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  1. "You kicked the pitch; don't complain that I kicked the call."
  2. Yep. My standard anxiety dream has morphed from "late to an exam in a class I don't remember taking" to "running late for a game and can't find my equipment or forgot my game shirt or something."
  3. stevis

    Obnoxious Coach

    There's one passing reference in an instructor comment in the Little League RIM (2019) to verbal interference. That, plus the definition of interference as "any act which...confuses any fielder attempting to make a play," is enough for me to get it in that code.
  4. Ugh, that's horrible. Concur, I hope it brings closure and even maybe some justice. Folks may remember the shooting at the Republican team practice for the Congressional baseball game. That was at a 90' field right next to the 60' field that the local Little League uses. My league was on tap to provide the umpires for the first game back after they allowed activities to resume. It was a weird feeling to head out there. (Compounded by the fact that we didn't really know for a few days if we were going to be there or relocated.)
  5. 1.11j is the prohibition against jewelry. I don't allow rubber wristbands, I probably wouldn't allow this if I caught it. (Comment from the Rules and Instruction Manual: "If it isn’t something for a medical condition, it is jewelry!")
  6. stevis


    We can be better than this.
  7. Our LL program is mostly successfully using Intermediate (70' bases) as an 11-12 program. But it's a big urban county (two league charters, and big leagues at that) with a lot of kids, and we can put 8 teams out there while still keeping some age 11s at Majors (60'). I think 70' could work a lot of places, but possibly not the smaller leagues that field 2 Majors teams per year.
  8. Little League allows safety bases. It's still optional though; if in our league's spot (we don't own fields, the county does) we can't do anything to make it happen despite asking. Also, I wouldn't assume this is Little League(TM) vs. a generic usage. OP?
  9. I think I spotted the problem. If you're coaching 10 year olds but focused on what the parents deserve, I'll suggest you're in the wrong line of work.
  10. Sorry to hear that--best wishes for positive outcomes.
  11. I mean...day goes from cloudy to sunny, kid didn't have his sunglasses because they were on the bench instead of his hat, loses the fly ball and it smashes him in the nose. So in which way was safety damned, again?
  12. I have done this countless times on partly cloudy days while on the bases. (I put them in my pocket instead of my hat, but that's not the point here.) As for a cite: https://www.littleleague.org/university/articles/answering-the-questions-parents-ask/
  13. I was taught differently at the Southeastern Region Roadshow this past January. LLI does not consider it jewelry. I'll ask the pitcher not to wear them on his hat, so that they don't fall and become a mid-pitch distraction. Anybody else, I don't care.
  14. Heck, I don't even consider noting fastball vs. off-speed as sign stealing. That's just decrypting. The offense's poor OPSEC is not the umpire's problem. "Stealing" would be sneaking into the dugout and absconding with their code book. I don't expect that interpretation survives a protest, but there ya go.
  15. As a LL guy...Williamsport is getting the egg on its face it deserves for implementing this stupid rule in the first place. I had a coach try to argue this to me one tournament game this spring. He had already tried some gamemanship nonsense the previous time I was PU for his team. I told him that as PU I hadn't seen it, seeing as I had ball and strike calls as a priority. Well, next pitch he asks for time again and comes out again. My BU had specifically watched R2 on that pitch, and when we got together told me she had absolutely nothing. When the manager kept going until he said the magic word "protest." I don't think he meant to do that, but I took the opportunity to say (paraphrased) "great, we'll do that, you have to shut up and let us do that now" and we got our on site TD involved (he called our DA, who agreed with our take that in our judgement, there was no sign stealing, so nothing to protest.) When I did one of the district semis at that level, everyone on the crew had a story about that jerk trying some sort of intimidation crap. LLI, in prohibiting a part of baseball, just handed him another tool. The fix is to get rid of it, but in the absence of that I'll take this years' precedent. (I feel you on book enforcement, ArchAngel, but this is a local rule made by fools, writ large.)
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