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  1. I think they should move the plate back instead. ;)
  2. It's to address a ball just nipping a piece of the 3-dimensional strike zone. I forget whether they are requiring the ball to bass through both the front and the back of the zone, or going wioth a 2-dimensional rectangle at the front or middle of the plate, or ....
  3. This is the wording: (3) is able and attempts to remain on the base (except home plate) after completion of the slide; and So if R1's hands remain on the bag, and the feet go beyond and make contact, is it legal? (Serious question)
  4. Yes -- I got confused as to what happened before / after the missed call.
  5. I am assuming that the slide is otherwise a "bona fide slide" (or whatever the specific rule book wording is). I am also willing to admit that I might be wrong.
  6. If the umpire makes a rules error (as here) and corrects it, fix it and go on -- just as you did.
  7. I am assuming the slide is otherwise legal and you are only asking about a runner going beyond the base and making contact with the fielder. Depends on the rules code. FED: Call out BR and return R2 and R3. NCAA: Legal (they have the FPSR, but sliding through the bag in a straight line is legal) OBR: Legal
  8. It's not too late to protest. Get the whole team(s) back together and replay from that point. The difference will be in the post-game beverage
  9. noumpere

    Little league

    Eye si' watt ewe did .
  10. noumpere

    Base running

    R1 was forced to advance. That means first base is NOT a safe haven for R1.
  11. That's your problem -- you wouldn't have been hit if the mask / pads weren't navy. Hit and broke my radius. Hot and later got a detached retina (no way to prove causation here, but I'm sure it didn't help).
  12. So, a sno-cone catch with a portion of the ball projecting out of the fielder's glove which then strikes the ground would be a catch? Same answer.
  13. Correct. And that's Davidson's first time out of the game, so he could reenter later as well (in the same spot, so now Sanchez is done for the game.)
  14. I'd ask for a refund. It seems serious enough, and common enough, that it would have been covered (regardless of what the "right" mechanic turns out to be).
  15. Yes, but it doesn't need to be that complicated. DH enters to pitch; continues to bat in the same spot. New player comes in to play F6; bats in old F1's spot.
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