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  1. RC2004

    New Hires

    Hello all, Does anyone have info on the retirements and new hires for the upcoming season. I cannot find anything anywhere.
  2. Looking for a nike titanium preferably $200 or less. Just the frame will do. Let me know where I could find one or if anyone has one to sell. Thanks!
  3. Working a travel ball game. Game is going quick and no issues what so ever. We get to the bottom of the 6th 1 out runner on 3rd. Grounder to second base and the runner broke as soon as the ball was hit. Second baseman fired the ball home and the catcher tagged the runner out. It was a close play but his foot never crossed the plate. His mom yells "are you sh@#%^&g me! I couldn't figure out who yelled until midway through the next batter when she was talking about it with the other moms. What should I do in this situation if I can't figure out who yelled the comment and they need to be ejected?
  4. Does anybody have a Wilson titanium mask with the rounded ear gaurds for $100 or less? If so post some pics so I can see. Thanks!
  5. Last Thursday I ordered a $3.00 CFC Bracelet form Hudson 51. Never received a tracking number and they never responded to my email. Anyone else had any problems? If anyone knows another place where I could get a CFC bracelet for free or a few dollars?
  6. Hunter tried to ignore Clint but I think in the end Clint was trying to fire up his struggling team.
  7. Thank you for the links! My bad I am new to the forum. I think I narrowed it down to the All star system 7 or the west vest.
  8. Looking for a new chest protector because my old one is a soft shell. Any recommendations on what I should and should not get and where can I get a good deal on one? Any advice helps thanks!
  9. I agree with you I was a little too confrontational. I tried too by telling him that as I was taking warm up pitches the next inning with my mask on. I was too confrontational.
  10. Thank you for the kind words. I need to remember that because I often switch between LL, Middle a School, and COYBL. Thanks!
  11. Absolutely! Thanks for the advice. I learned after that game that I regretted not tossing the coach.
  12. Thanks for the help. When the AC walked out to the plate meeting there was only one other coach on the bench. I don’t normally look into the dugouts that often unless the are chirping so the next time I looked into the dugout there were 7 guys in there. I do agree with you too much was said and it piled on.
  13. Was working 11u travel ball. I knew it would be a rough game already when I first walked out and before I even called a plate meeting the VT assistant coach (Did not know he was the assistant at the time) came out and asked me “where is your partner at?” I said “they HT only booked one guy .” His response “well you should have two guys.” I said “there is no other partner, play ball”. So the game went on and his pitcher started to struggle. They started asking where the pitch was missing. I was nice and told them where and was and that the last one was close. Next batter 1-2 count borderline pitch and I ball it. Just moans and groans on that pitch. Next pitch bases clearing Triple. Catcher takes the bat and chucks it at the on deck circle as I am brushing off the plate. After I finish I told him “ you’re lucky no one was over there or you would have already been gone. Next time you throw anything over there your done. He said ok and the game went on. After about the 4th inning the balls started to get real sand paper like and the HT was out of balls. The AC for the VT was complaining about the balls now. ( still did not know he was the AC, there were 7 coaches on the bench.) nothing major I let it go. The next pitch comes and I ball it and the AC goes “ you do know it is where the ball crosses the plate right” in a real smart tone. I still thought he was the HC so I said “ no more get in the dugout and yes I do know that”. In between innings the actual HC comes out and says “There guys are running out of the runners lane and their kids are yelling when my catcher is throwing the ball on a steal. You did read the rule book right?” Because he was the AC I told him that the HT is fine and to return to the dugout. Next half inning borderline pitch and I ball it and the pitcher has a reaction and the HC goes “it’s ok just another missed call” at that point I went to the dugout and said “no more from you or any other if your 6 assistant coaches the next person the argues balls and strikes is done got it” Everything went smooth them there on. Need advice, is there anything I need to work on or could have handled better?
  14. What did you use as a replacement for the screws on the shovel ?
  15. I am looking for the plate pullover in the picture below for the up coming fall ball season. However I cannot find it anywhere. Can anyone tell me where I could possibly find this pullover. I know @Scott Kennedy considered selling them. If so is there any time in the future that these would be sold on ump attire?
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