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  1. Makes sense. Someone did the same thing to my Rawlings pads.
  2. Whole conversation about it here
  3. I started with a 4 stitch. Went to a 6 stitch after a while. Now that I use the All Star Magnesium mask, I wouldn't feel safe in the 6 stitch. I am now using the Cobalt skully and love it.
  4. Trying to figure out if that is a cheap shot or not? I do think Rutgers is there... right? Not that they actually play any sports there.
  5. Can we hate the player BECAUSE of the game? I've noticed we haven't gotten an update from the OP on what seemed like was going to be a great story. Makes me a bit sad.
  6. Who's hating? Pretty sure we are all jealous! Lol
  7. Hey! No excuses! Lol It looks wider than a Gold which is nice. Thanks for the review.
  8. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts as well
  9. The subtle umpire uniform! Good call. Maybe drop in a nice black mock turtleneck. I think the only one of us that could pull the "honey, i need to buy a $220 umpire plate coat so I look good on TV for this kids signing day" is @Aging_Arbiter
  10. 1) where did he go? 2) you should wear your umpire uniform.
  11. And as if reading our minds... UA puts out a video listing at talking about the ball bags they carry.
  12. So a very quick Google search pulled up this company. It might be the same company or one that was bought from the original. But that emblem just doesn't look a hell of a lot like the sticker on the breast plate of my AA!
  13. I at some point will contact All American to see if I can get a decal to stick on my AA so it shows up better
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