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    Missed base

    A runner passing a base is assumed to have touched it, the defense must "appeal" the missed base otherwise it is treated as though the base was touched. Example: R1 and batter singles to right with runner going to third. He misses second on his way to third. If the defense does not appeal the miss at second the runner remains safe at third. In the case of over-running and missing first base the applicable rule is 5.09(c)(3).
  2. In general LL rule changes are proposed and voted on every two years by District Administrators. The last Regional Roundtables was in 2020 and the next LL Congress is next year (2022). No limits on the number of hit batters requiring pitcher removal has ever been approved. You can go to the LL Website and search on Roundtables/Congress and see what changes were proposed and which ones passed.
  3. Actually, in 2020, LL's Regional Roundtables passed allowing time limits (1:45 or longer) in all divisions of player pitch BB and SB during the Regular Season. Time limits in lower levels can be less than 1:45, up to the local league.
  4. No rule against it but why would a manager leave a pitcher in that hits 3 batters in an inning. Was this lower level (8-9) kid pitch?
  5. One minute for warm-up pitches. I'm not saying time it with a clock/watch but keep it short. I've seen umps allow 4 or 5 minutes or more between half-innings, that's crazy. Keep the time short (reduce the number of warm-up pitches as needed) and the teams will get the message.
  6. Lou B

    Passing runner

    So, they snatched defeat from the jaws of victory!
  7. Always seemed backwards to me. If it's a nice sunny day he sees his shadow and goes back down his hole we get 6 more weeks of winter. If it's a crummy cloudy day and he stays out winter is over.I Then again, maybe it makes sense to a ground hog! Of course, now that I live in Florida, I really don't care!
  8. Dumbest rule in the LL Rulebook and that's saying a lot! But, as you say, it's a rule so if it happens enforce it. So far, I haven't seen it.
  9. I remember days like that when I did live in Oswego! Lots of Lake effect show up there. Not so much of it here in Florida! My brother did say they got about a foot in Holliston, Mass. By the way, local Little League Registration on Saturday!
  10. In many cases the kid throwing the bat is the new/weaker player, good hitters don't normally throw bats. So, you send the weak hitter to the bench and he's done for the game or you eject him and he's done for two games, in either case the manager is happy! The rule "should be", throw the bat and you're out. Managers don't like outs so maybe they'd work a little more with the weaker hitters teaching them to hold on to the bat. One minor note, in Regular Season LL, MPR violations do not result in forfeits. The penalties for MPR violations are in the rulebook.
  11. Everyone knows girls are tougher than boys!
  12. When I was at that complex in Georgia I talked to one of the umps after the game. He told me they put the lights in two years ago. He said there are six fields at the complex and prior to the lights being installed different umps on different fields were calling the games at different times which caused a lot of complaints. Now, the lights go on pretty much all at the same time so all the games are terminated within a minute or so of each other. Seems to work well for them.
  13. Was at a complex in Georgia that didn't have lights. On the fence post in centerfield on each field they mounted "dusk to dawn" yard lights. When it got dark enough for light to come on, game over.
  14. Beer Gum! Caught a manager with it a couple of years ago. I think each stick is like one ounce of beer.
  15. I know, I was just describing it since it's different than the previous photo. I was a bit surprised when I first saw it because of the balloon, not the stance.
  16. There is an add on TV, can't remember for what, but it shows a women umpire using the Raft. She doesn't stand with her feet next to each other and bend/squat, she places one foot well behind the other and then bends down.
  17. I'm in Florida, the lightning capital of the US. Deaths from lightning from 2010 to 2019: Florida: 47, Texas 21, Alabama 17, Arizona 13, North Carolina 12, Colorado and Missouri 10 You can bet lightning is taken seriously around here! As I said above, the fields around here have ThorGuard. I have never seen lightning hit near our fields/complex without ThorGuard sounding first and I have never seen lightning after the All Clear had sounded. There have been cases where the Alarm has sounded and subsequently the All Clear sounded and lightning never hit but better safe than sorry.
  18. Lou B

    Infield fly

    He tagged up and scored on an IFF to F6! What did F6 do after he caught the ball?
  19. One thing that can affect the answer is: did F4 have a play on the ball?
  20. Lou B

    Infield fly

    Did R3 properly tag up and score or did R3 take off when the ball was hit?
  21. Most LL Safety Rules are based on injury history. Talk to someone in Williamsport in Risk Management, you'll learn a lot. Lots and lots of sliding injuries, that's why the rule. As for the head-first sliding, in the vast majority of cases a head-first slide while advancing is at full speed, not so on returning. In another move to reduce sliding injuries LL requires disengageable bases.
  22. Lou B

    Joe West

    Joe West ejected the National's General Manager from the upper deck Luxury Box for not wearing a mask!
  23. There is no MC Rule in LL. The runner could be ejected for unsportsmanlike contact but he would not be out and his run would score, as would the subsequent runner. Again, without a video it is difficult to say if an Obstruction call was warranted. In LL, the catcher cannot block the plate without possession of the ball.
  24. "Next inning he is back at F6." I'd call "Time" and ask the manager why an ejected player is back in the game. When he says the TD says it's OK for him to keep playing, I'd call for the TD. I'd tell the TD either the kid plays or I umpire but not both, your choice! In either case, subsequently, a call/report to my Assignor will follow.
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