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  1. I think they started a couple years ago. Maybe Summer 2019.
  2. I've heard on the forum that the MLB guys (and some of you) have your shirts tailored and I thought that this would be a great time to make an investment into myself. With the new softball uniforms coming out in January, why not have them tailored to look so fresh and so clean clean (OutKast reference)? I'll only need a handful of shirts since there will be no more conference logos - so the cost shouldn't be too bad. Once I have the 4-8 shirts done, they should last me for several years. Look the best to be the best - the motto of a local shirt vendor. Sorry I'm not cultured, but I have a naïve question: If I want to have a shirt tailored, what do I need to tell the seamstress? I've never had tailoring done before...to ANY garment other than my umpire pants. I know with the pants there are some tricks of the trade - leave them very long in back, the tapered front to back cuff. Anything special I need to tell her?
  3. Got this notification today: New shirts, new pants, new coats. I was just thinking I had too much money. I have some Smitty shirts and I think they're fine. I've never owned a pair of Smitty pants and the ones I've seen softball umpires wear are atrocious. Their Heather Gray looks more like a silver and the only guys I know that wear them are park ball umpires trying to do 12 games in a day. I have a closet full of Fechheimers that are now relegated to Summer ball. The announcement says "Dark Gray" pants and I assume this means Charcoal, but I've also heard that Smitty is making a special color of pants just for softball. What's the low down with Smitty's charcoal pants? Are they any good? According to Ump Attire, they have Poly Spandex and a Regular non Poly kind. I assume the Poly's are the better pant. Please - someone tell me they don't suck. I've had some Davis pants about 10 years ago and loved them. Looking forward to going into some pleats!! I just hope they have enough merch in the pipeline to support the launch because everyone's gonna be looking to buy the new uniform in January.
  4. @Thunderheads please lock it up!
  5. I thought it was OK. Good protection - definitely warmer than a plain hat.
  6. It's a L/XL. UA says it fits 7 3/8 to size 8.
  7. Yes....still available. Not sure on shipping charges, probably $10 or so, maybe less. You can send me $30, I'll mail it to you and tell you how much it was when shipped. You can send me a second transaction.
  8. Unequal Uncap. Bought at the beginning of the year. Used is a couple times - been sitting in the garage and needs to find a new home. $30 plus shipping.
  9. Is this the hit you're talking about?
  10. Ump Attire for $.99: https://www.ump-attire.com/Products/JH1/Metal-Shin-Guard-Replacement-J-Hook-Fastener
  11. I've owned both, and taken shots with both - albeit in softball. While I agree that the F3 has very good protection, one item on the F3 drove me crazy. I'm OCD, like bad. After I I took a pretty good shot to the nose, the clips that hold the outer frame to the inner frame bent. Not a lot, but just enough so that the outer frame rotated in the clips and was no longer centered on the inner frame. The outer frame would rotate easily by hand, so you could recenter it, but the next time you took the mask off it would be cockeyed again. I contacted F3 and they replaced the frame as a "one time" service, but they said that it was not uncommon for this to happen. So I started thinking what happens the next time I take a shot and have to deal with a mask that rotates around? I ended up selling the F3 and bought the Mag. I've used the Mag since Fall 2019. The first thing I noticed about the mask is the top pad. The top pad of the Mag is pretty crappy - why make a pad with such thin, lightweight foam? I know...It was developed for catchers. Still a BS answer for a company people trust with their safety. If you're going to sell it to Umpires, make sure they won't have problems using your product as intended. I ended up purchasing a +POS Zro-G mask and put Honig's leather pads in it. I used the +POS most of the Summer with good results but always planned on it being a back up once I felt more comfortable with the Mag. Based on the feedback from this forum I recently purchased a ConCussion and have started using the Mag again. I feel a lot safer with the ConCussion, though I did have to go up one hat size (I needed new hats anyway). I wore the Mag last weekend for 3 high level D1 scrimmages and had no concerns about insufficient protection. I would say there are pluses and minuses to both masks. I'm pretty happy with my current set up but the Engineer in me REALLY wants to like the F3. If they can ever fix the clips so the two frames don't rotate on each other, I might go back.
