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  1. They need help doing base work too. Had a junior umpire (18) this weekend on the bases. Ground ball to 3B. Throw was close at first and he watched the play, then turned to me without making a call, like he was looking for me to tell him what it was. The coaches started chirping, which I told them to relax, called time and we got together and I explained that basically the bases are your call. (no, I didn't go into plate covering 3rd right then and there). And as a partner I can help with RLI, potential tags, and pulling of the foot. I told him he has to make a call. He called him safe. We discussed it more after the game.
  2. In Nebraska for travel ball, it's basically normal except umpires are instructed not to handle baseballs, bats, catcher masks, etc...and to stay out of the dugouts. For travel ball, the umpires are in their normal positions for 1 or 2 man. For Rec ball, some if not all leagues are having the umpire behind the pitcher. In Omaha, the 2 umpire organizations I'm familiar with, 1 required a waiver and the other one did not. The kids and their equipment can be spread out utilizing the dugout, stands, or extended dugout down the baseline.
  3. Not sure if this protects anyone but USSSA is making all guardians sign a waiver before they can participate. One of the local umpire association is asking umpires to sign a waiver.
  4. It seems #6 needs another option like the mechanics does not need to be modified and the game needs to be played.
  5. Nebraska is opening up youth baseball and softball. June 1 - practice can start June 18 - games can start Our state tournaments were pushed to the 2nd and 3rd weekends of July. Both with restrictions, which can be read here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hn7gy2de7efaqhv/Baseball Softball Guidelines 5.11.20.pdf?dl=0 We're having a webex meeting with the 12U team I volunteer coach to review with the parents. I have mixed feelings...no baseball for LL, HS, College, MLB, but it's ok for 4/5-14 kids to practice and have games? There was nothing in the restrictions from the governor about umpires. I'm waiting to hear from our local umpire organizations to see if they are requiring us regarding masks, gloves, calling games behind the plate/mound.
  6. I'm an IT guy as well working for the largest Student Load/Payment plans companies in the US. I'm a DBA and working towards AWS certification as we migrate to the cloud. Our whole team (which is spread all over the US) has been working from home since March 16. It's really no different than working in the office for me. My wife, like others, works for the school district part time. She is getting paid until the end of the school year without really doing very much (She works in the health office, ironically) I have 3 kids. Son - Sophomore in college. Son - Senior in H.S. Daughter - Freshman in H.S. The 2 boys had nice gigs working 30+ hours a week. Both were furloughed, but as Omaha opens up slowly, both are back to work. Which is good for them as boredom is a real thing. I feel sad for my Senior...no Prom, not Track/Field (where he was on course to go to State in 2-3 events and push school records), no graduation, no parties. I've been involved in coaching baseball since my boys were 4 and also involved (baseball equipment) in the organizations that ran baseball. Since they moved on Umpiring fills that void. I also have been a volunteer coach the past 3 years for a select ball club. Basically every day in spring/summer I was either attending games, coaching or umpiring for the past 17 years. This makes it the most weird for me...all the free time. I get to spend every night with my beautiful wife of almost 24 years. This pandemic has definitely made our relationship stronger...not that it was bad or anything before...just everyone going different directions all the time. My parents are both gone, but my in-laws have been retired for awhile, but are healthy and active and in town. Overall...I'm just going with the flow. It's hard to clearly see how this shakes out one way or another...or when or how. We'll all adjust to whatever the future brings.
  7. Nebraska (NSAA) cancelled all spring sports. Edit: They are rolling our 2020 registration fee to 2021.
  8. I drive a JK as well. I usually keep the front seat folded up, but when I have the top off I put it back down and I hang my HSM and chest protector on the rear seat headrests, and everything else is in a bag. I don't umpire every day...I also coach baseball and my kids do H.S. track so I usually load/unload my gear on the days I do umpire.
  9. This is a great show...Canadian humor. I also recommend.
  10. I think it may hurt the opportunities for younger umpires just getting started. If they end up cancelling or shortening the season for youth baseball there will be less games to do, or non at all. The training has already been suspended. I have 2 older boys (20,17) and they work part time (one's a lot porter at car dealership, the other works at a pizza place) while they are going to school. They were pretty much told they're done working for awhile until this ends. If games do resume, everyone who hasn't been working will be itching to get games. The college umpires may pick up H.S. games, HS umps may have to pick up Select/Travel games, etc...
  11. From Nebraska NSAA: Effective Monday, March 16 all NSAA activity practices are suspended until Monday, March 30 and all NSAA activity competitions are suspended until Thursday, April 2. These suspensions may be extended should the conditions warrant.
  12. Nope. There is more than just college baseball being cancelled. I wonder how/if the eligibility of the student athletes will be considered. Seems pretty crappy if the NCAA just says: Sorry.
  13. A lot of groups have their rules based upon OBR and then add/change their own rules that supersede the OBR. I'm guessing bigger organizations like USSSA, TripleCrown, etc...will ammend their rules to not use this. Smaller organizations with pitch/inning counts will/should too. For example, USSSA has an innings limit (inning=batter retired) in tournaments based on age level. if you are close to your max innings pitched and you enter a game as a new pitcher with only 1/3 inning available at the top of the inning by USSSA you can only retire 1 batter before hitting your max innings. This would contradict the OBR which USSSA is based upon. It's for speed up rules in OBR and shouldn't be used in games with time limits...especially in youth games. EDIT: Just looked at 2020 USSSA rules: 7.05.D A Pitcher shall pitch to a batter, until the batter is put out, or reaches 1 st base, or the inning is over, USSSA will NOT be using the MLB mandatory batter limits. That's what organizations that has OBR as a base ruleset should add in their rules if they don't want to use it.
  14. I was born and raised in NW Iowa, been in Nebraska the 30 years.
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