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  1. Was wondering if anyone has had any experience with shirts from Adams - specifically the mesh back panel shirt: https://www.schuttsports.com/short-sleeve-umpire-shirt-with-mesh-back.html Was thinking of getting a couple shirts for the Fall. Smitty shirts are OK - the navy ones work pretty well but the powder ones get dirty quickly. I don't really like Honig's shirts, at least the one's I've purchased in the past. I don't think Majestic makes Softball shirts (powder with navy). Thanks for the feedback.
  2. You didn't mention what the "Holy Grail" was......
  3. I have a black All Star 4000Mag available - frame only. It has one small paint flake missing on the front of the mask and 3-4 spots on the bottom of the chin (see pictures). I touch the areas up with a black sharpie every 3-4 games and it works great. Used for 1/2 of a softball season. Pads and harness can be purchased here: https://www.all-starsports.com/all-star-accessories/all-star-replacement-parts.html?p=1 Asking $135 shipped.
  4. Sorry I haven't replied - been on vacation for a while. While on vacation, by son "borrowed" them and apparently my sunglasses have become HIS sunglasses. They are no longer available. @Thunderheads please lock it up
  5. Looks like most of the pads I originally listed have been given thumbs up by the board. Maybe an easier question - what pads should be avoided? When we say "you need to have good pads" which ones are we NOT talking about?
  6. In another post, @wolfe_man mentions that we need to get good pads. He is hardly alone - many other Senior forum folks have made the same comment that the biggest thing to consider for your mask are the pads that you put on the mask. They act as the buffer between the blunt force of the ball impact and your melon. Good set of pads and your all set, bad set of pads and you might not remember your last birthday. So let's talk about the pads. Rather than say - get some good pads, can we make a list of the pads that the community thinks are acceptable and ones that are not? Although part of it is personal preference as we all "like" a type or brand of pad, we should be able to name the ones that are acceptable and should, under normal circumstances, keep us safe. So looking at Ump-Attire's offerings, they have: Wilson MLB Wrap Around Leather Pads Wilson MLB Pads Team Wendy Pads Wilson Memory Foam Other offerings: Honig's Black MicroFiber Pads All Star LUC Pads All Star FM4000-Mag Pads Davis Quick Dry Pads +POS BB43MB Pads I just bought a +POS ZroG (thanks @MadMax for helping me make contact). It came with the BB43MB pads. Are those pads going to do the job for me or do I need more protection? What should I put on the mask that would be the best? I Umpire at the D1 level (softball) with pitches in the 65-70 MPH range. I'm leaning towards the Wilson Wrap Around Pads, but am very open to other's thoughts.
  7. Not sure.....maybe it is dyed during the molding process and then touched up with paint afterwards. I have this spot on the front of the mask and several on the bottom of the throat guard. I've been in contact with All Star and they've asked to see my mask. I'll probably send it to them this week.
  8. @MadMaxI called All Star about the A-LUC pads and they acted like I was crazy. They tried to sell me the regular LUC pads (FM25 LUC), then a fake leather pad (FM25 LMX), then finally a leather pad for a helmet (MVP Forehead). How can I get more info on the A-LUC pads and where can I get them? Also - do you have Dan's e-mail? I'd like to get a ZRO-G as a back up to my 4000 Mag (which is chipping the black paint). Is it still daniel@pluspos.com? He's not responding to text messages.
  9. Currently, I have am All Star 4000 Mag. Just got it from All Star and sold my other masks (Force 3 and Wilson Ti). I was a little concerned about the thin pad at the top but convinced myself it was OK. I umpire softball and have a couple friends that use it and they've not had any issues. They don't throw as hard in SB so I should be OK, right??? One of the contributor to this board recently got hit using this mask and suffered a concussion. I'm nervous about wearing this mask now, worried about my safety and not turning into more of a brain o mush. Here are my thoughts/options and I'd like to throw it out there and get pro and cons from the group: 1. Find a better pad for the top and keep the mask. I don't really like TW pads and might go with a Wilson leather. 2. Get a +POS Zero G and put Wilson Leather pads on it. Saw someone post on this the other day and it looked interesting. 3. Go back to a Force 3. It's so friggin heavy though. Summer tournaments in Alabama I'm going to be sweating like crazy. Safe - Yes, Heavy - Yes. 4. Wilson Aluminum Frame. Looks interesting but not sure of the benefits/safety aspects. As an add on to the story, NCAA Softball requires black mask, black pads. Please let me know your thoughts/opinions. I just want a good rig that will keep the few marbles I have rattling around in the right spots for a while. Al-Ump
  10. I clicked your link and this came up:
  11. Sold! @Thunderheads lock it up please!
  12. Sold today guys. Thanks for the interest! @Thunderheads lock it up please!
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