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  1. This was Cal Ripken Majors, 11 and 12yo.
  2. Is there ever a time when it's OK to remove a kid from the game for safety when he throws the bat after every swing? I had 11 and 12 year Olds this weekend and had one kids that absolutely launched the bat with every swing. To the point I wouldn't let the on deck batter out out the dug out when this kid was beating. I got hit twice by this kid and the 3 base coach almost got hit.
  3. Academy sells some really nice tactical law enforcement style boots that are great. I personally wear the Under Armors every day at work and I also wear them on the bases. Lots of support and light weight.
  4. My first pair of plate shoes were the GD convertibles. They lasted forever.
  5. How does the weight compare on these electricity shoes to the New Balance? I sometimes do 4 or 5 games on a Saturday and lighter shoes keep me from feeling as tired.
  6. My Reebok plate shoes are starting to separate at the sole so I'm shopping for new plate shoes. Doesn't seem to be many options available anymore. Any thing to look out for with the NB? Are the sizes true to a regular shoe?
  7. Happened to me Tuesday night. I thought he was joking.
  8. I always point out I'm by myself. It just gives you a little out on these crazy plays that sometimes happen. I work in a very small community and the only time you're not alone here is 15yo, and that's only half of the time.
  9. I bought my new mask because of the same thing. Actually broke the weld on my 15 year old Diamond mask. I was knocked out for a good 5 to 7 minutes, fortunately paramedics were watching the game and responded to help me out. Headaches lasted 6 months.
  10. I'm looking to replace my 15 year old AD Star shin guards, the rivets and buckles are rusted almost to the point they're looking like they're going to break. I don't do anything above 15 year old but is lime something light and durable. I'm looking at the pronine that are listed on eBay for $55 but I don't have any stores within 50 miles where I can actually go look at what's available.
  11. Doing cal ripken majors tonight, catcher doesn't understand that catch is an important part of that word. I get pelted the first 2 innings and start to anticipate the catcher missing so i start ducking, flinching, turning out of the way etc etc... Anyways pitch up high and way inside I turn and got myself plunked in the ribs. Damn that hurt. Lesson learned, all the equipment is in front of me.
  12. I used to frequent this site years ago but never posted. I've been umpiring for 15 years but strictly rec ball and the occasional USSSA tourney.
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