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  1. A fake/feint to 3B is legal in LL.
  2. FED says WP if it hits before the plate. OBR if it hits before the catcher. And it can hit before the catcher and not have hit before the plate. So it can be a WP in OBR but not in FED in that case. So what's the issue?
  3. HS rule says before reaching the plate. Question says HS rules.
  4. Should have been a passed ball or WP. If it hit in front of the plate it has to be a WP. Otherwise it's scorer's judgement as to the effort needed.
  5. Haddix went 12 perfect and lost in the 13th.
  6. Yes. In LL rules the fielder is guilty of obstruction unless he has possession of the ball. There is no "in the act of fielding" in LL rules. And if the ball was past the fielder he was no longer fielding anyhow. As the fielder was NOT making a play on the batter-runner the umpire gets to decide where to place the runner.
  7. But the strike zone rule is the same. It the area "over the plate . . "
  8. The Atlantic League>Sure. Prime talent there.
  9. To quote a MLB catcher: "It's not where I catch it - it's where it goes through the zone"
  10. The play is to 2B to get R1. 99.44% of the time. Obvious
  11. If it's OBR or FED R1 gets 2B automatically. OBR because the play was on him therefore it's automatic. FED because it's always automatic.
  12. I don't get whatever point you are trying to make.
  13. Did you not answer your own question?
  14. Not really. It's never an out in "real" baseball so it makes sense to not have it be an out. But you do need something to keep them in check. If it gets blatant you can toss the coach for deliberate rule breaking.
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