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  1. I was born and raised in NW Iowa, been in Nebraska the 30 years.
  2. The stats are from when I'm coaching. I'm not the head coach. I don't have a kid on the team. I volunteer. Sometimes I miss a game or 2 because of my family. With GC I can get stats whenever I want. When I coached my kids (pre-GC) I only had a book and pulled stats off for the other coaches. I don't need stats immediately while umpiring. This is what I was trying to refer to. I would say most people that keep score during the games I umpire are done on phones. BOO was just an example. I've also had score discrepencies when both teams are using GC.
  3. BLarson

    Zombie Threads

    Would it lock X days after thread started or X days after the last comment added?
  4. I do mostly 9-14 USSSA all levels of baseball...I don't think anyone uses a paper book anymore. A couple things that always bother me doing it electronically...having a score discrepency and a batting out of order question...it takes more time to go through the app than it does a book. On the plus side, on the team I volunteer coach for, it's nice to be able to access stats immediately versus having to have someone transcript paper to a spreadsheet or some other app.
  5. Couldn't you just expand your no to: No, you don't need time called to signal a play...go ahead. Seems like you would only have to say that once.
  6. ^^^^ Same thing happened to me (to the nads)....except when I collected myself I said in a high falsetto voice "Strike". Everyone at the field cracked up laughing.
  7. Why can't the MLB have a replay/rules guy like college/NFL...anytime a replay is done or something strange, they bring in the rules/replay expert to clarify and say what he would call.
  8. Just a friendly suggestion...we had an episode in the office building where I worked. A gentleman had collapsed so we started using the AED. The problem was he was so hairy we couldn't get the sticky pads to stick. Fortunately someone had a razor in the office...now we store disposable razors with the AED unit.
  9. I was coaching a 11U USSSA game and the umpire restricted the opposing HC to the dugout in the first inning for arguing some call, but then let him back on the field in the 4th inning. We knew the opposing coach pretty well and was joking he was let out of jail. The umpire then yelled us: "Don't talk to him" Missed the opportunity after the game to ask the coach why he was let back on the field.
  10. Called him out and returned all runners. No complaints.
  11. Same with me last weekend (12 USSSA Majors)...left handed batter stepped out of the box on the plate to bunt an outside pitch. I only saw it because the ball was laid down right in front of him. The coach came over for an explanation and I told him I would only call it if I was 100% sure he was completely out of the box.
  12. I saw this last night. I was doing a double header 12u baseball solo. The field next to us was 13u, 2 man. We had started our 2nd game while the 13u game was still going. In between one of our innings we all heard from the 13u field: "That's bullsh*t blue" The umpire tossed the fan. I joked to the fans on our field...that's a lesson for everyone and they all laughed. Come to find out the fan on the other field wouldn't leave, the umpires went to the coach and he didn't/wouldn't do anything. So the umpires declared forfiet. The game had to be near the end of time/innings. Weekday game....I feel bad for the kids...they didn't deserve that.
  13. I don't know the size of the bats, but they seemed appropriate length/weight for this age. They certainly didn't seem to heavy. In the 3 games I did that night I probably saw about a dozen actual bunts and several more attempts. The wood just kills the ball...where the metal makes it take off and roll. I was a nice change of pace.
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