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  1. I imagine that originally sold for right around what a Gold or Platinum sells for right now. Others would know better than I.
  2. Damn it! I read the comment but didnt process the "each season" part!
  3. You should have seen one of the responses I got to this. Basically saying that the umpire should have let it go because of the inning, score, location, teams, time of year, freshman player, etc. And that the umpires knew or should have know all this and just let the kid go with a "talking to."etc
  4. I think what he is asking is, "is there a drawstring?"
  5. Has to do with supply and demand. The seller can set the price because they are rare and don't come available often. Also, people will pay the freight to get one. Why was a Nike TI selling for $400 not that long ago? Because that was the market for them. The Riddell DOESN'T HAVE A MARKET. So the price for one is what ever someone will pay for one.
  6. I knew that was what happened. So zero hard feelings. The guy in was talking all but said unless a blatant, he is doing zip. I even asked if a player with his head down, not looking at him, or walking away, declares to everyone that the umpire's mother was not married when he was born or that she was a female dog he would STILL do nothing.
  7. Very much so. But, of course, we aren't the only ones. Thankfully it is something that doesn't show up on this site to often.
  8. I would think you would almost have to, wouldnt you?
  9. I think you are misunderstanding what I am saying. And the D3 comment was in relation to Steve saying that people should try and work a few games in MLB like the umpire in question has. I was pointing out that one doesnt need to work the highest level to agree with the umpire's actions. I would NEVER look down my nose at someone just because I worked a certain level. That would be really stupid and short sighted of me. I dont normally list my accomplishments and levels worked because, frankly, unless it was D1 or pro ball... no one cares. As for the batter in the clip. Yes... I think it was a clever attempt on his part to disagree with the umpire and draw a line. But not in the normal way. And a guy with less experience might have missed it. The umpires I was talking about are the "ump show" or "he wanted to be the show" or "no one comes to watch the umpire" type commenters. Of which there are NONE of them on here. I am currently in a "discussion" with someone on facebook asking just how far they allow someone to go before they do something about it. And so far, as long as they are walking away/not looking at the umpire/keeping their head down, they can say and do just about anything. Including stuff that most umpires would eject for. Let alone people as experienced and interested in learning as we have on this page. Does that make more sense now?
  10. Let's start with them working anything over 12u travel ball. Maybe a low level varsity game in the city of their choice. I mean, I'VE never worked anything higher than D3. And I'm totally good with this ejection.
  11. I have no issue with the ejection. And as I have said on other forums. The batter has ZERO reason to draw a line there. Unless it is to protest the location of the pitch. What is astonishing to me, is the number of umpires that are KILLING him for the ejection. You can tell exactly where the divide is, in terms of ability and level of ball worked, between those that are good with the ejection and those that are destroying him for it.
  12. Pretty sure that has been hypothetisized in the past. Feel like this is one of those rumors/legends that is actually true.
  13. I keep coming back to liking what I see in the Cobra CP. It's a sickness, I know. Lol
  14. Simple answer? I have an All American that I like better than the Schutt. I might still keep it. But working in the Pacific NW, the hot season isnt super hot for super long. But the cold and rain season is 9 months of the year. I wouldnt mind working a trade for it for a different CP as selling it might be a bit tougher since Adam's came out with the same CP with all the Mad Max mods included.
  15. Well, that only took just over a hour. Lol
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