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  1. Rich Ives

    Error or hit?

    Fixed it for you.
  2. Rich Ives

    Error or hit?

    it's not like the official scorer is a highly visible presence. Hell, most amateur games don't have one, it's just the coach or a Mom in the stands keeping the book. Meanwhile the umpires are very visibly making calls.
  3. Rich Ives

    Error or hit?

    Scorer decision. If a good throw would have resulted in an out it's an error. If the runner would have clearly beaten the throw it's a hit.
  4. Supreme Court said government could not compel citizens to salute the flag Walter Barnette’s children, and others, had been expelled from school for insubordination. Barnette could not afford private schooling and faced potential fines or imprisonment for failing to adhere to compulsory education laws. The Jehovah’s Witnesses filed a class-action lawsuit in Charleston, West Virginia, in August 1942, and the case was heard by a three-judge panel, which decided unanimously in favor of the children, who were readmitted to school promptly. The case, West Virginia State Board of Education
  5. If you are inside on a small diamond you will get hit by a line drive. You will. It may not have happened yet but you will.
  6. End one argument by starting another is a really good idea. "Why? You're not using it anyhow."
  7. Where have you seen that? I've never seen that in any LL literature.
  8. Sleeve lengths have been allowed to vary by rule as long as I can remember and I'm pretty old. I guess the leg length is just an extension of that. Hats used to come out of the box flat-brimmed. Players curved them. Could thus be argued that flat is the intended way to wear them.
  9. It wasn't deliberate so no "detached equipment " penalty. Play on. See 5.09(a)(8) comment - treat it as a helmet.
  10. There's no prohibition of other runners assisting. And also the NCAA SB is the same - a sub could have been put in.
  11. Rockaway umps messed up the runner placement after the bruhaha over negating the HR. Bet they called it a do-over.
  12. Balk nullified the HR. Batter back to the plate. Hit into the DP.
  13. Owego NY (Not Oswego - Owego ). Deck rails are 42" high.
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