  12. Similar to what @kylejt states above, I wear tights under my shinguards - however, I wear 3/4 tights. I find that tights over my socks and both under a shinguard can be a bit too much and I'm more comfortable in the 3/4. I have a couple UA outlets close to where I live so I can pick them up when I need to. I also use a different shinguard than most of the guys here - one that will not move around my leg, even with the tights. I umpire SB so the need for protection is not sooooo high. Here they are if you're curious: https://www.icewarehouse.com/Bauer_Pro_Ball_Street/descpage-BPBHSG.html
  13. My personal favorite is the Adidas Speed Trainer in Synthetic all black. I have the Speed Trainer 2 and Adidas changed the design on the 3 and 4, but it looks like they went back to the ST2 style on the newly released version 5: https://www.baseballsavings.com/adidas-mens-synthetic-speed-trainer-5-shoes#color_selected_3074457345617778329_Color_Black/Black The gray gets the Sharpie treatment, then black Turrago on the whole thing. They are SUPER lightweight and durable, the only issue is it they have a loop on the back which can keep your pants from fully extending to the ground. Some scissors takes care of that!
  14. For what it's worth, I got an UnCap this week (thanks @Rock Bottom). I like it, but I also had to go up on size on the plate hat - same as @Mr Ump. I was between a 7 1/2 and 7 5/8 so I always went down to the smaller size and it was tight. Now it's too tight. Might check out the skull caps too once you get yours @wolfe_man. Please let us know how they work out!
  15. I've only seen a couple guys wearing HSMs. They use black ones, but the cap must be worn underneath. While I understand you could be frustrated by this response, it is what it is. If you'd like to rail on about the inconsistencies of these positions, please feel free to do so....on a different post. I'm trying to get people's opinions on the UnCap.
  16. Great idea, unfortunately most conferences use embroidery on their uniforms. Conferences (except the power 5) are going plain shirt and the embroidered hat to help save on costs. I know some conference used to have patches but I haven't seen one in years. Thanks for the idea though.
  17. I was thinking during the AS presentation the other day that the Skull Cap would be kinda cool to have, but there are 2 glaring issues for me (a college SB umpire): 1. Skull Cap is only available in black right now (we use navy). I know I could paint it but...... 2. All conferences have their own logo-ed hats for conference games. I would have to try and find stickers for all the conferences I call and that would be a HUGE PITA. Looks like the MLB guys are figuring it out - Check out the video @ 43 seconds: I was looking on Ump Attire and saw the Unequal Uncap: https://www.ump-attire.com/Baseball-Umpire-Equipment/Gear-Footwear/Supplemental-Protection/UE-UNCAP_Unequal-Uncap-Protective-FlexShell Anyone use this? I have an All Star Mag mask so I'd like to get a little more protection in the forehead area. I think they said something in the All Star presentation about additional protection on the upper pad for this mask but I was confused if AS was coming out with an improved pad or if the Skull Cap was the improvement. Thanks for your opinions!
  18. I think @Razzer was making something like that. Might want to message Ray. He's the best!!
  19. @JimKirk I'm a NCAA and USA umpire. I've been told the reason we abide by these uniform spec is SPECIFICALLY to look different than baseball umpires. When I first started, I had a pair of charcoal Gerry Davis pleated plate pants and boy, were they comfortable. It almost felt like having nothing on! Life was great until I umpired a game with a college guy and he said "don't ever wear those pants again". I would love to go to charcoal, to pleats. I would love even more going to white on a shoe - I really dislike the all black base shoes currently on the market and would like to have more options. Alas, it is what it is. The current SUP (head umpire) I believe would be open to change, however just because it's "allowed" doesn't mean you can really do it. Take pleats - there's nothing in the official's manual about it. I've seen people wear them in games, good umpires too. They won't wear them on TV games though. If an assignor saw you with pleated pants on TV, they would be on your butt. If they saw you in them a second time, there wouldn't be a third. One option for you might be to limit the amount of heather pants you offer. Looking on your site, there are lots of options. Unfortunately they are all Smitty pants. You might sell the Smittys to park ball guys but almost everyone I know uses Fechheimers, Honig's or Gerry Davis. At higher level softball, the only pants worn are Fechheimers purchased off the USA website. Plate and Base, no combo BS. Last time I saw a guy with Smitty pants, they looked terrible. The pants had an awful silver color to them and the umpire looked ridiculous. Not sure if you can make inroads with Fechheimer (never seen them sold anywhere else) but you could do us all a favor a kill the silver Smittys.
  20. What level of Softball do you call? I have some college contacts for Juco.
  21. First games of the Summer on Saturday. Alabama opened up for sports last week. Supposed to be 85 and sunny on a turf field. "Friendly" format - no trophies, teams just trying to get in game shape. The rules specifically say "no plate meeting"!! Most of the teams are Elite - National Caliber level and are filled with Power 5 prospects/commits. After having the college season stopped mid March, I'm looking forward to getting back after it!
  22. I think @Razzer is making some gap protection as well.
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