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  1. "likely" (or some similar word) is the FED standard. The OBR standard is "with willful intent to prevent an obvious double play" (again, or similar words)
  2. Agreed -- but if the umpire didn't (try to) stop it, then it's a pitch (and a swing, imo).
  3. Then the question would ( or should) say "*A* base umpire..." instead of "*The* base umpire..."
  4. More than one Rumble interp has been discredited / revised over the years.
  5. It's possible (but not practical). Don't get too hung up on the "pick-off play" wording in A -- any play will suffice (as in D) But, a pitcher who intends to pitch and then hears "steal" will be unlikely to make the transition without balking. And a pitcher who is waiting to see if there's a steal will be ineffective in pitching.
  6. noumpere


    The only two spots to be are on the line or at the wall
  7. Several suits here over the years, and people claiming unemployment, etc. It's always been resolved as "IC." YMMV.
  8. noumpere


    ...in OBR and NCAA. In FED, it's always a delayed dead ball.
  9. noumpere


    Generally: Yes. No. (although it might depend on the type of OBS and the rules code)
  10. I would always just say, "Do you want the play or the penalty?"
  11. It was 12 in 2019. Because of inflation, it's now 14.62 Except in FED, which uses the Hitcherhiker standard; here the answer is a constant 42
  12. All runners abandon. Bases loaded, R2, R1, BR all pass R3. etc.
  13. noumpere

    Pop up

    You listed eight items. That's not odd at all.
  14. Maybe you should submit a change request to change the name of the Rule Change Proposal form.
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