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  1. ousafe

    tag up from third

    For Fed there is a wrinkle on this that I ran across while looking up case plays. If the runner intentionally misses a base by a lot, to gain an advantage, his correction by touching the base on the way back (last time by) does not absolve him. He may still be successfully appealed. 8.2.6 Sit H.
  2. ousafe

    tag up from third

    Looking at my books....I think this is 8.2.6 situation C. (attempt to double up R1 goes into dugout. Proper appeal still allowed.)
  3. Nothing in the LL pledge says participants or spectators will be well behaved: I trust in God I love my country And will respect its laws I will play fair And strive to win But win or lose I will always do my best
  4. @ArchAngel72You want a point to the side (not a fist) for LL: https://www.littleleague.org/university/articles/uncaught-third-strike-no-catch/
  5. Do you guys break up fights, or stand back like hockey refs and let them duke it out? [Edit: this relates to 40+ mens rec league baseball.] Had a brewing fight last night that I successfully diffused, but I'm wondering if I should have interceded at all. Both guys were significantly larger than me...
  6. ousafe

    Runner already out

    Sign that 3rd base tee baller to an mlb contract!
  7. Yeah it varies...my mileage on new skully: 2 games, 2 head shots. Still felt them. That said, day prior I had taken a hard shot with the uncap on. Felt that one too. But no concussions. 3 days, 3 head shots. After a string of at least 25 without getting touched. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. My partner from tonight has probably just finished up a nice "don't want to work with" note...I was, um, not good. Sometimes this game has a way of reminding me how far I have to go.
  9. Look, it's not a big deal. You did the right thing and consulted the TD. That's cool and probably better than I'd manage. Having read this thread I'm now better educated. So props and thanks for bringing it up. But no need to get worked up here.
  10. Our association does the fist or index finger to brim of cap, based on outs, like you. Then stacked fists with top hand pointing to third meaning "plate's got third if he tags", when 3rd base is unoccupied. Point straight down otherwise (i.e. bases loaded), meaning I'm staying home.
  11. It kinda looks like Tumpane gives a mini-safe mechanic to the runner on 2nd before motioning for him to stay put. Fwiw, I think a safe mechanic (point, then "safe") would be more appropriate. Info, not instruction.
  12. Seattle area - HS baseballs supplied by defensive dugout. Select/Club/Rec - umpire choice. Did my first game handling baseballs last night and it took a couple foul balls before I got back into the rhythm.
  13. I feel much better about my strike zone yesterday after watching this video.
  14. Thanks to @MadMax's recommendation I just got a pair of Nike Elite Huarache 3’s for dry turf games. 2 games in and I LOVE them! Thank u Max!
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