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  1. Should plate umpires be using mouth guards to protect against concussions? I get it that it would be harder to enunciate, but "ha!" doesn't need to be super clear. Just wondering.
  2. ousafe

    Conflict of Interest

    ... I thought that was going to be your wife!!
  3. ousafe

    Conflict of Interest

    Sounds like you need to add yourself to the local umpire corps. Your son will not like it when you call one of his games though.
  4. Ahhh...summer ball! I wish I were so lucky as to have these problems...we're still on the bench in western Washington.
  5. Yeah, um...I had to check and darn that little pocket has been there the whole time!
  6. +1 on @Razzer's harness. I also spent some time with a hair dryer heating up the shoulder plastic and bending/curving it down so it hugs my shoulders and fits much better.
  7. For LL umps only: Often an antsy runner leaves early on a non-action pitch (e.g. looking strike). Still throw the flag though, so the base coach can see that you are paying attention and they can coach their runner accordingly.
  8. @kylehutson I think about this from two perspectives: as an umpire, but also as a parent of two youth league players. And that leads me to two different opinions. As an umpire, I say yuck to wearing a mask. As a parent, I say "my kid isn't playing if the umpire doesn't wear a mask." So will I wear a mask? Definitely yes.
  9. ousafe

    Illegal Pitch?

    Strike = win imo
  10. ousafe

    Illegal Pitch?

    Never seen anything like this. I'm guessing it's legal. Is it?
  11. Yup. Toughest in our household is my older son lost his senior season (Garfield), and his chance to play in T-Mobile (he was injured last year). Just bites. But obviously the right thing to do.
  12. WA state just closed schools until fall. So the HS season is cooked. Sorry @BT_Blue
  13. Just looked, and while there are courses for officiating softball, basketball, football & volleyball, I couldn't find a course for officiating baseball. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  14. Yes this!!! ^^^ This has been one of the nicest springs in WA state in a while...great baseball weather in March for a change. And no games. Sad.
  15. Now that seattle public schools have closed, most of our little leagues have cancelled all activities until further notice. HS games & practices cancelled for now too.
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