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  1. @mrumpiresir, so do you also cringe when someone says "timing play" instead of "time play"? I do.
  2. I've seen some instructors with the GD poly spandex pants, with what look like permanent stretch creases. One was an MiLB ump with three horizontal creases across the knee - as if they were embossed by the top of his shins. The second was an old timer whose back pocket was all dimpled like he sat down with a bag of sunflower seeds in his back pocket. It was clear that there was nothing in the pocket anymore though. Is this a common problem, or do those pants need pressing to keep in shape? My plain old GD polyester pants still look perfect 3 years later with just normal machine washing.
  3. Careful @ArchAngel72 to differentiate small diamond (60') vs. big diamond (90') mechanics. It sounds like you are talking about small diamond mechanics, where the base umpire starts outside and has to come inside to the working area on balls to the outfield. Almost everyone else here is talking big diamond mechanics.
  4. In our LL and association *baseball* training, the verbal and strike mechanic are done at the same time (after standing up). For *softball*, umpires are taught to give the verbal call while still down, and then stand and give the strike mechanic. Both hammer and point are accepted for baseball here, although LL says use the hammer. (Seattle area)
  5. And yet they call balks obr-style all summer long for all of their obr games. I call bs that a HS ump can't call balks like they do the rest of the year. Fed has delayed dead ball in all sorts of situations (obstruction), so why not for balks? Craziness.
  6. ...so you can get the free shoe bag that's offered on the website if you give a review? I thought it was weird that you have to give the review before they ship your order...
  7. I had this same thought. BR is still out there on the bases.
  8. ousafe

    Double Play

    OP says no intent. Fair enough. But if I see anything like the above - I mean c'mon. That is intentional. Everyone knows where that shortstop is going, especially the runner (because he's looking right at him). He's seen that play many many times. Of course there was no accident to the direction he veered. Feel free to judge otherwise...
  9. Gil, nice job! Love your work. It would be interesting to see an analysis of the check swing ejections, including QOC. Since a checked swing decision is umpire judgment, that could serve as a nice case study to help newer umpires understand what is/isn't a checked swing.
  10. ousafe


    I was taught to count to 5: plate shoes, shins, cup, CP, mask. Has worked for me so far!
  11. Agree - in OBR, "backswing" seems to be defined as the bat carried all the way around and back behind the batter. This was not that, it was more along the "backswing" definition in FED. So if it's not on the (OBR) backswing, then it seems it's just straight up INT, as you say.
  12. @grayhawk: 9/11 Reds @ Mariners Top 9th inning 2 out Uncaught 3K, batter swats ball away inadvertently on the rebound off the catcher.
  13. @grayhawk, video would be great to discuss balks in depth. Include how to talk to coaches when they ask why/why not. And I will gladly volunteer to be a reviewer on it, if you want a "new HS ump" perspective! I need to clean up this part of my game before the association will think of giving me a varsity game...
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