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  1. Thank you for being a fan of LL baseball.
  2. Looks right to me
  3. Again -- it's better to let it play out, and then you can put the runners back if needed. If you kill it when you should have left it live, there's always going to be an issue as to what to do.
  4. The pitcher might have some restriction, and helmets can't be "mirrored" in FED, but there's generally no restriction on fielders' sunglasses.
  5. "The infield shall be a 90-foot square."
  6. Yes it is. It's an appeal that R1 missed second. He didn't (I'm assuming), so R1 is ruled safe on the appeal.
  7. Some (lots) of this might be the difference between baseball and softball, and FED and OBR. In FED and OBR baseball, I have no interference; even if it's called only get one out.
  8. Did the defense appeal? Was anyone watching the tag-up?
  9. Based on the video below, it doesn't look like the "play stops" until everyone advanced a base, and F6 had the ball in the infield (which, in MLB, means no one is likely to advance any more). calling "time" at that instance isn't really needed, but it doesn't hurt and, especially in our games, it might get called eventually anyway because someone is going to want an explanation. IT does point out that more often than not, it's better to just let things play out, and then put them back if needed (retroactive time) as opposed to calling time because "that surprised me and it must be something" and then having to figure out "what would have happened."
  10. noumpere

    Chasing out play

    Might work in pro ball; I would think it would be "too harsh" for youth coaches.
  11. noumpere

    Who gets the win?

    The pitcher of record when the team takes it's last lead gets the win (with some exceptions such as the starter must go five innings, etc). In your example, the starting pitcher gets a hearty handshake, a pat on the back , and the warm glow of appreciation. He's also first in line for the showers and the post-game buffet.
  12. noumpere

    Chasing out play

    "You need to make a formal appeal to ask that question."
  13. Or just let the home team bat again if the visitors are up by "close to" the run limit (and, yes, it needs to be defined); if they catch up, then the Visitors get to bat. Cuts off the half inning that is "needed" less than 1% of the time.
  14. noumpere

    Illegal Glove

    The "base" is a point on the ground. The bases define a square. The "bag" is the canvas object that marks the "base." The "bags" do not form a perfect square.
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