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  1. All the ones I know of sell Richardson. Sorry
  2. If I had know we could have included this. I have a All Star FM25 in black that I dont need. From what I recall, it is in great shape (havent taken it out in a while).
  3. Well... the visor DOES darken the sunlight. Sooo....
  4. Not for a lack of trying on my part. When @Matt Arcovio asked me my preference, I said "smoke."
  5. Isn't this how they figured out who the home team was on YouTube MTV Sports (or whatever that thing was called)? Everyone on there not named Dan Cortez sucked. That guy was the greatest non pro ever I think.
  6. How are you getting them on hand if I may ask?
  7. Admitted, I havent worn the Gold shins since back when I was still wearing Honigs PBS1 Polywool pants. But the Smitty plate pants seem to be just as roomy. Are you sure you weren't sent combos on accident? (Side tangent... I was both pleased and surprised to find that the Smitty Poly-Spandex base pants were roomy enough to accommodate my Force3 shins. I accidentally had the base pants on for two full back to back plate games before I realized I had on the wrong pair of pants. Now back to your regularly scheduled program.)
  8. Guess I still have the honor of saying I'm the only one with a smoke colored visor.
  9. What are they called? I like the dry-lo bags. But having the lining on both sides is nice to have here in the PNW.
  10. @Whosyourcaddycontact Dax Upton of Out West Officials Gear on Facebook. He has been searching for a Nike for some time. Maybe you guys can work out a deal.
  11. @Mr Umplooks like i will only be able to lord my visor over you for a short time more.
  12. I actually got placed on the list for non umpire things on my own page. But that is irrelevant to the conversation. I absolutely deserved to be removed from the group though. As once I was blocked from seeing his own content, it just became another umpire group (though much better moderated than many) that I was a part of. So I started making recommendations to questions that involved competitors of his as well as his equipment. So now I am in the dark as much as the next guy. Back to Ken's point on this though (and yes... we have a wonderfully random @Fittske24sighting). Does a
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