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  1. "Of all the things I've lost in life. I miss my mind the most." - all of us
  2. Do they have the replacement pads for the Cobalt yet (skully or cp)?
  3. To your point here. I remember getting asked almost on a weekly basis if my (then) silver Diamond Aluminum was titanium. It probably didn't help that I had traded those junky Diamond black pads in for the two-tone Wilson wrap around pads that came with the original Wilson Titanium. So it had that Titanium look with the silver and the two-tone Wilson Ti pads.
  4. Couldn't pass this up. With or without games this year! Quick question for the room... is it bad to order this with the full intention of ordering the Cobalt next spring? Lol
  5. This is the only issue I take with what you said. By rule, an incoming pitch that replaces an injured pitcher gets as many warm ups as necessary. There is no "unless he was warming up in the bullpen."
  6. Wait... you posted? Honestly I couldn't remember if that got brought up here or somewhere else. Lol
  7. A little more on the nose than I would like!
  8. I have not purchased Honigs stuff since they closed their location here in Salem, Oregon. The last shirts I got from them were the 2010 light blue style shirts (I had the 2010 majestic black already). The fit and cut of the shirt were great. My major issue came with the length of the sleeves! When the length of the sleeves on the shirt is shorter than the length of YOUR OWN undershirts, that is a MAJOR problem!
  9. There are still a few that wear the hollow steel FM25. Being on the west coast, I see Jim Reynolds' crew a lot on TV. And he wears the hollow steel. I believe Culbreth wears one as well.
  10. The only player I remember seeing wear this mask was Wilson Contreras for the Cubs. And that was for only one season. If not less.
  11. I'm a Majestic, and now Smitty, guy 100%. If you are looking for colors "out of the norm." You can't do worse than Officials Choice. Home of umpire shirts in every color, hue, and pattern you could EVER want. And many more you probably shouldn't.
  12. It sure was fun listening to Stan go into the creation of the first HSM for O'Brian! Its history and stuff like this that I would really love to get into whenever he does his next video.
  13. i still have nightmares of the one season I had to wear the first mask/helmets pictured above in my one season of playing Big League. That was after 4 seasons of high school and 2 in Babe Ruth wearing a two piece mask/skully.
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