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  1. I will be ordering the Poly pants along with the Force 3 shin guards. I normally wear combo pants but have read where the base pants have wide legs would they work with the Force 3?
  2. I watched the ump attire video on the proper place to attach the throat Guard on a mask however I have the Wilson Shock 2.0 helmet and need to know the proper place to attach my Wilson Gold 6 inch Guard. Any comments or pictures would be appreciated. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Thanks for the info I just received my 6" Wilson Gold throat guard to go on my Wilson FX 2.0 shock helmet. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Thanks for the advice think I will stick to the scissors done it for 12 years and only way I feel comfortable. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I have the Wilson FX Shock 2.0 Steel helmet and looking to add a Wilson Gold Throat Guard. My question is should I get the 4 or 6 inch? I use the scissor stance. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Thanks everyone for the replies looks like it will be the Force3 I go with. This season I upgraded my CP from a diamond Ix to a WV Gold which I bought for $50 used and I upgraded my all star helmet to a Wilson Shock FX 2.0. I am now complete on my upgrades for a while. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. l am looking to upgrade my Shin Guards for next year. I need advice as I have heard great things about the WV platinum's and the diamonds but I am really interested in the Force3. What is everyone's advice/opinion on the best Shin Guard for the money.
  8. just because he is in middle school he is allowed to complain about the strike zone and act out 8 times without anything. I am sorry I just can't agree with this.
  9. IMO 8 times is way too many times after the first time it needs to be addressed. Why did you let him do it 8 times?
  10. It's youth call strikes. Never seen anyone get in trouble for calling strikes as long as your consistent both ways.
  11. coachump4

    Balk award

    Was this a regional game you was doing?
  12. coachump4

    Balk Question

    NFHS rules. Runners on 1st and 3rd. Right hand pitcher. Pitcher was working out of the stretch, comes to a stop, steps straight toward 3rd base and fakes a throw. Coach wanted a balk but in my decision that the clear step toward 3rd base was a legal feint. Was I correct?
  13. For the first time ever in 10 years was umpiring a "really bad" game where the score was 16-4 6th inning and bases loaded with 2 outs count was 3-2 and had a batter catch the pitch. The pitch would had either went behind him or hit him. I was the BU and the PU was a rookie that wasn't sure what to call. We met and I had never seen it and really wasn't sure either. We decided to call him out for interfering with a live pitch. After conferring with more veteran umpires it was determined it should be called depending on where the ball was at and he should had been awarded 1st base. I admit I screwed up but had never seen nothing like this before nor heard of anything like this before. Has anyone had this situation before?
  14. This play reminds me of a call I had in the last week of the regular season. I was inside had a play at second and rang the kid out. The coach, who is well known for always running his mouth, comes running out of the dugout screaming he has to tag him with the ball. I informed him he had the ball and the kid was out. That didn't satisfy him as he had stepped onto the field at this point and kept saying he didn't have the ball. I walked toward him told him it was a judgement call and he wasn't arguing that I then told him he didn't ask for time and I didn't grant him time and to get off my field. So he steps into fair territory and says I am off and I respond with lets play ball. Never heard another word out of him.
  15. 1 out runners on 1st and 2nd swinging strike on batter catcher drops the ball runner going to 3rd and the catcher never makes a throw. Batter had one foot in box and one out and UIC calls runner on third out for interference on batter as he said catcher couldn't throw due to him being in the way.
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