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  1. Not sure about where the OP lives or the umpire situation where everyone lives but here in Omaha for non-tournament games 12u and below there will never be 2 umpires. Even on weekend tournaments it's very hard to field 2 umpires for every age group. There's just too much demand and too much of a shortage of umpires. I really don't get people: 12U Fall Ball Last game of the year 18yo umpire (regardless of age) Who acts like that?
  2. I was doing a 10U championship game. R1. Less than 2 outs. R1 stealing on pitch. Batter hits line drive to SS which is caught for an out. R1 retreats to 1B. SS throws ball past F3 and goes under the fence out of play. R1 does get back to touch 1B. I award R1 3B and the entire defensive coaches and parents collectively state NO!!! The DHC comes over and I explain that it's 2 bases from TOT. He thinks it's only 1 base award on an overthrow. He is adamant that's the rule. We're standing by the 3B coach and tells me he's a HS coach and asks him if it's 1 base on an overthrow...he goes "Uh, that sounds right". I tried by best to explain 1 base on overthrow isn't a thing and finally said: If you want, go ahead and protest, let's get the UIC on the phone and let's take care of it. He says no and we proceed. Later in the game he came over and said he looked it up and I was right. I also had 3 other sperate parents (from both teams) come up and tell me I made the right call. I'm always surprised how ADAMENT every coach is when they tell me what the rule is. Same thing happens from time to time when a batter swings at pitch that hits him. The ones that don't know are ADAMENT they should get 1B. It always goes like this: Ball hits batter while swinging at the pitch. Me: Time. Strike. Coach: The ball hit him. Me: Yes it did. But he swung at the pitch. Coach: Doesn't matter, it hit him. Me: Sorry coach...it's a strike Coach: I've never heard that before.
  3. In our area a lot of the organizations/teams/coaches/parent use an app that tracks lightning strikes and I believe we use 7 miles (could be 10). During non-tournament games and a storm/thunder/lightning happens I get with the coaches as we're the only ones around...during tournaments usually the director dictates what we do (if it's not obvious to everyone)
  4. LOL...no. (I think they work black for every game except 1 or 2 where they wore light blue) Where I worked was the entrance to the field level on the 3rd base side. Besides the team entering/exiting, I check credentials and verify that only NCAA/CWS /ESPN credentialed staff are coming down. I get the color guard before the game, the umpires also enter and exit, we only allow NCAA/team/ESPN media in this area, trainers/medical staff, and various in-game promotions come through. There's also a police officer stationed with me. If there's something going on in the crowd that doesn't need immediate attention we call for other security to handle. The funny things I have to handle is the never ending kids (and adults) that come down to ask the ball girls for baseballs and to ask (sometimes yell) for people to stay off the dugout roof. This was my 11th CWS at the new park since it opened...I missed last year and obviously the 2020 year when it was cancelled. I do get to talk to the umpires that aren't working if they come down to my area.
  5. When a game ends really early (like 30-40+ minutes) and 1 or both teams are playing again either in a double header or a different team comes in I ask them how long they need before the next game. They always say 10-15 minutes, but that never happens as all the kids/parents fee their kids or get food from the concession stand which may not be close and there's usually a line. It's always double the time...I just try to pick a plate meeting time that starts early but still gives all teams time. I find it more aggravating when a game goes way long and they want to mess around before starting the next game.
  6. I was field level by the dugouts.
  7. March 17 - today: 72 games umpired 34 games coached (14U) 15 games (all) working security at College World Series.
  8. BLarson


    I do a lot of youth baseball. If a ball that is hit in play or thrown by a player that hits a kid on offense or defense and obviously in pain I kill it as soon as I can. When kids are hit by the ball during a pick off by pitcher and catcher you can usually tell if the kid is hurt or not and I call time immediately to make sure they are ok. I also had a pitcher take a line drive to the eye/face...none of us could run fast enough to the mound to assist him. I will never forget the sound that it made.
  9. His foot could have been on the rubber, but not engaged when he dropped the ball. I see a lot of younger kids standing there with their feet touching the rubber but not going to pitch, looking around, and drop the ball.
  10. I was just wondering about this last night when I was gearing up...how would I replace these if they got broke.
  11. I always think of it this way....every call...50% of the people will love it...50% of the people will hate it. Can never win....you do you.
  12. Tell your wife...the first rule of umpiring, is we don't talk about umpiring. The second rule of umpiring IS WE DON'T TALK ABOUT UMPIRING.
  13. Good luck with the surgery and speedy recovery.
  14. I don't do a ton of 2-man games...but seems like when I offer my partner plate or base, they always choose base. Doesn't bother me for a single game. But I agree with @SH0102 I try to have a strategy when doing multiple games a day on a Saturday/Sunday. On hot days I try to volunteer to do the plate the first 2-3 games in the morning.
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