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  1. Honestly... I've tried just about everything. All had their ups and downs. About two years ago, I started mimicking the 3k mechanic of John Tumpane. I like it because it is short, quick, and to the point (and this is coming from someone that is not normally a fan of a hammer 3k mechanic). Was thinking of changing it this season to see what I thought of something else. Never got the chance... obviously. Guess will see what happens... IF IT HAPPENS.
  2. Far be it from me to take advantage of the market in the past. But it is worth what someone will pay for it. This could have gotten north of $1,000. But it seems that it hit the number the seller was looking for.
  3. I think it is an attempt at humor especially since I think Stu is closer to Boomer age than Max is. Lol
  4. $800 with 15 bids. 5 days left. This thing for sure will get up over a grand.
  5. Wow... that thing looks like it is in pretty good shape.
  6. The first and obvious answer that comes to my mind... the umpire (hey, there you go with that word again) in the middle in football.
  7. See. You wont need the leggings. Your legs will heal by the time we have games again.
  8. Lol... I'll have to ask SWMBO if that is ok. If she says ok. Probably want to not tell them that this is the ONLY photo of him wearing the hat! Lol
  9. Domingo Ayala has a FABULOUS YouTube channel. All baseball and all hilarious satire. He hits every position including manager, pitching coach, and even as an umpire.
  10. You did not. It was something missed I editing evidently.
  11. It's what I get for procrastinating. Glad you found one.
  12. At least you guys are getting updates. Washington has kids out of school until the 24th of April. That came out about 2 days after the $#!7 hit the fan. So our first games cant even be until the 27th. The only update WIAA has come out with.... that they wont go past end of May. As for being seen. Yes being seen during HS might be an issue this year, obviously. But I'm sure you can still get seen during summer ball. Either that, or there is going to be a hell of a lot of walk-ons next year and kids going the JuCo route.
  13. Best I can offer at this time. I have very few photos of me working and not totally sure were they are even at if I knew. But this is my son on my first Father's Day almost 4 years ago. His mom, unknown to me, cobbled together a pretty darn accurate umpire uniform for him to wear.
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