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  1. The fielder did not control the ball through the initial tag attempt and by the time the runner was actually tagged the base had been reached, SAFE.
  2. Six inches shorter from first to second for base stealers!
  3. Similar play, R3, one out, and a fly ball to left center field. F7 runs over to catch it. The ball hits F7s glove and bounces up into the air. R3 tags up and takes off for home. F8 runs over and catches the ball before it hits the ground. F8 throws to F5 to appeal R3 leaving early. Ruling, R3 did not leave early even though he left "before" the catch was made. As soon as the ball was touched by F7 R3 was free to tag up and advance.
  4. I allow the appeal unless I'm working Solo !!!
  5. My brother plays in a Vintage Baseball league where throwing and hitting the runner is an out! Lots of interesting rules.
  6. Lou B

    Does the run score?

    So what happened after the Protest?
  7. Do a YouTube search of baseball games from 1920s, there are many. Some of Babe Ruth show him at the plate and you can see how the umpire was dressed and how/where he stood and his plate mechanics.
  8. Once they agree the Protest is lost. If they don't approve the TD would call the Region/Williamsport and I can pretty much guarantee they would say move the game and keep playing.
  9. I've never left more than $500,000 worth of jewelry in my car.
  10. So what happened after the Protest?
  11. Yup, it's pretty old but still pretty funny!
  12. Lou B

    Foul Ball

    My brother plays in a Vintage Baseball League that plays by the original Knickerbocker Rules. Very interesting to watch. They travel all over the country to play. Played at the Field of Dreams a couple of months ago. Also played in a Tournament in Cooperstown.
  13. As a solo ump you do the best you can.. You can't see everything, check with two umps you can't see everything.. Positioning is key but even so you'll miss some things.
  14. Pitch hit the front of home plate, bounced straight up and hit the bill of the batters' helmet knocking it off his head.
  15. I'm in Florida, the lightning capitol of the world. I've seen lightning/heard thunder under clear skies numerous times. Most of the local fields have lightning warning systems, siren goes off clear the fields until the all clear horn sounds. See lightning or hear thunder, clear the fields even if the siren does not go off. Minimum 30 minute wait. Don't mess with mother nature!
  16. Most of the score boards around here have "countdown clocks" on them. The time limit is put on the clock and the clock starts when the umpire calls Play Ball. Makes it pretty easy since everyone is watching the clock as it gets down the last few minutes.
  17. If the last out was made at 9:02, game over. If it was made at 9:01 and it was 9:02 when the players got off the field, you're playing another inning.
  18. Had the runner reached the running lane and if so was he in it?
  19. What I was a manager, years ago before I started umpiring, I taught my catchers on the last play of the game to turn around and thank the umpire. It sort of caught on and several of the other teams started doing it.
  20. I'd probably still write a letter to the Regional Office and Williamsport - it's the only way they find out about things like this going on.
  21. I think the pitcher walked in two runs which resulted them being down by 6. Next pitcher walks in a run, down 5. Next pitcher gives up a bases clearing double, now down 2.
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