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  1. Because I’m not technologically savvy. Clearly.
  2. Because I’m not technologically savvy. Clearly.
  3. Sorry guys, I work at Amazon so I just got off 60 hour weeks and lost track of time. Here are my thoughts though. Out of the box it is extremely similar to the WV gold. In all, if you want a cheap option with good protection this one is up there. It comes with the standard harness that should be thrown away on arrival. A flex harness really improves this CP and I think it will live in my car during the HS season for a couple reasons. 1. I don’t have a garage so if my car gets broken into I won’t cry if it gets stolen like I would if one of my frankensteins was stolen. 2. The fit is good enough to look presentable at a game. So the first picture is of me in a WV gold TW. Second picture is a regular Gold and third is the champro. So there is of course quite a difference in profile but for me the trade off is worth it. I now have a complete that I’m not worried about losing. As far as differences go, the champro has a larger shoulder pad and utilizes the WV platinum style gap protection. It is wider and flatter than the WV gold as well. I purchased the medium. Otherwise it is very similar and I think is a good CP. I think this would work fine for pretty much anyone. I might like it more than my champion too and am happier with it than my Cobalt.
  4. Sorry, you'll get what you get... I'd rather give a thorough thought out response as opposed to a snap judgment. I think that would be more beneficial overall.
  5. Mine showed up today. Played with it a bit but I'll give a full review in a few days.
  6. That was for the champro pro plus on their website. Different one.
  7. @Scissors Ive seen this one out there, seems identical to the WV gold. Hadn't pushed myself to pull the trigger but I may just have to now that you've called me out!
  8. I have a force 3 V1 with Wilson charcoal plates. It’s been my go to for the last year. Just acquired my TW gold that is slightly better. I’m pretty pumped to get ahold of this new Wilson just to see how it compares.
  9. Besides a Power and Allstar S7 I’ve tried almost every chest protector. I’ve frankensteined many of them and am currently working on another. The TW gold is one of my all time favorites. The difference between a regular gold and TW gold is night and day, and if this updated gold is anything like the TW gold it’s worth every penny. A WV gold with TW could easily sell for $600 and that is if you could even find one for sell. If they are anything a like this could put one of the best CP in the hands of umpires everywhere for a fraction of the cost (even at $250). I ordered one because I want to try it. Just like I tried the cobalt and hated it and just like I tried the force 3 and hated it. Sounds like @tpatience knows more. Any idea on how it compares to the TW gold?
  10. The problem here is that I guarantee 75% of the people who own a gold couldn’t tell you what size they own, and even if they do I’ve seen differences in sizes based on how old the CP is. So it would really be a logistical nightmare to purchase and have to deal with returns of wrong sizes. This is why you had to send your CP to TW for retrofit.
  11. It’ll be interesting to see how this compares to the TW gold…
  12. Thickness is about the same; however the top pad of the allstar is not as long as TW and Wilson memory foam.
  13. I had to buy both of them second hand. I’ve tried with +POS a couple times but had to call PayPal both times. They are done. Also, I hope to see some more replies and pictures. I can’t be the only CP nerd out there...
  14. Here are my two +POS Cobras. Each one has been shortened from the 16” to a 13”. Also, the shoulder caps have been modified on both, just in different ways. One I adjusted to reflect the shoulder design of the west vest platinum and the other to resemble the Douglas gap protection design. Great chest protector, I just couldn’t stand the original shoulders. It didn’t provide enough flexibility/mobility.
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