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  1. The short bill was the ONLY complaint I have about the skully. But I also use the MAG. So it isn't as big a problem
  2. This is not as hard as one might think. There are plenty of places that deal with large pieces of that just trash their scraps. I once had grandiose plans to do this with Mt AA before I got the Cobalt prototype.
  3. A LOT of umpires just remove the pec (under arm as you called them) pads. I personally liked them. But I am also what you would call "wide framed". Wilson did us a favor by attaching them with velcro. You used to have to cut the things off and hope you don't do damage to the cover on the body of the chest padding.
  4. Ok... I feel like a dummy. I could swear I saw 17 ounces. Might have been a Facebook post. But good luck to me finding it.
  5. Thought I shared the link earlier but guess I didn't. It is directly from the "traditional mask" page on tge Force3 website. https://www.force3progear.com/defender-mask-v2.html
  6. The v2 was 27oz!? If that is the case and website is correct, the new version is almost a full pound lighter!
  7. Don't feel bad. I've had mine on like that since I first got it. And have been flat out to lazy to make it right.
  8. 🤷 who knows. But like I said. I thought the v2 standard mask clocked in at around 21oz. If they are saying 17oz now. That should qualify is a whole new version of this rig.
  9. Considering my location in this great country of ours. I also like that the visor keeps the rain off the bill of my cap.
  10. Maybe I am wrong. According to the link on their website, it is still a v2. But it mentions using a "chrome alloy construction" and the mask weighing 17 ounces. That would be only 2 ounces more than a fully loaded All Star FM4k MAG. I seem to remember the v2 coming in at around 21 ounces with the v1 at 24 ounces.
  11. I don't see this question yet (or could be that it is just buried in the 3 dozen unread topics in my list), but has anyone gotten their hot little hands on a Defender V3? If you have, thoughts?
  12. It should come as obvious knowledge that they do not work with the Force3. Just like their pads do not work with any other mask.
  13. Not a single zip-tie in sight either!
  14. On a standard mask, this is exactly right. Especially if you are using a standard cloth hat with it. The sun shield is not visible beyond the bill of the cap. So it basically just keeps the sun off that area of the front of your hat. HOWEVER! If you are using the Cobalt helmet, that bill is VERY short and you can see the visor. It will work much like it is supposed to. Keeping the high sun out of your eyes.
  15. That recommendation came from Mr. Brownlie.
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