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  1. I have a fitted cap that is too big and I need to shrink it down ASAP and don't have time for a new one any suggestions?
  2. RC2004

    Almost Ejection

    A few weeks ago I was working a Little League game and the visiting teams pitcher was throwing a lob pitch almost and I kept calling it a ball and every time the assistant coach of the team kept throwing his hands up in the air and asking where it was. I let it go through the first inning. The second inning was the same and he kept throwing his hands up and asking where it was. I said "Its low" and the coach said "No its not its right down the middle" and I said"The ball is in the dirt" and he yelled back"No its not it is a strike all day". So, I took my mask off and said, "I dont want to here anymore about it. Your are not the head coach, if the head coach has an issue he will take it up with me." The coach proceeded to say "I'll relay what I want to say through him" I said,"Thats fine as long as it comes from him." Then I had the same team next week had no issues until about the 3rd inning. There was a bases loaded walk and as his player walk in he did not touch home plate. The other teams coach properly appealed the touch and I call the kid out. The head coach came out I told him "He missed the plate and you know that I would do the same thing if it happened to them" He said "ok" and walked into the dugout. It was the 3rd out so I was standing up the foul line and all of the sudden two mom jumped up and started yelling "You're wrong he touched the plate, we have it right here on video". I walked over and said, "Absolutely not you're not going to show me the video to try and change the call, go sit down." I walked back toward home plate and the scorekeeper staed yelling " What are you doing on our side, we are not even saying anything, get back to where you were". So I said I am over here because your fellow fans are crossing the line if you don't want me over here control them and I wont have to be." When the team came up to bat again the next inning every time the kid would touch home plate they would take a few steps walk back and stomp on home plate again. I told the coach the next player that does it again is gone. I need advice on how to handle these situations in the future. Any advice helps, Thanks!
  3. I was using the Wilson memory foam pads
  4. I used a chin chopped Chamorro with a shovel throat guard . I got a concussion by an 85 mph foul ball of the bat into the corner of the mask.
  5. In the process of recovering from a concussion. Looking for a better mask. What would be my best option?
  6. Does anybody know why all MLB umpires blackout logos except for the wilson logo on their chest protectors and their maks?
  7. What are the lenses called that are in Adam's sunglasses and where can I get them?
  8. I saw the picture of the broken samurai guard. My mask is a mizuno and I want to use the samurai on it but I am afraid a could ball would break it. Any suggestions on how to make it so it won’t get broken
  9. Does anyone know the best way to chin chop an umpire mask without the bars chopped being jagged and rough at the bottom? Any advice helps!
  10. Ok I'll look I think they would look good if I am doing a high class game.
  11. Anyone know where I can get the umpire jacket David Rackley is wearing in this photo.
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