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  1. common (almost) everywhere (I didn't check all the games / feeds / local newscasts, etc) as we get closer to the scheduled start. Umpires need "spring training" too
  2. noumpere

    Runner interference

    To add to Maven's answer: 1) Not calling an infield fly is correct. The conditions aren't met (and, lots of younger ages play without this rule anyway). 2) You won't get a double play on this under OBR unless the interference is "willful and with the deliberate intent of preventing a double play" (or some words to that effect).
  3. I think that's just because you are more used to 2-man, so it's second nature and you don't need to consciously think about all the stuff. If you worked four-man all the time, that would be second nature and you wouldn't need to think about it as much, either. And, since there's less movement, there's less to think about.
  4. noumpere

    award bases

    Agree with Matt. So, what happened in the game?
  5. Other possible actions (everything yo've been given so far will work in some instances but not in others -- the trick is figuring out whan to use / say / do what): 1) When the assistant comes out: If your head coach (and maybe use names if you know them) has a question, I will be glad to discuss it with him in a respectful manner. 2) If he continues: I need you to return to the dugout now. If you continue you will leave me no choice but to eject you from the game. 3) When the HC comes out: I'm sure we all have things to learn, but I have this rule correct. 4) Consider going to the side opposite that team's dugout the inning after a confrontation to avoid the spineless sniping.
  6. noumpere

    Fielders Balk

    If he's in foul territory before the pitch, I'm asking him to move to a legal position. If he's in foul territory during the pitch, I'm not looking at it (especially as PU). So, it should "never" be called in FED. I'm sure the coach had it called on him by some uninformed umpire and now wants it called on others. Two (at least) people need to be properly instructed.
  7. noumpere

    Balk or not?

    As long as F6 was closer to second than to third (and that's true 99% of the time), it's legal.
  8. noumpere

    Balk or not?

    Hard to tell from the angle / video quality but I didn't see anything wrong with the move.. What was called and what does someone see that makes him / her think it might have been a balk?
  9. In codes where this applies, it's a balk because of the fake to third, not because of any subsequent move toward first. So, if the 3-1 move is illegal in your league, then the feint to third is illegal.
  10. I would also say, especially as you are starting out, that you don't want to "stand out" with your call -- either overly flamboyant or overly subdued (for your area / level). Nor, of course, do you want to be overly robotic and the same as everyone else (unless that's what's expected -- as it is on some levels and some bat/ball sports). The trick is to find the balance.
  11. Isn't a "ghost runner" a base that should be occupied, and is considered occupied, but isn't physically occupied? This seems to be a base that is physically occupied, but shouldn't (imo) be occupied. Just the opposite of a ghost runner. So, the question is invalid.
  12. There is a weird (and never seen by me) case in FED where a fielder who intentionally throws the ball out of play gives the baserunner some rights (specifically, the right to return to "tag up" when the runner is still beyond the advance base) he would not have if the ball was unintentionally thrown out of play. This who work FED know it; those who don't don't need to know it because it doesn't happen.
  13. noumpere

    Tipped Ball

    But the casebook (2.16.1D Comment (4) from 2017) clarifies that the glove is included in this. OBR definitions include "glove or hand" in the second part. Unless you're trying to draw a distinction between a glove and a mitt, here.
  14. The timing of the OP was a bit unclear to me -- I'm not sure a play was being made on R1 at the time of the OBS. I agree ti's OBS and with the FED ruling.
  15. noumpere

    Does the run count

    Just because the defense only need tag the base at second to make the appeal DOES NOT make this a force out. So, it's like many other plays on which the third out occurs -- if the run scires first, it counts.
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