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  1. All Star just shared this to their YouTube page. Pretty fascinating. The crumple zones on the forehead and chin are pretty cool! https://youtu.be/EkNQfNsJLXg
  2. Much better and more succinct than my response. Thanks Mike.
  3. You can find the explanation on multiple places in these forums. But it comes down to scarcity. The Nike mask has NEVER been offered on the retail market. The two way to get one was to be gifted one by a Nike rep or a player that is sponsored by Nike. The other is on the second hand market. Hence the pricey tag. Scarcity creates demand. And up until a handful of guys (I can think of two INCLUDING Mike) found a way to get a hold of the masks and make them more available, it was always hard to get one. I remember them going for north of $450 to $500. HECK... I sold some for that much! The mask is a beautiful platform. Some say one of the best around. It is scary light weight (but still very protective). And amongst umpires and players that know... INSTANTLY recognizable.
  4. Mike, you should have clarified Pacific Standard Time for those crazy types that don't, for some odd reason, refuse to live on the Best Coast.
  5. And has been sinc3 right around tge start of Covid. I'm still hoping it hits the market. But there hasn't been an update on the Facebook page since middle of summer.
  6. Of course... I just did a Google search for their actual website. And it seems THEY DONT HAVE ONE! Or at least not one that is easy to find using a simple online search. Everyone and their brother sells the things... cause they are great. But no ACTUAL website for the company.
  7. Does Neumanns not have a "equipment care" guide on their website? That would honestly be the first place I would look.
  8. The exchange rate for the US Dollar to the Yen must have gone down a bit in 24 hours. Cause Google had it at 66k yen equaling out to $451USD just one day before.
  9. In fairness and if I remember correctly. You were trying to get in during the height of the pandemic. So EVERYTHING was a bit slow. Especially in Japan.
  10. The foreign language would be Japanese since that is where he is based out of. Signing up costs you nothing. And in the however-many-years it has been since I signed up, I have MAYBE received ONE email from him. So there is zero risk in signing up.
  11. Doesn't come up on my phone. But 66k yen is still just over $451US or $613CAN. That's a lot of scratch right there.
  12. Just so you know... you can go onto Amazon and find those same magnetic clips. Then if you want, you can put then on your CP of choice
  13. @Whosyourcaddythink you can help him out?
  14. I'm part of the minority that has never complained, in game, about my TW pads being to hard. I don't know if I'm just lucky... or warm blooded... but by the time game time starts they were always perfectly fine. That being said. I now use the AS MAG and don't use TW pads in them. I'll swear by the LUC MAG pads. Very comfortable, tremendous amount of stand off distance... on the chin pad (we all know how diminutive the top pad is and why), and I'm a big fan of the blast plate idea on the bottom pad. If I ever move off the FM4kMAG, the LUC pads will go into whatever mask that is... unless Forc3 ever pulls their head out and makes a fabric mask pad.
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