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  1. A bounced pitch cannot be CAUGHT for an out. A batted ball can.
  2. Because once it's tipped it is no longer a pitch - it's a batted ball.
  3. States may still ban things in their states. I'd bet on them continuing the restrictions. Method I once used with a &^*&^ umpire in a heavy rain: "I know I can't stop the game but the field is now closed so you'll have to continue elsewhere"
  4. Rich Ives

    Intentional Walks

    Off topic and you can't start an IBB in mid AB in LL. It has to be before a pitch is delivered. And you add 4 pitches to the pitch count
  5. In normal English construct ti says runners must retouch after the subsequent catch.
  6. OBR says the runner is out if he REFUSES to advance. Not "fails" - "refuses". Can't refuse unless you first remind him.
  7. Depends on the rules. In OBR only the batter-runner and R3 need to advance.
  8. The [paly in question from the OP: " as the ball approaches him, the runner from 2nd just passes in front of him. The ball doesn’t hit the runner, however the fielder is obviously confused by the runner". Just confused. Tough. He should expect the runner to be running by. And before you say yeahbut - it could be my runner or my fielder. Same answer.
  9. Lets' make it simple. The fielder should know the runner is going to be going by. If that's all the runner does - tough.
  10. That's not interference.It's a contact rule violation and he's out for that.
  11. 1) If there is a throw coming to 2B in an attempt get a re-tag out then it is type 1 and the runner gets 3B. If there is no play on the runner then it is type 2 the umpire makes whatever award he feel will nullify the obstruction. 2) It wouldn't override obstruction, but as it its type 2 the umpire will take all subsequent action into account. Not sure where you would get interference. Perhaps you could describe a situation.
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