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  1. Catch18

    EJ or No?

    How do you know it continues? Throwing his bat against the fence is a whole level different than pounding the ground. Would you EJ a BB player for slamming the ball against the floor after a call? No, the T is the warning.
  2. Catch18

    EJ or No?

    “Hey, Mike, that behavior has gotten too far. He can’t slam his equipment like that. I’d hate to mistakenly think he’s being unsportsmanlike toward me/the call. Please handle that situation, so it doesn’t present to me again.”
  3. Hey Panda, wondering if you still have shirts available. Sent you a message a while back w/ offer. Thanks!
  4. Wow, calm down there, hoss. Before anyone assumes I mean “hey it was an accident, don’t worry about it.” I’d say it’s pretty clear - and if not, here you go - I’ll better describe what I said. MC can be accidental, that doesn’t mean it’s still not MC. We’ve all seen the same videos of players that clearly blow up a catcher w/ no regard for anything. But we’ve also debated, to the millionth degree, plays where a runner doesn’t intend to take a catcher out…but he muffs a slide attempt, did the catcher suddenly lunge into the basepath to catch a throw, or all the other 1000s of clips that are subjective. Good luck to you this year.
  5. No, I don’t think it would disappear - remember, someone can accidentally maliciously contact someone. “Sorry Johnny, you probably didn’t mean to do that, I believe you. Unfortunately, that’s the rule - enjoy your senior year from the stands.” It’s not a matter of a deterrent - it’s so out of this galaxy unreasonable. I know what I’m talking about in penalties/ejections/suspensions. I used to work for one of the largest recreation departments in the country. Our sports programs (youth & adult) were some of the largest in the country. In 10 years I issued about 800 suspensions for everything from “F*#K you blue” ejections getting 1 week suspension, to assaults with baseball bats getting a lifetime ban. I try not to say this with an ego, but in the sports and recreation world, I’m probably the nation’s expert on this topic. (I mean, I’m no Dr. Fauci “I am the science”……but kinda close [emoji6])
  6. Respectfully, this is one of the worst takes I’ve ever read on this site. And what does required to be out there vs. extra-curricular have to do with anything?
  7. I’ll prob add a quick comment at the pregame this year, as we ask about legally & properly equipped, “hey guys, make sure your pitcher doesn’t go out with a white/gray/silver glove. Saw several of these last year, and want to avoid issues.” It’s better than making the kid walk off the mound, give the standard “are you kidding me” shrug, then still explain it to a pissed off coach when they’re trying to warm up.
  8. I’m inclined to agree. The rule says “cannot have.” So, in effect, we’d have to bounce any glove with a logo, yes? Piping/laces, ok. Pannels/fingers/pocket, nope.
  9. I wouldn’t make a beef of extra inning pay. I’d hate to look down at my assignments and see 20% reduced because of a run rule. An administrator out there will think it goes both ways. [emoji2958] [emoji2958] [emoji850] [emoji850]
  10. I mean, if they wanna fight, who am I to stand in between hopes & dreams?? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. I had Marquez as the CC…..I was close though!!!
  12. “In the way of the pitcher” is likely a good indicator he did something naughty.
  13. I have wondered the same. It might be a Covid leftover - all 4 kept a card so they could keep distance. Now, I think just one does and serves as a backup.
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