideas about what I'd do, but would love some sage advice from you experienced guys. Coach interference seems only to cover offensive coach scenarios.
  6. "unintentionally swung" while getting out of the way of a pitch, with bat at his legs? HTBT but that sounds like a ball to me...
  7. I think he was pulling double duty as scorekeeper using gamechanger. Two game fees?
  8. Not sure how other states do it, but Washington State uses Arbiter and there is a "Test Control Panel" link on the central hub page where you can review your test results.
  9. 3-3-1 (f)(6) penalty - related to leaving their position (box or dugout) to argue a call.
  10. Recently got an Unequal Uncap, as extra protection against foul ball ricochets off of our LL "cone" backstops. I spent a few training sessions wearing it and used it last night in a HS scrimmage. I have to say, it works pretty darn well for me. I even took a foul ball off the upper part of my mask and I felt very little - surprisingly little. Wearing it takes a little getting used to. It feels a little less stable up there (due to its weight I think), but works well with my flexfit hat. I've had no problems with it actually moving around on me. It made my fitted hats too small, so I'
  11. Nope, new. It is a catcher's helmet, not umpire HSM. And the padding is glued in there to the plastic frame around the bottom of the chin area. I'll take it to our field mechanics training on Saturday and ask some of the veteran umps there.
  12. Okay, horrible shot but here it is. I put my finger just under my chin so you can see where the bottom of my chin is. The whole chin frame goes well below that point, and the foam padding is glued to the plastic chin frame. It seems like it will work fine, but just seems odd to me...
  13. Got a Rawlings HSM to try out, and I don't understand the chin padding fit. It appears that the padding doesn't touch the chin at all, but rather the whole chin piece hangs below the chin level. There is no padding insert to take up the gap like I see for the All-Star HSM. I'm used to padding against my chin with the traditional mask, so I'm wondering if this is by design, or if I just got a HSM designed for a dude with a giant, low slung chin? What's the deal, is this just "by design"?
  14. If your name is Olerud, then probably yes.
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