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  1. Looks like the most important three words in this post were, “as of now”. Very interesting announcements.
  2. Umpire School was incredible! I'm not being dramatic when I say LIFE CHANGING! Prior to attending umpire school the highest level of baseball I had umpired was middle school. I had not received any other formal training of any kind; everything I had learned about umpiring was gleaned and self taught so the instruction was very awakening. I met tons of new people who will be lifelong friends of mine. I didn't get the job and when I got home the world ended so I was only able to umpire a few games after school until about May of 2020. Utah got sick of Covid fairly quickly so in May I got to umpire in a "Make-Shift" county tournament. For the most part that went well, had a few bumps but I learned from it. Shortly after that Triple-Crown/Pathways baseball was trying to survive and had to move three tournaments from neighboring states to us. This was incredible and gave me tons of experience at a decent level of baseball. I also worked American Legion, which, operated majorly in Utah that year. That fall, I attended the midamerican umpire camp and got some really positive feedback there. In January 2021 I returned to FL for the Umpire Placement Course and got a summer job in the Northwoods League where I really learned a ton! Following the camp in January however I worked my first actual, "Highschool" season. That went well! Now in 2022 I just finished my second highschool season and had the opportunity to work a plate in the State Finals. So again, lifechanging experience.
  3. I currently have extra of my schutt/Gold Frankenstein. I'm selling them for 275 shipped. I also have some extra of the original padding off gold CPs that are in really good shape. So if you have an old gold that needs some freshening up but you don't want to spend the money for a whole new rig hit me up.
  4. Fwiw, by the time you find someone interested in this trade, it might be quicker easier and about the same price to find a local shop that will powder coat it for you to the exact color you want…
  5. I can confirm that Mid-American is a very good camp. They have a couple instructors, or at least had, who are/were current MiLB umpires. They have a couple different camps. The two-man camp is good for people who are new and want to get better. There won't be much in terms of assignors looking to hire guys from the two man but it will help you get better. I also believe they have a 3 man beginner and 3 man advanced, maybe 4 man. Those camps is mainly where the guys with jobs to give will be. I suggest you be honest about where you are at as an umpire when deciding which one to go to.
  6. I got mine today. I know @MadMax won't like this but I had to try it out. It has a lower profile for sure. The padding feels similar to the original because the use the same material to cover the foam, but the memory foam is much more pliable. It condenses quite a bit and gives a low profile from the front. The magnet buckles are pretty cool, but bulky and plastic. The biggest downfall is that it uses the same shoulder caps as the original. They are too wide for me, making them very noticeable from the side. I will stick with my Schutt/Gold cross-up.
  7. Just playing devils advocate here… but what evidence is there of this? Also, if there is some internal clock that starts the second you take them out of the plastic what is the true catalyst? Ozone? Well wasn’t that present when the pads were packaged? So wouldn’t that mean the pads started to deteriorate the second they were manufactured before they were put in a non- airtight ziploc? If that’s the case shouldn’t the pads list a manufactured date so you know the exact date to replace them? What about pads that come stock with the mask? They weren’t packaged in plastic. So if they sit in inventory for a year aren’t the pads garbage before you even buy them? Im not saying to not replace your pads, I think it’s best practice to replace them often. It’s what MiLB suggests. However, there really isn’t much science behind any of these claims. It’s all insurance and liability control.
  8. I just used the velcro that comes stock on the schutt padding jacket. The only velcro tape I added was the the back of the Gold plates.
  9. Here is my latest creation. I prefer it to my TW gold. It's the carapace of a gold with the padding off a schutt. I used velcro tape similar to the douglas to attach the plates. Switch out the t-hooks for buckles, added some webbing to guide the straps. Here, you have yourself one awesome CP. I have a few on hand if anyone is interested in trying it out.
  10. It was originally black. It had started to chip off after very little use. That's when i got it powder coated. The only reason i sold it is because I, personally, don't love the view from it the mask itself was in great shape though.
  11. Not sure what gave you that idea. maybe @MadMaxfinally converted me and I’m just doing the work of angels to rid the world of Big yellow “W”
  12. Looking for WV Gold. I’ll even take just the plates. If you have one lying around I’ll take it off your hands.
  13. Allstar mask and umplife bag are sold. Only have the adidas and Force3 now.
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