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  1. To my knowledge, there is no requirement in Legion or any other level that requires the umpire to wear a hard cap. This douche was trying to play gotcha with you. You just happened to have one. Both of these coaches are going to find themselves on the wrong sides of a lot of ejections.
  2. Or even more important? Picking up the phone when the assigner calls and asks you to work a game tomorrow. Or even more so that day. And you can respond with "I am leaving now!" There is a saying in umpiring. And college umpiring especially! THE BEST ABILITY, IS AVAILABILITY!
  3. Sorry to revive this. Anyone else super annoyed that we all got teased with live baseball, only to have it ripped away by being told the only televised games were that night and the rest of the tournament was pay per view?
  4. That was how I started. I dont even remember working the bases for the first year or 3! I was on the plate every game I worked. It just was what it was! It helped I was a catcher. So strapping it on didnt bug me much. Now, any time I work a youth game with a junior umpire, I am on the bases. I want to make sure they get proficient where our bread is buttered.
  5. BT_Blue

    MiLB Shake UP

    Being in the heart of the Northwest League. It sounds like a lot of the teams are going away. However it sounds like my local team in Hillsboro, Oregon will be folded into the long season Single A California League. Which will be nice. Also we lost our college summer season to Covid. But four teams have decided to "barnstorm" a season locally. So there will still be games to see starting the 11th of July.
  6. Not very socially distant on this part. Kidding... I got a kick out of it.
  7. Davis also seems to have a deal with Diamond to put his logo on their stuff. Case in point is the Davis mask being a Diamond Featherweight with the Davis logo.
  8. Have you been hit while wearing it? How does it hold up?
  9. What mask harness do you have? I cant recommend @Razzer mask harness enough. And he has worked with many female umpires like Kelly Dine with her gear. He might be able to help you with yours.
  10. Speaking of fun and new stuff for umpires from All Star. Are there any plans to carry the All Star skull cap? Especially since they have become more and more popular at the highest levels?
  11. Bump. Would like these to go to good homes.
  12. Lol... my offer would be exactly that mask. But i had the top guard cut as well (thought I wish i hadn't.)
  13. Being in the Pacific NW, THIS is my favorite thing about the visor!
  14. Hell, there was even an orange one floating around!
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