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  1. A local kid that I've watched grow up from behind the plate has invited me to be with him and his parents at his college signing day. He said I was behind the plate for so many of his games he felt like I needed to be there when he signed up for the next step. I was blown away! I never thought calling balls and strikes would create this kind of memory or moment in life. Maybe not important to a bunch of people but the thought that I could have an impact on 1 kids life just really made my day.
  2. I got one to the back of the elbow in B one time. Ball hit to f6 and I knew it was going to be a close play and didn't watch the throw, I would have bet it broke my arm but it was just a nasty bruise.
  3. I see now there is an approved ruling that the lines are considered inside the box. My apologies for my confusion.
  4. Can't give you an exact, but Michigan, kid with all the hair that's such a great pitcher, back foot completely behind the back of the batters box line. Around here, if you're not correcting that, the coaches are going nuts. Again, I'm not bashing, just pointing it out. Today's second batter for SD, toes out of the box when the at bat starts.
  5. These kids from Michigan were doing it again today but the plate umpire has backed them up. The Ohio team did it today. Sorry I didn't reply earlier but I'm fighting covid and damn this was a really bad week.
  6. I've noticed that they're not enforcing the batters box at all in several of these games. These kids are 4 or 5 inches behind the back line and several have their toes clearly over the edge of the plate... Even the announcers are commenting on the batters crowding the plate.
  7. Around here there's no LL, everything here is call ripken and it's doing up due to the travel ball. Tegra ball used to be elite baseball but now because everybody with a checkbook gets their kid on these travel teams the level of ball at travel levels is dropping quickly.
  8. No, Cause Chevy didn't make a 327 in '55, the 327 didn't come out till '62. And it wasn't offered in the Bel Air with a four-barrel carb till '64. However, in 1964, the correct ignition timing would be four degrees before top-dead-center.
  9. We eat grits at least a couple days a week here.
  10. Wouldn't it be because his back foot literally moved in front of the rubber? His back foot gained distance to home instead of stepping "back" off of the rubber.
  11. It must suck to go through life scared of "what if's". Sincerely hope if I'm on the side of the road fighting for my life, you're not the guy driving by. If your kid wife or family member is drowning, I'm going in the water, no matter the consequences, to try to save your the life of your loved one. If your wife child or loved one is being attacked, I'm helping however I can, no matter the consequences. Just my 2 cents...
  12. I always start with, "I'm fat and old, don't let the ball hit me." Otherwise I'm pretty much all business with the exception of the occasional catcher that's just a chatter box.
  13. I did 10u and 12u tourney this past weekend in Ocala Florida. Almost everything I do throughout the year is solo, getting to work 2 man and 3 man all weekend was a blast. I had the championship game behind the plate and it was a great game. 13-3 at the end of 3 but finished 20-18 after 6. Coaches and parents were all extremely well behaved and respectful, the kids were thanking us umpires for being there and wishing us happy fathers day. I felt like I had one of my best games behind the plate, zero gripes about the zone. I met a bunch of great guys from around different areas and got to work with 7 different guys. Overall it was one of my best experiences as an umpire.
  14. But it's what the lawyers want, that's all they care about.
  15. I'm a 20 correctional officer and I was thinking your report was short and sweet... Guess we went to the same report writing training. Who, what, when, where, and why. BY, who what when where and why. FOR, who what when where and why. CONSEQUENCES, for who what when where and why. And finally, CHARGES, for who what when where and why. Then add any details you think may be factors in the decision.
  16. I just did a state tourney and one of my partners wore a HSM and used a balloon protector. These were 10yo "b" level, he took a shot to the face and it rang his bell decent, made me question the level of protection provided because it didn't spin off.
  17. I'll take a shot and say no. He should've only obtained 3rd.
  18. Cal Ripken district tourney, 2 umpires for T Ball, yes, TBall. Friday night parent had to be escorted out by tournament director, Saturday morning something happened causing parents and coaches to storm the field, I never got the details. One parent went to jail, several were given criminal trespass warnings. Fortunately the police department is literally in the parking lot of this complex. Then parents wonder why they don't have umpires.
  19. Agree, both runs score, 2 outs, play on.
  20. It only takes one to take a toenail off in the top of the second inning to make you realize you should have plate shoes. Voice of experience...
  21. I drive a 1990 Dodge dakota with 300k miles. I have a topper on the back so I can carry half the house if I want to. I get 18-20 mpg so gas isn't a killer but no ac in the Florida summer is really bad after 3 or 4 games.
  22. I was volunteered 17 or so years ago because I was coaching a team that was practicing and on the adjacent field the umpire didn't show. It quickly became more interesting and I no longer had to worry about politics or parents. I can still teach the game, watch kids play ball, get a little exercise, all while making a little money. My career is correctional officer for 20 years.
  23. @Wolfe_man had some patches laying around that I needed, sold them cheap, shipped them fast. Great transaction.
  24. mark38090

    Walk-up music

    So, using your analogy, you're saying since the guys in the majors throw tantrums after they don't agree with a third strike, check swing, or other call it becomes OK for the kids. That's an interesting view.
  25. I was taught at my very first clinic to do if with younger kids. The reasoning he used was that it makes younger pitchers feel like you're not the enemy. I never really thought about it beyond that and I've just done it since then. I only do 9-10 and 11-12 except for the rare occasion I do 13-15 when there's a local team.
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