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  1. The 2020 directive in Wa State was to NOT inspect baseballs unless visiting team challenges them. Coach attests to proper/legal equipment at plate meeting - this would include baseballs. If no proper balls available, then restrict home HC, play and report. @BT_Blue may know if this has changed...my guess is it has not.
  2. Check with your assigner about fee policies. Just for reference, in our association, if we get canceled in Arbiter more than an hour ahead of time, we don't get paid. If not cancelled or cancelled less than an hour ahead of time, we get paid, regardless of weather or teams showing up, etc.
  3. Not green book legal, but whatever... I was the daddy-umpire for my younger son's LL minors team, while my older son (4 years older) had a majors game on the adjacent field. Older kid's coach asks if my younger son could fill in since the majors team only had 8 players show. And he knew my younger son because he'd included him in some practices. Sure, but I still had to ump the bases for the minors game... Cut to a mid-inning break and I look over at the other field and catch my younger kid on third and my older son at bat! Sure enough he knocks his brother home with a rocket to ri
  4. WIAA (Washington State) has pushed back the start of the season almost 2 months. First HS baseball & softball practices (i.e. tryouts) on April 26. Then a quick turnaround with games starting a week later. I'm unclear if there will be a full state tournament, or if it will be truncated at the regional level. But playoffs will go well into June, perhaps even past some schools' graduations?
  5. @BT_Blue it will be interesting to see what we do with the early season - club/select ball? I'm guessing you saw that WIAA HS baseball first practices are only on April 26, 2021 next season.
  6. This just tells everyone that you were going to call it a strike, but at the last second changed your mind and decided to call it a ball.
  7. Having done "covid 2 man" about 5 times now, never even crossed my mind to move the "home" ump up to A. Seems really redundant to the umpire behind the mound. Seems like you'd also give up the home view of a pulled foot. Totally hear you on fair/foul. Even from behind the batter it can be hard to get a decent look at a bounding smash over the bag for the foul line you aren't already looking down. But at least you have one foul line locked down. NB: HBP in front can be tough to judge from behind the batter.
  8. Maybe it shows just how badly they don't want to be back there themselves.
  9. Wait, what about the "kill zone" idea?
  10. Zunino's catcher's mask in the WS looks like gunmetal? Anyone know the details on his rig? Definitely caught my eye.
  11. My take is that the rule wording in question simply means that a pitcher who disengages needs to start over with the whole assuming the set position process. Keep it fair for the batter and runner.
  12. Sealskinz goretex socks with a thin wool or polypro sock underneath. At least they work for me while sailing, paired with Keen sandals, in the PNW in the winter.
  13. If it happened I think this place would blow up. Those guys are the best of the best. BTW, Zunino sure thought he went!
  14. I agree with Pedro in the post-game show, who mentioned that Altuve's lunge forward make it look like he swung his bat past the front of the plate. Depending on the angle shown it either did or didn't look like an offer to me. Seems sensible to check with your partner though, just to avoid this very discussion.
  15. Hmmm...I'm open to your thoughts - but the text seems pretty darn clear to me: "... If a fielder drops a batted ball and contact with a runner occurs during a subsequent attempt to field the ball, the fielder has the greater responsibility to avoid contact." After a misplay and a "chase", and the fielder is back within a step and a reach, how is the following action by that fielder NOT part of "a subsequent attempt to field the ball"?
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