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  1. There is no specific Little League rule about sunglasses. If they're mirrored, the PU should make a determination if they're distracting.
  2. stevis

    Strike Zone

    When I teach our junior umpires, I try to stress a big zone. I hypothesized some years ago that almost every umpire remembers being rung up on a called strike three, and not wanting to do that to anyone else. So I try to stress that umpire needs instead to empathize with the pitcher, since they're going to get you out of the inning and get you home (and everyone likes a game where kids are encouraged to swing, etc.) I have not strictly tested that hypothesis, but I still frame it that way in training every year.
  3. I too would see this as an unmistakable appeal. Especially with the younger ages--they're learning, and the coach may be trying to teach them. (It may be indistinguishable from the jackwagon who just wants the out, but either way, get the out. They've executed properly, even if they didn't quite know it.)
  4. The answers in LL are YES, (3.08a1) NO (if he hasn't thrown a warmup pitch yet), and NO, since arm safety is paramount (3.08a1, RIM comment)
  5. stevis

    Infield fly

    A line drive born to wizards, but unable to perform magic?
  6. Little League Regulation XIV (e) prohibits firearms on the field. And I am saying--that's the right call.
  7. Welcome! I don't claim to be the expert, but please feel free to reach out if you have Little League specific concerns. I'm a UIC in Virginia and this is the only ball I do at the moment. But trust me, there's a lot to learn here from the threads about every level.
  8. I definitely think that you have to remember that at Little League minors, the assistant coach is almost certainly a parent who volunteered and/or was press-ganged because their kid was on the team. They don't know the protocol around rulebooks. This is the perfect time to teach them--definitely don't run a rules clinic on the field, state that you're not doing that, and declare that many umpires would have run them just for pulling the rulebook out. I think you did well for the situation.
  9. Yeah, but leagues have some options on that. I wouldn't supsend a coach for trying to get the kid more playing time. I might insist on "at the next game, make up the missing MPR, plus the next game's MPR, before they can be subbed out" If it is a CBO question, treat them like a late arrival. Which, in effect, they are. Two weeks late maybe, but it goes that way sometimes.
  10. With runners in scoring position, working solo, I tend to get to the library and do what I can from there, partyly to avoid what happened to LRZ (similiar play happened to me once as well--I turned, saw the runner past home, sold "score the run" hard, got no argument.) This may not be the best practice, but so far it's working for me. (I do hustle out at other times, of course, which helps me sell everything I call.) I'm certainly willing to listen to the voices of wisdom here. I think the advice to keep the head up is good, but your conclusion that it's a $50 call is good too. (Even if a BU in C wouldn't see it, it would free you up a little to be looking for it, because you wouldn't need to be setting up for the DP.)
  11. Sucks to your ass-mar! (From a fellow asthmatic in mostly the same boat)
  12. That's certainly how I would call it. I wouldn't call him out if he panicked and wasn't sure where to be at this base (e.g., dancing between the in-ground piece and the bag, confused), but clearly trying to move up would put him in back in jeopardy.
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