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  1. Or take the next week off…we’ve all been there friend. Well, maybe not safe-ing foul balls, but we feel ya.
  2. This one is easy to armchair, of course. Hindsight, maybe line up the runner/plate/ball and watch through it as the ball rolls away. We do it with runners tagging. Just don’t lose sight of it behind rolling bodies. 100% obstruction. They got doubly nicked on this one.
  3. You hated me during the game, why do I believe you now?
  4. Senor Azul, that’s not a relevant cite for the case play. That case play deals with the “gorilla arm” stance in the pre-set position. That’s not this OP.
  5. Catch18


    Modern sports. TV pays a lot of bills. We will certainly never hear talk of shortening commercials. Blasphemy!!!
  6. Umpires, get a stopwatch. Stop with “calling out start times” of 9:02, 7:17, 10:01 bullSH*# battles on the field. I once got charged near the mound because I called time limit and the coach was trying to shove his phone in my face. I told him, sorry, we’re on Verizon time for this one, your clock is slow. Since then, I’ve never had one time related issue. You can even get a fancy stopwatch with a countdown timer. I tell coaches I’m not calling out start times and we’re not going off your SK. When we hit 0:00, the game is done (obv not with extras, bracket games, etc). Feel free to check in any time during game with me. There’s a whole 60 seconds to bitch/fight/argue about if using your digital phones/iWatches/etc. That’s a big difference in the bottom of the 6th to see if we’re going 7.
  7. Didn’t bludgeon each other enough in the other protest thread? Let’s stick to the question at hand.
  8. In Ohio, the Supreme Court ruled a number of years ago that public park systems couldn’t ban firearms/ccw because it’s a public space, and not subject to prohibitions like schools, police departments, gov’t buildings. That could be affected by, let’s say, your local little league. They would technically be a permit holder (such as, the entity allowed to utilize the public space), and they could possibly make that a ban if they wanted to. Also, they’d likely be bound by any Association rules (LL, NFHS, American Legion, etc). I am not an attorney.
  9. Nah, automatic triple if a batted ball hits in those tiny little wedges between the 2 lines.[emoji457][emoji457][emoji457]
  10. That’s a big discrepancy; 8 pitches. I can see 1-2 off, but that’s significant.
  11. Catch18

    Wacky play

    I don’t believe this would apply (5-1-1i). This play is not a batted ball in flight. Batted ball, yes. It stopped being in flight at first contact with the ground.
  12. You small-footed bas***** better have these bought real quick. Amazing plate shoe!! Blue32, find me a 14 please!![emoji120][emoji120][emoji120]
  13. It would be completely improper to entertain the protest. But, I’ve seen Boards do such things. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  14. Catch18

    Run / Bat

    I would call, good job for being a helpful teammate. Seriously though, it’s nothing.
  15. Anyone have a good site to find all the NCAA postseason assignments? I like to brag to my friends the various skilled dudes I’ve sat under the tutelage of.[emoji1690]
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