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  1. Our team (14U USSSA Omaha Royals) is coming from Omaha to Glendale the weekend of April 8-10th. I believe we have a 6 game guarantee. When I get more specifics of the fields/game times I'll post a thread to see if anyone will be picking up games in that tournament...would love to meet some of you guys/gals. The wife and I are coming a days before and staying a day after as a little getaway...we don't have a boy playing on the team...I volunteer coach.
  2. Wow...that's a pricey tournament for a 3 game guarantee. Hopefully some of that money goes to a charity/foundation.
  3. I always figure every call I make 50% of the people there will love it/agree with it and 50% of the people there will hate it/disagree with it.
  4. I do a lot of 9-13 USSSA games. For weekday games, I ask what the coaches want to do about balks. If I don't ask, I'm asked about so I want to make sure everyone's on the same page. Early in the season they want to do 1 warning per pitcher. Typically the older age groups and the upper levels of USSSA ( AAA, MAJORS) want it called straight up more often than not...by the end of the season there's no warnings for anyone. For the lower levels and younger ages where they want warnings I let minor stuff go like twitching or turning their shoulder when looking at first. But they get warnings for not coming to a stop/pause in set position. Not throwing to the base after stepping to the base. I typically don't warn when the start at the mound in windup and the coaches are all yelling to switch to set. This doesn't happen that often but for these groups I bet only 10% actually do it correctly. Some coaches want me to explain why I called a balk so the pitcher knows. I tell the coaches I'll let him know what he did, but it's up to you to teach them what to do OR not do. Our USSSA tournaments are NO warnings.
  5. @mac266 I live in Omaha but I don't do Triple Crown games because they're during the day...plenty of games to do at night, plus I still volunteer coach. The biggest difference between TripleCrown and travel ball around here is that we use OBR/USSSA ruleset while TripleCrown uses Federation so in some cases it can be confusing between the 2. Just curious...was the team complaining from Omaha or not? I've done a lot of youth travel ball games of teams around the Omaha metro over the years...I have yet to see a coach act like this. HOWEVER...I do hear stories of coaches from both travel/rec teams who treat teenage umpires poorly...even in meaningless friendly week night games. Anyways...not sure if you're from Omaha or just coming in to town to help out. We are extremely short on umpires in this area and a tournament had to cancel their 9u and 10u tournament games due to a shortage of umpires.
  6. I typically only use courtesy runners for pitcher/catcher in the following situations: Pitcher/Catcher is slow or bad baserunner and the CR is faster or better baserunner...most times it's a wash and we don't CR. Some pitchers/catchers we would never CR for. If it's extremely hot/humid I will CR for the Pitcher/Catcher to get him out of the sun and get them hydrated.
  7. I drive a Jeep Wrangler 2 door and keep the top off as much I can do in the summer and doors off when we have extended no-rain days. I work from home so I only load what I'm going to use when I leave...I'm also typically less than 15 minutes to the diamond. I do bring a backpack and load whatever food/supplies I need. During long days 3-4 games in a row, I'll bring a chair and cooler but leave it in the Jeep to visit between games as time permits.
  8. So what would have happened if they did protest? Bases loaded. 2 outs. D3K. Where do they go back and restart?
  9. I see a lot of younger players (USSSA) 14U and under that wear jewelry (mostly necklaces), wrist bands, and a fit bit here and there, etc.. By the time they get to HS they have been wearing it (jewelry) for years...then for 4 years of HS they can't wear them...then they can wear them going forward (taking into consideration Sr. Azul's note).
  10. I've had lots of youth games where I'm constantly reminding the catcher to take a step back, don't lunge for the ball over the plate, etc... I do it to try to avoid what happened in your game. So far no one has gotten hurt...but I get the occasional Catcher Interference.
  11. I was doing a 9u or 10u rec game a couple years ago to help out and one of the coaches asked if I could talk to one of the boys (not his son) and his mom at home plate after the game with them facing the backstop. He wanted me to make something up "to give the boy some advice in front of his mom". I the field behind them, he had the rest of the boys line up with individual signs "Will You Marry Me".
  12. BLarson

    Uniform question

    We have tournaments where multiple teams in the same age group from the same organization will play in a tournament. The names might be different, but the uniforms can be similar in style and colors.
  13. What age/level of games will he be doing? If it's younger 7/8/9u rec ball, I imagine his catcher chest protector would work fine.
  14. This is a sister company of the company I work for does this: https://paymentspring.com/ They allow you to set up a 1 line url in your website to allow Credit Card, Check, both, or either as a payment option. For Credit Card, there's a percentage fee and transaction fee...I believe it's 2.9% and $.30 respectively Credit Card Example: on a $30 charge the fee would be $1.17 ($30 x .029) + .30 ACH (check) is only a .8% fee ACH Example: On a $30 charge the fee would be $.24 ($30 x .008) The website has video and I believe you can try it for free. It's supposed to be super easy to setup, configure and use. I have no idea if those fees are inline with other services. We are looking to replace our 600 Homeowner's Association dues collection where they mail checks into a PO Box and the poor treasurer (used to be me) has to continuously go to the post office and bank to collect and deposit the checks. I can put you in touch with the sales rep if you have any questions.
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