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  1. @MadMax, I look forward to finding out what will happen. You mentioned wrestling as a sport that puts officials at the highest risk for transmission of aerosol disease. And as someone who has been around wrestling for a number of years as an athlete, coach, and official, I think there may be some credibility to your presumption that officials will begin to take on extra responsibilities to prevent transmission. Weestling not only puts officials at risk it puts all contestants at risk of disease. (I’m talking major skin infections). Correct me if I’m wrong but to my knowledge wrestling is the only sport with rules pertaining to disqualification of participants based on health. Before every match each wrestler is put through a screening to check for any infections(this responsibility rests on the officials). However there are major limitations, as an official the only thing I can really do is spot something “that looks suspicious.” It’s along the same lines as concussions and how officials can look for “signs and symptoms.” So once I spot something “suspicious” the athlete is sent to the athletic trainer who will determine final eligibility. And this is no joke, I’ve seen wrestlers who should have gone on to win state titles get disqualified the morning of placing day of the tournament because something popped up overnight and they didn’t pass their skin check. So my point is, while officials being involved in health screening is not unprecedented, I see some issues with giving extra training regarding diseases such as COVID-19. 1. The newness. Ringworm and Staph infections have been around forever and are easy to spot from a mile away for anyone who has been around wrestling for a good amount of time yet officials are still pretty limited. So if the authority of officials is limited when it comes to that, then something so new would be impossible to train on, especially when there’s still so much for the professionals to learn about it. 2. The methodology. Skin diseases are easy to look for, but how would you check to see that everyone is in good health before playing a baseball or football game? Line everyone up and first kid to cough is out? When someone really wants to play they’ll hold in that cough until they’re back in the dugout, ive seen people do much worse, (taking a belt sander to the face to coverup their infection). 3. The time. Wrestling has the benefit of years when it comes to checking for infectious diseases. Weigh-ins and skin checks are practically synonymous at this point. What I mean by this is that as a wrestling official, I have to show up at least 3 hours early to an event to allow time to conduct a skin check and allow ample time between wrestlers weighing-in and competing. So I understand that the time commitment is huge and so do the coaches, a lot of them provide me with a meal during the down time. But this understanding has been developed over decades. On top of that, wrestling time frames are different, JV usually competes at 5 and varsity at 7. Baseball is lucky to get officials there early enough to start the game on time at 3. If they had to show up any earlier they would lose their other job. And if the games started later it would be an even tighter race with the sun. So while your fear of extra training and regulations is not unprecedented I think that if it does occur it will be years in the making. I say this because I unfortunately do not believe the honor system will work so sadly it would be much worse than “Coach, are all your players in good health and free of any infectious diseases?”
  2. I’m just gonna make a guess that this umpire made some other mistakes that preceded this incident. 1. When he showed up for the game it was probably a few minutes late (because he knows the coach so it won’t be a big deal, at least that’s what he’ll tell you). 2. Before starting the game (that he showed up late to) he probably went straight to the dugout of this team and talked for another 5 minutes cause he needed to catch up with the coach. 3. Between innings I’m willing to bet that he stands by the fence talking with the people sitting next the backstop while the pitcher throws his 20 warm-up pitches. Alone these issues might not seem like a big deal but they boil down to 1 main problem, over-familiarity. I’d put money on it and guess that he’s umpired 100’s of games with this particular player. Unfortunately that is just a guess and we don’t get that side of the story, we just get the video clip that makes him look like a child. I’m sure he meant this in good fun but there are ways to have fun without sacrificing professionalism. I’m not gonna knock him for the single action that we saw in this video, I’m just gonna knock him because I’m sure there are tons of other little things he does that undermine his own authority. And all of those little things are what makes partners like him miserable to work with.
  3. The Short Umpire


