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  1. Nobody, as in nobody, would go for this. 1) Slows down the runner going for two; 2) The dirt isn't the same in every park.
  2. It isn't there because it isn't a rule.
  3. The pitcher disengaged. Not a pitch. No CI.
  4. We Yankee fans think it was the correct call.
  5. You also asked: "Or is there an intricacy somewhere in the rules that I'm missing about securing the foul tip?"
  6. It was ruled uncaught thus not a foul tip.
  7. Rich Ives


    Balk in OBR. Legal in FED
  8. Texas Rangers catcher Travino tonight - fielding popups mask on.
  9. I've seen catchers, including at least one in MLB, keep the HSM on when fielding a fly ball. Try one on - the vision is much better than a traditional mask.
  10. Doesn't suggest anything to me. Try being in a local rec league for any length of time. I liked the folks that volunteered to umpire. Nice people. A few were non-so-good umpires.
  11. Rich Ives

    Home Run

    Requires negotiation. That's why the "fail to reach agreement" is there. Not a good management move to just implement it.
  12. Rich Ives

    Home Run

    Players have to agree with rule changes. Not sure they'd give that up.
  13. Rich Ives

    Home Run

    You sure? Never encountered that before. If it had been ruled foul he'd still be at the plate as the batter.
  14. When the ball collides with the bat both the ball and the bat collapse and "store" energy then return it. That's why both bats and balls have to meet standards that keep them below certain levels.
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