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  1. Get real. Why have signs at all. Just yell out instructions and make the other team promise to not listen.
  2. There are no balks. Head first slides have been banned for years and everyone knows it. No sign stealing is new and 97% of the participants think it's a nonsense rule.
  3. Rich Ives

    Illegal Glove

    That would be unwise
  4. Rich Ives

    LL Rules Question

    Did you read UIC's post What a July it Was? A gazillion folks come here just to read the posts and learn without ever participating. AKA Lurkers. Do you want them to walk away thinking a offense can decline an IW?
  5. Was it behind him? No? Then it was in front.
  6. Rich Ives

    LL Rules Question

    This makes no sense. You cannot decline an IW. You can swing at the pitches to get a strike call and drive up the pitch count. I think the author misunderstood something when he said "decline". And no - that isn't the reason it was changed. SJA has the real reason.
  7. FED: Disallow dead ball appeals. Make them earn it as the others do.
  8. Rich Ives


    Yes - at any time except when the pitcher is in position and ready to pitch.
  9. They lose their pay for those games too.
  10. The ball was batted into play - no strike or ball call to be made.
  11. Kickball rule. Plunk the player to gt an out.
  12. Step off to pick? That will reduce pickoffs to zero and reduce caught stealings to zero. If you don't know why you don't know how to play the game.
  13. No. He must pitch to one batter until the batter is put out or reaches base.
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