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  1. Try contacting @tpatienceon here or Trevor Charles on Facebook (same person). I know he had a chopped low-profile Wilson TI available for sale. I just don't know if it sold or not.
  2. Force3 also lost a ton of advertising last year because they became the official supplier for Babe Ruth baseball and all is affiliate leagues. I want to say there was a giant contract to shoe the BR World Series on a major network like FOX. But when the world ended last March, that all went straight out the window. To add to what @MadMaxsaid on the Force3 equipment... maybe go to a lighter, but just as strong, material for their cages. Something like aluminum or the like. My other thing, which is what is holding me back from even trying my Force3, is I HATE leather pads! Give me a pad in
  3. The resin mask was only dangerous in the first version. Succeeding versions were fixed by All Star. The company that originally released the mask. With +POS leasing the frame to put their emblem on it. While the BB2000 cp was cool to look at, the thing was an ABSOLUTE FURNACE!!! The outer layer was a vinyl that was hot and sweaty and uncomfortable. And the small plates would snap off regularly from repeated hits. My best guess as to why it lots its top billing has to do with other companies joining the space and doing it better. National companies like Honigs and Gerry Davis had bett
  4. For all intents-and-purposes, the answer is "no".
  5. Or even better... find ourself in the middle of BFE SoCal (Windsor) and get the measurements straight from Cece.
  6. Have you checked the All Star website?
  7. I, for one, enjoyed the deep cut reference there!
  8. I'm with you. If I wouldn't run the risk of suddenly being single for buying ANOTHER MASK, I would totally consider this.
  9. Wonder if this is actually true. I dont have any desire right now to sell the Rawlings. But the ears on that are definitely squared.
  10. I wonder if you will run into the same thing I have with my Rawlings TI. I'm not looking to sell it. But I was curious the going price on it and the gap in pricing is pretty crazy for a used one. I've seen as low as $65. And as high as $250. I wonder what the All Star TI you have would go for in a fair price?
  11. It definitely looks like one. I happened to see one of these two weekends ago at a 14u tournament. I was pretty excited to see one of these. And he had no clue what he had. Lol
  12. Considering that no other mask has seen the field by my MAG... yeah. Lol
  13. Know that feeling. I'm pretty much in the same boat with my masks.
  14. Would you be interested in a trade?
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