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  1. I’m sure most of you got the email with the link to this article. It saddens me to think after 20 years a ref became so miserable as to quit. It sickens me to think that people see their own lewd behavior as “part of the game.” I do like that this article doubled down though. https://www.nfhs.org/articles/the-nfhs-voice-veteran-officials-hanging-it-up-because-of-unruly-behavior-by-parents/?utm_source=delivra&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=The Voice - Unruly Parents October 14 Send&utm_id=1643025&dlv-ga-memberid=29707236&utm_term=The+Voice+-+Unruly+Parent&dlv-emuid=a43e0912-4324-41c0-8de7-0b35956f85e5&dlv-mlid=1643025
  2. Use those letters as a starting point... then add 3 more letters.
  3. Pretty much go anybody playing BYU! Good luck with your book though! Sounds like a great goal!
  4. Adidas Icon, Navy Pads, Powder Coated Silver. New. $120 Shipped Adidas Icon, Maroon Pads, Original Coating. New $105 Shipped I can switch out pads if desired. Platinum CP. 12" I bought it used and it has seen some use but is still in great usable condition. $80 Shipped Platinum Shin Guards. 15.5" Bought new and used for one season. $60 Shipped Not pictured in link: 36” unhemmed Smitty poly spandex plate pants with expander waste $45 shipped ($30 if purchased as an add-on) Smitty V2 MLB replica Blue shirt, only used a couple times. Size Large. $30 shipped ($20 if purchased as an add-on) Open to offers and package deals. https://imgur.com/gallery/RXKGAq2
  5. Had a similar situation this weekend. 12u. Offense is HT and down by a ton. 4th inning. Playing by a 10 after 5 or 1:45. I’m on the bases. Visiting team is starting to struggle with getting the last two outs. R1. Batter hits a shot to center field and ends up with a double. At the end of the play defense called time to switch the pitcher. I was out behind the mound and the first base coach came out to discuss something with me. He said, “Did you see that on first?” I asked what he was referring to and he said the first basemen purposely tried tripping his runner. I told him I missed it but would keep a better eye on it. I thought everything was fine and he started walking away. The pitcher finishes up his warm-up pitches and I look to check that everyone is back to where they are supposed to be and noticed the first base coach talking to the first-basemen. So I start to listen and hear, “if you get in my runners way again I’ll tell them to just run you over.” At this point I start to go over there and break it up. The kid said, “sorry I didn’t mean to.” And the coach responded “don’t lie to me, just get the hell out of the way!” That was it, he was immediately gone. The funniest part was he couldn’t understand what for. I explained what happened to the head coach and he was appalled. He went over to apologize to the kid and was truly embarrassed. I think the first base coach felt like a jerk afterwards though cause the other parents on the team let him have it once they found out what he said.
  6. That's good to know. I won't spend the time on it if that is the case. I'm liking the idea of the Douglas so I think I will go down that route. Used would for sure be the way to go. Thanks for the input.
  7. First for the Adams ULP-CP, I think I am intrigued enough that I may order one on Amazon so that I can try it on and see what I think. It seems like it would be in the range of Low Profile. Which I desperately need it to be! After I tried on the XV it really has made everything else so much heavier to wear, and this one markets the same holes in the plates method. I think it has the possibility of being what I'm looking for. Currently I'm using the +POS cobra and I love it, but I've had to make so many modifications to it that I'm sure on that if something did happen to me while wearing it that insurance would be even more of a nightmare. So I would like something that I can wear stock/minor adjustments. But maybe I'm being too cautious by thinking that way... As for the Wilson, I may just do the same thing... order it and try it on for size and comfort. The Cobra already makes me sweat but I love level of protection I feel while wearing it. The sweat doesn't bother me... I wrestled, so running around in endless layers of sweat inducing clothing doesn't really bother me. I have an extra flex harness that I will try it out with and just see. I do appreciate that there are so many different CPs out there cause there's bound to be one to fit just a about everyone.
  8. I just tried them and they worked. I am using iPhone safari
  9. It appears I was feeling brave last night doesn’t it...
  10. @MadMax That is indeed the wearable couch I am referring to! hahaha I had a feeling that bringing up Wilson might spark your interest. So let me play devils advocate here for a second... I'm glad that you referred to the Douglas Signature CP because I've been thinking about it. Now brand-new this is a $200 dollar chest protector, but then adding on the customization of gap protection and t-hooks, plus shipping costs and it starts to add up. So when people hear Wilson they think of the platinum and the gold (neither of them really fit me all that well... they make me look really top heavy.) and this one just gets overlooked. but being in the market for a good deal on a Douglas I saw it and thought, "that looks a lot like a Douglas but with gap-protection coming stock at a $90 price tag... seems like a pretty great deal to me... So my question is, how much of an upgrade would it be to just go for the Douglas? From reading reviews and such it seems like Douglas is praised a pretty low profile CP. But at $90 dollars, even though it may be hot and heavy, would it offer the proper protection? I'm also aware of your advocacy for Schutt. I'm sorry to say that even after trying it with a different harness that the XV just didn't fit me well enough to feel safe. However, I noticed that they have another CP... this one right here... https://www.schuttsports.com/umpire-chest-protector.html I'm curious if you have any experience with it. Thanks for you insights!
  11. I do a little bit of everything from varsity to 10u. This seemed like a silly question at first but I'm glad I asked because I was able to think of it differently. I talked to the league director for the middle school travel league I do and asked him if he cared which shade of grey we wore and he said he's fine with either one. So I will just switch things up and use the heather grey pants on the nights I do those games and use the charcoal grey pants I was using there as the back-up pants so that I am packed and ready to go for any level of play I may get called into last minute. Thanks for your response.
  12. I’m just guessing but I think the private jet will wait...
  13. I like the idea of the lower profile shoulders. What made you switch to the Gold? Do you like it better? Have you made any modifications to either one?
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