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  1. I've had this problem this year for the first time ever. I had a home team visiting team stereo competition in a game this year. Each team trying to out volume the other. It's extremely annoying to say the least.
  2. mark38090

    Balk or not??

    I'll take a stab. I'd say it simulates the pitching motion with intent to deceive the runner and I've got a balk.
  3. I have the champro and it works great.
  4. This is from the Babe Ruth / Cal Ripken2021 rule book.
  5. mark38090

    Drop 2nd strike

    I've seen this similar with 11/12 yo on d3k with R1 and R2 no outs. BR strikes out catcher misses ball, BR runs to first while the other runners advance. Catcher throws into right field so R2 scored R1 to 3rd, BR standing on 1st. When play stops I inform coach BR is out because first base was occupied with less than 2 out so he wants me to send all the runners back.
  6. mark38090

    Walk-up music

    I just had this same situation and I created a post about it. My issue was they would start the music when the pitcher started his windup and it would play well into the second pitch. When I told them to turn it off when the better got in the box they all looked at me and said they didn't have the control. It's sitting 10 feet behind me against the fence and extremely loud. I don't have an issue with it if it's finished when the batter gets in the box but starting it mid delivery and into the next pitch was my problem.
  7. I've been knocked out by a pitcher throwing low 80s and a foul sharp directly to the upper portion of my mask. I remember going down to one knee then my next memory was paramedics helping me up. They were there watching another game a couple of fields away. I had a concussion and believe it or not a neck sprain. It was 6 months before I could see clearly enough to track a pitch and then probably a year or so before I could do any type of upper level plate work without serious flinching. I really thought I was done with umpiring ball games. I never gave any thought to equipment bef
  8. I had this Saturday, 11-12 Cal Ripken 50/70, home team has "walk up" music they play introducing each batter. My problem was they would start it while the pitcher was in his windup and let it play thru that pitch and longer. It was very distracting because it was sitting at the backstop behind the plate and LOUD. I fermenter a tourney that had a rule about artificial nose to distract the pitchers but i can't find anything in the rules. I told them it needed to be finished playing before the pitcher started his windup but they continued until I had them remove it completely. What s
  9. Had his phone in his hand the better part of 2 games today. While I realize this is machine pitch it really looked horrible.
  10. My worst is a 13-15 Babe Ruth game. Lots of chirping between the teams all night and every pitch called was wrong in one teems eyes. Where I work everything is solo, on a big field it's not fair to anyone. Anyways, the game is 7 innings or 2 hours but we're tied going into inning 9. Wild pitch goes to the backstop and R3 comes home, this field is incredibly sandy and the runner slides but his the sand pit in front of the plate and never reaches the plate, no question on what I saw. All hell breaks loose in the bleachers behind me and finally I have a mom stand up and scream, "you f*ing idiot,
  11. This was Cal Ripken Majors, 11 and 12yo.
  12. Is there ever a time when it's OK to remove a kid from the game for safety when he throws the bat after every swing? I had 11 and 12 year Olds this weekend and had one kids that absolutely launched the bat with every swing. To the point I wouldn't let the on deck batter out out the dug out when this kid was beating. I got hit twice by this kid and the 3 base coach almost got hit.
  13. Academy sells some really nice tactical law enforcement style boots that are great. I personally wear the Under Armors every day at work and I also wear them on the bases. Lots of support and light weight.
  14. My first pair of plate shoes were the GD convertibles. They lasted forever.
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