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  1. Heck, I don't even consider noting fastball vs. off-speed as sign stealing. That's just decrypting. The offense's poor OPSEC is not the umpire's problem. "Stealing" would be sneaking into the dugout and absconding with their code book. I don't expect that interpretation survives a protest, but there ya go.
  2. As a LL guy...Williamsport is getting the egg on its face it deserves for implementing this stupid rule in the first place. I had a coach try to argue this to me one tournament game this spring. He had already tried some gamemanship nonsense the previous time I was PU for his team. I told him that as PU I hadn't seen it, seeing as I had ball and strike calls as a priority. Well, next pitch he asks for time again and comes out again. My BU had specifically watched R2 on that pitch, and when we got together told me she had absolutely nothing. When the manager kept going until he said the magic word "protest." I don't think he meant to do that, but I took the opportunity to say (paraphrased) "great, we'll do that, you have to shut up and let us do that now" and we got our on site TD involved (he called our DA, who agreed with our take that in our judgement, there was no sign stealing, so nothing to protest.) When I did one of the district semis at that level, everyone on the crew had a story about that jerk trying some sort of intimidation crap. LLI, in prohibiting a part of baseball, just handed him another tool. The fix is to get rid of it, but in the absence of that I'll take this years' precedent. (I feel you on book enforcement, ArchAngel, but this is a local rule made by fools, writ large.)
  3. stevis

    LL Rules Question

    Hah, you expect them to give us a rationale? Two years ago they replaced the slightly looser and more rec-appropriate substitution rule with the tournament substitution rule, after rulebooks had been printed (it was a vote by the LL Congress, but still), and left us to twist in the wind while not being able to evenly dish out playing time as is appropriate in a more development focused organization. I can rationalize that they want to discourage the tactic (not giving you a free shot to keep your best pitcher in longer), but that's all it is, my guesswork.
  4. Did they mention the bisque?
  5. Like I said--if BU turns to the outfield, now they can't do anything with the runners since their back is to them. Better for the PU to grab one catch--and they don't have to stay static either, they can get to the library, towards the mound, as need be--than try to watch one to four offensive players moving around the diamond, and get the angle on a tag play somewhere, when you can't anticipate where some kids will try to make the play. Two-person mechanics (small or big diamond) is a dance of well-orchestrated compromises. You do the best you can with your effort and vision.
  6. At least in Little League taught mechanics on the small field, PU would have ALL catch/no-catch at all times. (If BU turns, they've now abandoned the runners--they're supposed to be busting in the to the working area).
  7. There is no specific Little League rule about sunglasses. If they're mirrored, the PU should make a determination if they're distracting.
  8. stevis

    Strike Zone

    When I teach our junior umpires, I try to stress a big zone. I hypothesized some years ago that almost every umpire remembers being rung up on a called strike three, and not wanting to do that to anyone else. So I try to stress that umpire needs instead to empathize with the pitcher, since they're going to get you out of the inning and get you home (and everyone likes a game where kids are encouraged to swing, etc.) I have not strictly tested that hypothesis, but I still frame it that way in training every year.
  9. I too would see this as an unmistakable appeal. Especially with the younger ages--they're learning, and the coach may be trying to teach them. (It may be indistinguishable from the jackwagon who just wants the out, but either way, get the out. They've executed properly, even if they didn't quite know it.)
  10. The answers in LL are YES, (3.08a1) NO (if he hasn't thrown a warmup pitch yet), and NO, since arm safety is paramount (3.08a1, RIM comment)
  11. stevis

    Infield fly

    A line drive born to wizards, but unable to perform magic?
  12. Little League Regulation XIV (e) prohibits firearms on the field. And I am saying--that's the right call.
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