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  1. That's always the way I've been taught in LL; with the tag of "for the love of Klem, don't let the horsing around take place so you don't have to pick up that end of the stick." As you describe it, I'd have been in the same spot as you.
  2. I signed up for it, and I'm enjoying it. It is pitched at the possibility that you have never umpired a game in your life, but getting into enough advanced techniques that I'm getting something out of it. I wouldn't say it's tough, but I've always been a good book learner/quiz taker. I do wish we had a little more discussion of edge cases of stuff like interference and obstruction, and a little less on the fences needing to be minimum 400' away. I think with another pass, the material could run a little more smoothly (there are a number of relevant MLB clips embedded, and they are good
  3. Welcome! I can already tell your English is better than my Korean, so don't worry about it!
  4. I'm probably doing the same. In slow-mo, it does look like F3 made a full extension and didn't really shy up because of the runner, so I can see an argument for no call.
  5. I think, from following the Juan Soto saga a the start of the season here near D.C., they are doing rapid spit tests with follow-up swabs that have better Pd/Pfa. From a cost/pain in the rear standpoint, yeah, I can see why you'd do that. But it's going to lead in some persons forced to sit out unnecessary. Just the cost of doing business in these times, I guess.
  6. I was just shy of 2, you old fogeys.
  7. You think he was waiting that long, only to blow the line? It should be "Blue, the mask goes over your mouth, not your eyes!"
  8. Little League field, you can't trust that there's not a gap or other ball rolls out of play situation. I've had to call that twice on pitches. Once I even got the base award right.
  9. I guess I have trouble with the notion that the play is the most important thing when a player takes a shot to the head--at any level, including MLB! "Baseball is a game" is text in Rule 1.01 in both MLB and Little League codes. The world keeps spinning on its axis if we place runners once in a while.
  10. As a practical matter, this one would count as "incapacitate" in my book. A head shot for a 12 year old? I want medical attention on him ASAP. I'm probably--as per the comments @Senor Azul cites--giving one base to every runner (forced or not), unless someone catches the rebound. I've done this once in my career, when a pitcher got cup checked on a comebacker. Less serious, and maybe I didn't need to, but I sleep well with that call. No runners on that time so giving the batter runner first was easy. (Baseball ricocheted toward the 3rd base dugout, clearly no play if I'd let it
  11. I'm a LL UIC in Virginia. This is the sad story we tell. I was playing an adult softball game here once, with the clouds rolling in, light and sound show, and the umpires wouldn't stop it. We ran off the field. Other team followed us. Sorry if you don't get paid because it wasn't an official game, guys, but I'm not getting killed over your game fee.
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