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  1. I think it also depends on whether these appeals were during relaxed action or continuous action. The defense has time to think about it during the former, so we hold them to a higher standard in making the appeals in the correct order (under at least some codes or interps)
  2. You saw correctly. But the direction of the ball doesn't matter -- it's the speed / momentum of the ball. The outfielder didn't add any velocity to the ball to caues it to go OOP -- he only changed the direction.
  3. Yes. That is, it's just like any other ball thrown out of play -- first play by infielder =TO; otherwise =TOT
  4. You were told incorrectly (the terminology on "force out at first" not withstanding). The timing doesn't matter (that's why it's not a time play) -- only the fact that the third out was made by the BR before reaching first.
  5. And since BR didn't change direction into the throw, or stick out an arm, or anything similar, it's properly NOT ruled interference. Someone will be along soon to post the Reggie Jackson play.
  6. That's only true if the ball has come to rest, or the ball's momentum is such that it couldn't have gone out of play on it's own. The fact that the fielder changed the direction of the ball doesn't matter. This is just a normal "ground rule" (sic) double.
  7. Note that FED is different -- it is a two base award, as the OP postulated. 8-3-3 ART. 3 . . . Each runner is awarded: c. two bases if a fair batted or thrown ball becomes dead because of bouncing over or passing through a fence, or lodges in a defensive player's or umpire's equipment or uniform
  8. Fed Interps 2010: SITUATION 7: B1 lays down a bunt that is fielded by F2 in fair territory a few feet in front of home plate. As B1 is 60 feet from home base, he is running outside the running lane with one foot completely in fair ground and not touching the lines of the running lane. F2 fields the ball and (a) attempts to throw to first but throws high into right field as he tries not to hit B1, or (b) does not attempt a throw. RULING: B1 is required to be in the running lane the last 45 feet to first base when the ball is fielded and thrown from an area behind him. In (a), this is interference and B1 is out and the ball is declared dead. In (b), since there was no throw, there is no interference. F2 is not required to hit B1 to demonstrate that B1 is out of the running lane, but a throw must be made for the interference to be declared. (8-4-1g
  9. I find that if you stand in B or C with your hands on your knees, drop your head and shake it slowly back and forth after a "ball" call, it really helps take the heat off your partner. /s <--- added for the humour impaired
  10. No, you can't (or at least, you shouldn't). Pretty sure there's a case play or interp on this.
  11. Right -- I'm getting as close to the play as possible without going out and watching the tag up from my peripheral vision. Although it's not by the book, a good PU will recognize what's happening and be watching as well.
  12. 1) You'll get both answers on this -- so it might depend on personal preference or your assigner's preference. Personally, I always stayed in -- maybe adjust a step or so to one side or the other to be more out of the way. 2) Once you read trouble, go out. This play wasn't trouble until it was -- and then you go out. And, you can try to read the fielder's reactions (and the runners' reactions) to help make the call -- you don't need to make it immediately (but you can't wait more than a second or so -- and that will be enough time)
  13. "This is how I measure the 10" mound height."
  14. noumpere

    Is this a balk?

    Agreed -- and to the extent that there is ILLEGAL deceit -- it's for deceiving the runner, not the batter.
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