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  1. Rich Ives


    On the play at 1B: Safe until appealed.
  2. Rich Ives

    Joint tape.

    If it's a neutral appropriate skin tone color it's OK. If it's a fancy colored tape it's a fashion statement, not an aid. Not unlike jewelry.
  3. I live in NY state. Coached for 32 years. I have clues.
  4. Never encountered a schedule where this would affect anything.
  5. In LL tee-ball and minors coaches may be on the field provided at least one is in the dugout. Regulation XIV(d) Exception
  6. In LL rules an IP counts toward the pitch count.
  7. The outfield is the part of the playing field that is beyond the infield. The playing field is everything within the fences. Therefore foul territory is part of the outfield.
  8. I've been at a couple of LL fields where, at night, normally in-play fly balls could disappear into the night sky.
  9. The OP doesn't say which runner was obstructed
  10. It was ruled "defensive interference" aka obstruction. You can cancel the out.
  11. If he crossed the plate the run scores. You can't unscore a run so even if he went back on his own the run would score. Rule 5.08(a) Comment: A run legally scored cannot be nullified by subsequent action of the runner, such as but not limited to an effort to return to third base in the belief that he had left the base before a caught fly ball.
  12. The 2019 rules are the rules posted on the MLB site. They do NOT include this wording. If there's a newer rule book MLB hasn't posted it.
  13. NO NO! In LL he must toe the rubber AND throw a warm-up pitch to be considered the new pitcher. 3.08( a)(1)
  14. Great. Revert to kickball. Just plunk the runner to get an out. And cutting across the infield after being put out IS normal.
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