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  1. @Thunderheads Please lock it up!
  2. What level of Softball do you call? I have some college contacts for Juco.
  3. First games of the Summer on Saturday. Alabama opened up for sports last week. Supposed to be 85 and sunny on a turf field. "Friendly" format - no trophies, teams just trying to get in game shape. The rules specifically say "no plate meeting"!! Most of the teams are Elite - National Caliber level and are filled with Power 5 prospects/commits. After having the college season stopped mid March, I'm looking forward to getting back after it!
  4. I think @Razzer is making some gap protection as well.
  5. What about Honig's pads? I've heard they are really good but am wondering about the fit on the +POS.
  6. https://www.samuraigears.com/
  7. I work softball as well and live in Alabama, where it will be 95 degrees with 85% humidity - just brutal. I agree with you on the new USA shirts - they're pretty good. If you are wearing plain, there are two shirts that are the best: 1. Cliff Keen MXS: https://www.gerrydavis.com/product/B05SH20MX21/Cliff-Keen-MXS-Moisture-Wicking-Umpire-Shirt.html?cid=6 2. Smitty V2 "Body Flex" Shirt: https://www.mcssl.com/store/1-stop-sports/smitty-body-flex-powder-blue-short-sleeve-shirt I looked for them on Ump Attire, but they don't carry them. I think they have the Smitty but in MLB panel/alternate colors. The link I posted is solid powder and the shirt is REALLY nice. Only issue is that it shows sweat easily but hey, it's friggin HOT!!! The shirts are a little pricey, but you get what you pay for in this case. I have two chest protectors - One I use during college season that has pretty much full coverage; I've modified it for 6 months after inspiration from @MadMax and @Razzer and am finally happy with it. I also have a second CP for Summer ball that offers less protection but is much cooler. Summer ball girls typically aren't throwing as hard as the D1 girls so I take my chances for a little more comfort. Link to the Honig's SB CP here: https://honigs.com/honig-s-elite-fastpitch-protector.html . I would advise NOT wearing it for baseball. Hope this helps!
  8. AL-Ump


    The outside protector pre dates my umpire career. How did you hold the thing? Left arm? If so, how'd you take off your mask? How did you make a "safe" call?
  9. Looks like it ended early @ $800.
  10. I purchased a Zero G earlier this year and it comes with black "Cool Mesh" pads. Was thinking of changing the pads out to something else. I bought some Wilson wrap around pads (Ump-Attire), but I couldn't get them to fit. Maybe I'm an idiot, but I tried for a couple days, watched the video UA has, but couldn't make it happen - at least looking as good as they do at the UA site on a Wilson mask. Different shape maybe? Guessing that I can put on Team Wendy pads - Can anyone confirm they will fit? I have an All Star Mag and am familiar with their pads, but not a fan of the thin top pad.
  11. Anyone on here use a massage gun to help their legs recover? I'm kinda looking around, thinking about buying one. Everyone I've talked to about them absolutely LOVE them. Have a couple guys I call basketball with that use them on a daily basis on their legs, arms and chest after games or workouts. Is it worth the $200 to get a good one?
  12. Did you all see the video from Ray @ Umplife on his FB page? Looks like he's going to be getting into the replacement pad business. He wants to offer pads similar to the Mag pads but with the reinforcement on the top pad as well as the bottom pad. I think it sounds great and am looking forward to the product!
  13. Yup, 15". I apparently can't tell my 3's from my 5's. Sorry
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