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  1. In fairness, Hudson does it in three and four man mechanics. Honestly, the real reason that most organizations want their new/young/inexperienced/"people that don't get it" umpires to use the hammer and not point is because that group generally does not have the best timing or an understanding that they can adjust the point so you can still keep your eyes forward. A great example of this is watching Cubby Culbreth call strikes. Especially with runners on.
  2. I wonder if they all are like this? Though I enjoy the surprise of walking in and finding one super cheap!
  3. For a current "hammer with left arm crossing the chest" look no further than America's second favorite umpire punching bag, Angel Hernandez.
  4. He almost whacked the 3BC!? This is something the coaches need to work with this kid on.
  5. I've changed more times than I care to even think about. Last two or so years I went to the John Tumpane hammer mechanic. Thought about changing this season. But who knows.
  6. While I will agree that the Pac12 has notoriously been awful with regards to football and basketball officials. I will put the guys that work Pac12 baseball up against any conference in the country. And probably can make a case for them being #1!
  7. In fairness... it boggles the mind what people think it is ok for them to say and do IRL. Let alone on a ballfield.
  8. BT_Blue


    Tell you this. You are in a great area for college training. United Umpires is one of the premier groups in the nation.
  9. To quote Ray Brownlie, "maybe yours was made on a Friday."
  10. Not sure how old mine is. But the Rawlings TI i recently acquired is also black on the inside. Though that paint is coming off as the mask was purchased used. To Max's point about "in the beginning, if the mask was silver, everyone assumed it was titanium." When I first got my Diamond Aluminum, I kept getting asked 1) if it was titanium, and 2) if it was a Wilson. (The latter question was because I had traded those crappy Diamond pads for the Wilson two-tone wrap around.)
  11. @MadMaxhe definitely has his screen name right! LOL @Coldblooded27yes... this is the exact same mask that some major league umpires use. Just out of curiosity. We all know the going rate on a Nike Titanium here in the US. How much did you pay for it in Korea?
  12. I'm on mobile. And that is an issue I am running into.
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