    Literally the first thing the OP says is “OBR”
  4. The Short Umpire


    @noumpere this isn’t just a “weird pitch” it’s a balk. Very specifically. “If there is a runner, or runners, it is a balk when: (13) The pitcher delivers the pitch from Set Position without coming to a stop.” There’s no way around this being a balk. Now you might have glossed over where @Senor Azul said that the pitcher was stepping on to take the set position, and pictured the scenario as the pitcher using the wind-up position but there are two issues with that. 1. By rule in OBR the pitcher is considered to be using the set position when there are runners on base unless he notifies the umpire that he is using the wind-up. So when I call this a balk a coach may tell me that he was using the wind-up so it can’t be a “no stop balk,” I will tell him that I was not notified of this so it’s a balk. 2. If you were notified that the pitcher is using the wind-up then you still have to judge that the pitch isn’t a quick pitch and that the pitcher meets all the requirements of the wind-up position.
  5. what do you mean by “fiddling around?”
  6. The Short Umpire


    Is the pitcher doing this repeatedly? Or just once as he steps on the rubber? If it’s repeatedly then you can call a balk for coming set (when he brings his hands together to grab the ball. That is his legal pitching position) and then separating without stepping off the back of the rubber. If he does it once as he steps on the rubber then I’m leaving it alone.
  7. When the pitcher steps on the rubber and prior to coming to a set position he is in his preliminary motion known as “the stretch.” “from this position he shall go to his set position as defined in Rule 5.07(a)(2) without interruption and in one continuous motion.” I would not rule this a balk unless you deem that he has begun his transition into the set position but interrupted himself.
  8. I tried deleting other photos but it wouldn’t allow it. I guess I can stick to another hosting site.
  9. I’m sure you could fit the bottom pad, but the top of the mizuno has the extra protruding guard that looks like it would make the Velcro difficult unless you were to use additional strips to hold it in place. I can’t speak for the length of the TW’s though. Hoings pads seem like they would be the best option.
  10. I have one that I got for $100 on amazon. I’ve been happy with it so far. I’ve used the $450 hypervolt and I don’t really feel a difference between the two.
  11. How do I make more room to upload pictures? I’ve tried the manage attachments page but can’t figure out what I need to do. I’d like to post some photos.
  12. I will post a picture on Wednesday when I am back in Utah.
  13. I have always liked the idea of a patriotic mask for holiday weekend tournaments, however I don’t want the Wilson one. So I bought two adidas masks on eBay. One with the red pads and one with the blue pads. I did this with the intention of switching the top pads to make my own. However I now have two masks so if anyone is interested in one, message me your number and we can talk.
  14. The situation you are describing is not an appeal play, “An appeal is the act of a fielder in claiming violation of the rules by the offensive team.” (OBR Definitions of Terms). The situation you are talking about is a “Crew Consultation and Getting the Play Right.” This is Section 8.4 of the MiLB Umpire Manual and 8.02 of the OBR. The manual says, “Plays such as the following lend themselves to the philosopy described on the previous page: 1. Deciding whether a fly ball that left the playing field was fair or foul. 2. Deciding whether a batted ball left the playing field for a homerun or a ground rule double. 3. Cases where a foul tip is dropped by the catcher, causing i t to become a foul. 4. Cases when an umpire clearly errs in judgment becasue a ball is dropped or juggled after a tag or force. 5. Spectator interference. 6. Balks called by an umpire who clearly did not realize the pitcher’s foot was off the rubber.” So these are a few of the situations that would lend themselves to needing more information from or partner. You also mentioned a pulled foot. The manual does also say however, “An umpire is urged to seek help when that umpire’s view is blocked or positioning prevents such umpire from seeing crucial elements of a play. An umpire is also encouraged to seek help in instances when that umpire has doubt and a partner has additional information that could lead to a proper ruling.” So if positioning is truly an issue, for example you got too far into the 3rd base cutout for a play when there is a runner on first and the defense throws to first first when they see the BR taking off for second then a coach might have you there on saying you were out of position and would like help from the PU. However, if I’m in the right position and I know that I have all the information I need but a coach is claiming I couldn’t see a play just because he wants a second opinion then I am not going to allow that and there is no need to consult because it will make it look like I am getting pushed around.
  15. I’ve heard that it’s good to come up and give a simultaneous verbal-signal because it contrasts to calling a ball where you stay down in your stance.
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