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  1. Well, mine failed the magnet test, so it is hollow steel. I edited the post to reflect that.
  2. I second this. I don’t want to sell a mask under false pretenses but this could help people know what to look for as buyers.
  3. I’d also be interested to know the weight of Nike Titanium. Just for comparisons sake.
  4. So I purchased this from someone on the forum who sold it as such. One of the big factors in determining authenticity is weight. I put it on the scale and it is 15.4 oz. Which seems pretty light to me. If I’m wrong on that thought then someone please correct me.
  5. I certainly did @MadMax, I could not have said it better myself if I’d tried. Thanks for the info as always. You must have radar or something cause I noticed that I forgot the “@.”
  6. @umpstu is correct. Titanal is an Aluminum alloy. Madmax has discussed it at length on some other posts. It’s light weight and strong.
  7. I have a couple extra masks and accessories... Prices include Shipping. 1. Adidas Branded Icon; Chopped; Powder Coated Matte Black; Grey All-Star LUC Pads; Ump-Life Harness; Spyder Throat Guard ($175) 2. Steel Icon(Frame and Maroon Adidas Pads); Powder Coated Silver ($130) 3. Black Team Wendy Pads(Only Used Once). ($30) 4. Spare Spyder Throat Guard. ($55) https://imgur.com/gallery/76I8D9l
  8. If I hadn’t just sold my F3 I would be all over this!
  9. @Senor Azul So first of all, it would be nice to supply a link to your source article by Tom Robinson. Since that did not happen I will. http://theseason.gc.com/basbeall-new-little-league-intentional-walk-rules-change-strategy Second, @lawump's question was essentially, “why add four pitches to a pitch count after an IBB when a total of zero pitches were thrown.” The source text does not even come close to answering that question. In fact, all the article states is that the IBB rule was changed to not require the act of pitching. Third, @Rich Ives pointed out quite well that the use of the word “Decline” was inappropriate in this context. You claim this to be a stylistic approach; I disagree. I also find your need to explain how copy and paste works to be quite diminutive since no one ever claimed it worked any other way; nor was it implied that the article was confused for your own words. Foruth, there was also no citation to the “definition” of scare quotes. An easy google search could bring this up. The use of scare quotes is really a post-modernist approach of pointing out the flaws of language. The author’s intended use of scare quotes is pointless because it was lost on the audience. The message he is sending, is that he is too lazy to use correct terminology and would rather use words that confuse his audience. By his use of scare quotes, he admits to communicating incorrectly. He admits that there may be a better way of saying what he has to say, he just doesn’t want to think of how to do so. Fifth, I don’t mean any malice. I’m not looking for any more enemies (I already have enough of them behind the backstop). You just welcomed a refute so here it is. I probably could have stopped after my second point but I had some more to say. Again, you seem to have a positive reputation here so I’m not saying anything negative about you, I just think it would do you well to consider the article in light of the OP’s question.
  10. @The Man in Blue I’m ashamed to say that I am part of the emoji generation. Whenever I read an article from contemporary news outlets, (vice, huff post, etc...) and even some big name news sources for that matter, I can’t do it without my red pen in hand. A lot of them are simple mistakes that should have been taught in middle school, and caught on the first edit of the article. I can’t understand how multimillion dollar corps allow such atrocious errors to make it into print. People are too accustomed to speaking with ambiguous pictures. But on the same hand I can’t put the full onus on my generation because I’ve had professors try to teach me that nothing really has meaning, so it doesn’t matter what we say...
  11. @lawump I noticed this as well earlier today. I was watching ID vs WA. I thought it was very strange and am glad you asked.
  12. Awesome! Glad it’s working. I did wear it. I just didn’t take many shots off of it and made sure to take good care of it.
  13. @catsbackr I just updated the link. Try it again
  14. Bought it brand new in the middle of the season but don’t like the fit on my body type. It has all of the pieces and it’s all in great shape! Asking $220 Shipped. https://imgur.com/gallery/hZiVk7q
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