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  1. What kind of Rawlings mask is this?
  2. I bought these shins and wore them for two games on turf before I decided they were too small and ordered the 18.5" version. They are basically brand new. I will sell them for $110 $100.
  3. I have a practically brand new pair of 16.5" force 3 shin guards that I wore for two games and then decided they were too small. I will sell them shipped for $110.
  4. They would probably be best suited for someone 5'11" probably.
  5. So here's a situation...imagine there being an opening on both sides of the outfield where a ball can find it's way through. I know that if a ball finds it's way there without being touched, it's two bases from the time of pitch. I also know that if is intentionally kicked out of play or picked up and thrown out, it's two bases from the time of the throw or kick. However, what if the ball bounces around in the corner and then the outfielder running over accidentally kicks it out of play. By strict ruling, this would still be two bases from the time of the pitch, but imagine this ball being kic
  6. For sale is a pair of Smitty's poly-spandex combo pants. Used for about 20 games this summer. I'm selling them because they were hemmed too short for me (I am 36x31 and they are about an inch too short.) I'm selling them for $20 + shipping. Pictures available upon request. Pm me.
  7. For sale is a brand new XL pro black (with the charcoal panel) Majestic shirt. I am asking for $33 shipped OBO. Inbox me if interested.
  8. Serious question about #9. How exactly do you "fold" a hat? I saw a fellow umpire have all of his hats basically folded turned inside out (not sure how to explain this). I figured this would almost ensure them wrinkling but maybe I'm wrong.
  9. I kind of figured this was the case for college baseball. What I really wanna know is about the minor leagues. I guess I could always just buy another pair of NB if I end up being selected. I know this depends on your association because I have heard otherwise.
  10. If I have two sets that last two years or one set that lasts one year, they still lasted the same amount of time. With that being said, I do have another set that's basically brand new but I don't wear them when I'm working all of these games. I'd rather just wear out a set and keep the other looking 100%.
  11. I am looking at getting a new pair of base shoes as I have been wearing mine for 3 years now (New Balance 950 - they have served me well). I will hopefully either be calling some sort of college ball (JUCO, NAIA and hopefully some D2/D3) or in the minor leagues if things go the way that I want. My question is regarding the requirements for base shoes. Do they need to have white or can they be all black? Any associations that require all black? Any particular brand (I was looking at picking up some Nike turf shoes possibly)? Can anyone provide input from their experience or from the experiences
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