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  1. Sorry... still waking up. I am trying to say that I am glad that we, on this page, have not tried to say that kneeling and a stand-off fall under the same category. That we can agree that one is a topic for discussion with opinions on both sides. While the other is just a giant "no". If I'm still not making sense. Then please disregard as a random tangent (it was anyways) that I went on. And that the OP needs to find out the SOP of his particular state in this matter.
  2. Of the probably hundreds of legit and non snark conversations you missed over the past year, THIS is the one that you single out out? I mean... you do you. And who am I to tell anyone who to share their bandwidth with. But... MAN...!
  3. Heck... ill take "remove your hat and stand there not being a jack ass" at times! Only time I have seen a truly disrespectful act, was a team that on the down beat, would take their caps off their chest and dip them in a planned move. That being said... I have not yet (to my knowledge) been a part of an Anthem Stand-off. And am glad to see we have not tried to compare kneeling to a stand-off. At least not on here. One (right or wrong) is a constitutionally protected form of free speech. The other, and I am pretty sure we can all agree, is not.
  4. My statements and thought are more along the lines of advancing... say in to college ball, or the next level of college ball. Or at a clinic not held locally or within your area College umpire assigners/recruiters are trying to find reasons to set you apart from others. Be it good or bad. And a deviation from the norm, though not anything that ACTUALLY speaks to your ability as an umpire (i.e. my first eval after moving to Portland was "hem your pants longer"), could be the reason they need to not move you forward. YMMV.
  5. Nope... cause I'm with you here. The only guidance I have ever seen from our state is that, as officials, we are to stand for the anthem.
  6. Ahhh man! I would have included this in our deal if I had known.
  7. The screws on the back for easy internal cleaning is an awesome idea. And what could be more All Star like thank that.
  8. I think we are coming close to that cycle of every few years.
  9. What's funny, is that it wasn't the OP. But a fellow commenter. Also, I personally enjoyed the snark. But that's me.
  10. No runs score R1 being out at the plate is out number 2. BR being appealed for missing first is #3. And no runs may score if the third out happens on a force play (or one that is treated as such, i.e. BR being out at first). Because the appeal was for a base being forced to (or required to attempt to acquire by rule), the BR is NOT considered to have acquired 1B on appeal. So the 3rd out becomes a force/put out, and no runs may score. I'm sure someone that will do a much better job of explaining this will come along shortly (talking about you Maven or Senior Azul). But that is
  11. Best to leave them off for the night. Lest you wake up the children. Lol
  12. This is an excellent point. Though the mechanics are the same and it doesn't hinder your abilities at all. A deviation from the norm could be a reason an assigner decides not to bring you on or give you that next assignment. It isnt fair. But it is a possibility.
  13. Now I feel like I am really missing out on a new gear trend. I only wear ONE harness on my mask! In all honesty... I do pretty much this exact motion in the video with my TM. Grabbing the throat extention looks... odd... to me. But as long as the mask comes off and your hat doesn't end up in the dirt, you are good.
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