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  1. In this case, no it wasn't called INT (iirc). But yes I totally agree.
  2. I remember an early llws game where espn's Tim (kerchin sp?) was opining that runner running close in front of the protected fielder was not interference...and I thought to myself - really? At this level? I wish I could recall more...
  3. @Velho if you find them, please post. I think I saw those same plays and I want to talk with our UIC about how he would want those plays called. Would be a great learning opportunity for LL umpires.
  4. ousafe

    Umpire Drills

    Find yourself a mentor. Your rec little league coordinator/UIC can probably help you. Ask them lots of questions. Have them give you lots of feedback. Be open to feedback and always say "thank you", but think for yourself and also always try to understand the "why" behind everything. Ask "why" a lot.
  5. I would trust the laces sold by ump-attire.com. They look to be very similar to the NB laces, not expensive, and, per the reviews, maybe more durable?
  6. ousafe

    Infield fly rule

    I think you meant "tagged before scoring"?
  7. Had this solo at a field right by a large airport. I thought it sounded odd. About a minute later the AD came by and told me to send the kids to the gym. Ashamed I didn't pull the trigger myself. After 30 minutes we resumed and still got the 7 innings done in just a little over 2 hrs...all good.
  8. Maybe consider an outside protector (balloon/raft)?
  9. I tried the unequal "uncap" and gave it away in favor of the Cobalt skully. The uncap worked, but it didn't feel very secure on my head with my fitted association hat. I had to size up on the hat to fit the uncap (from 7 3/8 up to 7 1/2). I think the uncap would work best with a flex fit hat. I could have lived with it, but simply preferred the fit and protection of the skully - even despite the "Bob the builder" look the skully gives me.
  10. OBR (from the definition of terms section): An INFIELDER is a fielder who occupies a position in the infield. (So yes you are correct.)
  11. @Eric GGG this is a scenario where the word "protest" is your team's friend. If your coach is sure there has been a missapplication of a rule (after hearing the umpires explanation of his ruling), they simply saying "okay, I protest" will start a process in motion whereby the coach or the umpire will learn, and the call can be made right.
  12. Not an approach I would recommend. An alternative approach might be to instead ask - "What rule set are we playing by?"
  13. Re: INT, I'd have INT if R2 collided with F6 *after* F5 had missed the ball and F6 now had a play on it. If R2 collided with F6 as or before F5 missed the ball, I'd have OBS.
  14. ousafe

    10u Strike Zone

    This reminder was super helpful to me last night in a 10u (LL minors) playoff game. It had been 5 years since doing that level and it was shocking how small some of the kids were. Smooth game. Thank you Rich!
  15. I did the same switch for the same reason. Love the improved coverage from the Cobalt.
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