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Community Answers

  1. Read it again. It says slow pitch with stealing as the condition for leaving when the pitch reached the plate. It's this special case. "Normal" slow pitch doesn't have stealing.
  2. Need to slo-mo it. If he hit the ball before his foot touched down it's legal.
  3. Not the same. In the OP R1 was ON 2b, not beyond it. He can return.
  4. The catcher caught the pitch. That's how he could make the tag. Where was there any interference?
  5. It's about introducing a concept that has never been in force at any level of baseball. Doesn't belong. Having it in a similar sport doesn't justify it.
  6. Leaving early is NEVER an out in baseball. It is ALWAYS an out in softball. That's my point. And leaving early in LL is not always punished. You can advance as far as pushed by the batter's legitimate hit/bb/hbp.
  7. And what if he wanders off to pick up his helmet?
  8. Maybe it's a set sucker play. AND: Catcher should know enough to ask for time at the varsity level and above. Don't help him out.
  9. Yep. Rule was followed. Maybe MLB should have changed it but they didn't. On them. And physically speaking, it would cause more backspin on the ball thus a greater distance of its flight - just like pitchers using sticky stuff to alter the normal flight of a pitch.
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