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  1. When your wife is discussing something in a prolonged manner and you interrupt her with "Hey skip, did you have a question?"
  2. So does "air management" mean anything beyond "legacy style foam"? I don't see anything obvious promoting air flow.
  3. I went to the cobalt skully to help distribute the impacts. Not a lot of headshots so far, but it's not not working. TW pads fwiw. I've mainly noticed headshots in the jaw area. I figure the skully fives me a blast plate of sorts up top, and the mag pads would match that at the jaw. What do you think? I'm a bit in trial and error mode. In the adult league I have the potential to see 90s, but haven't yet. 80s for sure.
  4. I like the tan doeskin all star mag pads (really like the idea of the blast plate) that you have. I've got tan TW's but leather is nice. I will have to see what Santa thinks...
  5. Latest acquisitions. Adidas from @wolfe_man in gunmetal (maskitsports), and Nike from @Whosyourcaddy. 14.8oz & 12.3oz frames only, respectively, on my kitchen scale.
  6. Got mine today and I'm very happy. Thanks @Whosyourcaddy!
  7. @catsbackr I mostly agree with you, but fair/foul is a big problem from behind the mound. Getting up/down on curveballs was harder, but my problem area, out, was easier...so tradeoffs. Things you use your ears for (hbp, ci, very slight fouls) could be harder.
  8. @MadMax just talked to a colleague who did exactly what you describe above, and it went up the chain (in Washington State) to WIAA & WOA. They ultimately said the coach shouldn't be restricted because "jewelry isn't equipment." So if you ever do HS ball in WA, heads-up! (I know, not gonna happen...BTW we allow courtesy runners for player/dh if they pitch or catch too.)
  9. When my partner says "loved your zone" I translate that to: my zone was ... generous to the pitcher. I usually ask for feedback, but I start with my self evaluation, and a discussion of challenges (finding a good view when it's crowded, poor catching, lots of movement, etc). Most of the time it leads to great feedback and discussion.
  10. Nice job recruiting! You are probably good on the background check for LL because it is required for volunteers or hired workers with regular contact with the kids. I don't think one game qualifies as regular contact. We need more umps, so I hope he returns!
  11. I would try different HSM styles and/or sizes before giving up on them. Or see if you have eye protection options that work better. Catchers wear sunglasses under HSM's all the time, so it seems like you should be able to find a workable solution. Good luck!
  12. Take it one. Pitch. At. A. Time. No matter what has just happened, put all your focus on the next pitch. And let the plays become what they become, no need to rush anything. You are just confirming after the fact. And if it's close, remember that the only judgement that counts on the field is yours. P.s. work with a partner!
  13. So Nestor Cortez Jr. is not your favorite pitcher, eh? I'd say as long as it's legal, keeping batters off balance is all good...
  14. How will the balloon help with head shots (the main reason to stay out of the "kill zone")?
  15. Still a live ball, right? Call the out (maybe verbalize "Headfirst! He's out!") and move on to the next play (e.g. BR), if any.
  16. Marginal but I'm okay with the base path no-call there because the tag attempt was so late. I'd be okay if he did call it too. But the runner advanced head-first. I have him out on a head first slide (LL prohibits head first slides). He was not diving back to a base he'd already passed/attained.
  17. Last night, rec league, we had a player with a long, zz-top style beard. At least 18" long. My partner (bored with a smooth game) asked - what if the tail of his beard gets hit by a pitch? I have a hbp, and "stay here" only if he leans in. Thoughts or rulings?
  18. Fwiw, watching Wolcott working live, I got confused because he was not "pointing / calling PLAY" at the beginning of half-innings and after foul balls. This thread is confirming what I was seeing.
  19. Had an "association branding" vinyl sticker made for my skully and here are the results. The curved surface made it a bit challenging, but not too bad. I used DIYlettering.com for the vinyl lettering.
  20. ousafe

    tag up from third

    For Fed there is a wrinkle on this that I ran across while looking up case plays. If the runner intentionally misses a base by a lot, to gain an advantage, his correction by touching the base on the way back (last time by) does not absolve him. He may still be successfully appealed. 8.2.6 Sit H.
  21. ousafe

    tag up from third

    Looking at my books....I think this is 8.2.6 situation C. (attempt to double up R1 goes into dugout. Proper appeal still allowed.)
  22. Nothing in the LL pledge says participants or spectators will be well behaved: I trust in God I love my country And will respect its laws I will play fair And strive to win But win or lose I will always do my best
  23. @ArchAngel72You want a point to the side (not a fist) for LL: https://www.littleleague.org/university/articles/uncaught-third-strike-no-catch/
  24. Do you guys break up fights, or stand back like hockey refs and let them duke it out? [Edit: this relates to 40+ mens rec league baseball.] Had a brewing fight last night that I successfully diffused, but I'm wondering if I should have interceded at all. Both guys were significantly larger than me...
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