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  1. Umm is someone gonna tell the seller? Nike Pro Issue Titanium Baseball Catchers/Umpire Mask. It is in perfect condition with little to no signs of use.
  2. Is there something preventing the enlarging of the distance between the two shoulder plates? My dremmel goes several thousand RPM and cuts through steel bars - I'm sure it would eat up a plastic chest protector. Remove the padding, take a 1/4 inch off each side, deburr the new cut,replace the pads and try it out. If still too small, do it again. Or is it the padding that's restrictive? I have a furniture repair lady that's close to me and she's helped me modify a couple different CPs. Pull the pads out, pull some stitches, cut the padding then she sows it up again. Takes 10 minutes. She has a heavy duty sewing machine that makes it easy. The only trick is aligning the edge protection on the new trim line, but it should be pretty straight forward to a seamstress or upholstery place. Got to think WWMMD - What would @MadMax do? Has anyone tried something like that?
  3. @Ump0000 very fast payment. Nice transaction!
  4. @Thunderheads Sold! Please lock it up!
  5. @Thunderheads sold, please lock it up!
  6. Original West Vest shin guards. Clips are rusty and straps need to be replaced. Price is shipped.
  7. Original West Vest by Douglas. Very good shape. T Hooks are rusted and need replaced, could stand to get a new harness. $120 Price is shipped.
  8. Was wondering if anyone has had any experience with shirts from Adams - specifically the mesh back panel shirt: https://www.schuttsports.com/short-sleeve-umpire-shirt-with-mesh-back.html Was thinking of getting a couple shirts for the Fall. Smitty shirts are OK - the navy ones work pretty well but the powder ones get dirty quickly. I don't really like Honig's shirts, at least the one's I've purchased in the past. I don't think Majestic makes Softball shirts (powder with navy). Thanks for the feedback.
  9. You didn't mention what the "Holy Grail" was......
  10. I have a black All Star 4000Mag available - frame only. It has one small paint flake missing on the front of the mask and 3-4 spots on the bottom of the chin (see pictures). I touch the areas up with a black sharpie every 3-4 games and it works great. Used for 1/2 of a softball season. Pads and harness can be purchased here: https://www.all-starsports.com/all-star-accessories/all-star-replacement-parts.html?p=1 Asking $135 shipped.
  11. Sorry I haven't replied - been on vacation for a while. While on vacation, by son "borrowed" them and apparently my sunglasses have become HIS sunglasses. They are no longer available. @Thunderheads please lock it up
  12. Looks like most of the pads I originally listed have been given thumbs up by the board. Maybe an easier question - what pads should be avoided? When we say "you need to have good pads" which ones are we NOT talking about?
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