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  1. So I was so intrigued by this mask that I decided to buy one. Here are a few of my thoughts. After initial inspection, the mask does not fit well with a traditional hat. This is due to a few factors. As stated above the eye hole is very high up and the pads cause the whole mask to climb up. Now this is a problem when used with a hat. So the way I found to fix this is using the mask with my Cobalt Skull-Cap. I think the two pieces of equipment work very well together. The harness is alright for a stock harness. It has a few positives. 1. it has silicon grip strips on the the inside. It also has
  2. It's a rule change in the 2020 rulebook. The current rulebook is not released to the public until well into the season. For example, it is the 2021 season but we won't get this seasons rulebook until June/July. So this is a change that would be found in the rulebook from last July. MLB has not released a pdf version yet, I found my copy on Amazon.
  3. I think this is changing. During the 2020 season and through spring training this year I have seen many catchers with Nike endorsements wearing a force 3 mask with their Nike CP’s and shin guards.
  4. That’s awesome! So stoked for you!
  5. I never said I want a mask. I was just asking if someone had contact info on hand. Some people on this thread said that by contacting beforehand they were able to get their order fulfilled. I wanted to give that one last try and wanted to see if anyone had contact info before I spent an hour or more trying to find it in old threads. That's all.
  6. Ive given this a shot to no avail. Any other info? An email that im not finding?
  7. Ive given this a shot to no avail. Any other info? An email that im not finding?
  8. New with tags. Don't need it. $350 shipped. I can send more photos if needed, just pm me.
  9. I tried this and it did not work for me. It may for others though.
  10. I use the Smitty Poly-Span as well. That may be another part of the equation. perhaps stiffer pants would prevent them from getting caught so much.
  11. I could see this being just as effective. It would basically bridge the gap created when you squat so that no pant material could get caught in there. I just find this to be extra cumbersome when getting ready. I'd rather not have the extra layer. this could work for me if there was a size smaller than 14.5. hahaha. I would worry about not getting enough coverage above the knee cap as well. that's just me though. and it depends person to person. Honestly I wish that this is how F3 shipped their shin guards though. I think at that point they would be as close to perfect as
  12. Heres a link to a video I made. I know it's nothing fancy but hopefully this helps show what I did. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Z42pveh_pfo
  13. I love my force 3 shin guards. They have always taken care of me. They are light, low profile, and don’t irritate my legs. The only problem I’ve had with them is that the top of the knee snags my pants so I have to untuck the pants after I stand up, run or basically do anything. Which gets really annoying and I don’t want to look dumb when I forget one time. This happens because the shin guard is very stiff and does not conform to my leg at the top. So I did a modification to help stop this. I used the shoulder caps from a Force 3 CP and using some Velcro, attached them to the top of the shin
  14. I understand what you’re saying there. But what happens when you start an inning and the top goes 15 or 20 mins and now it’s really too dark? The coach of the home team who is losing is gonna be really upset when they don’t get their at bat and is gonna argue that they can still see. I just like to take as much judgement and liability as possible out of it.
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