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  1. Community and league standards apply. The "right" ruling will vary between urban and rural, coastal and midwestern, northern and southern, ... You'll get better advice asking those in your area and others in that league.
  2. Play on. The "detached equipment" rule requires intent -- I think the wording is something like "thrown, tossed or kicked" PLEASE DON'T SHOUT
  3. COVID might (will) change the answer, but pre-Covid most HS and college coaches would welcome you to call any "cage games" they would have. I'd suggest coordinating through your association so the coach doesn't field and try to schedule calls from a dozen different umpires.
  4. Apparently his identity has already been stolen. Better close the barn doors before the horses return.
  5. noumpere

    Stealing home

    As described, this could be Catcher's interference (batter gets first, run scores) or backswing interference (ruling depends on rules code) or .... We need more information on when and how the bat hit the catcher
  6. F4 throws to F6 who tags (new) R2. F6 then throws to F3 to force (yeah, I know) out the coach (see below)
  7. You'll look even more ridiculous umpiring in a bloody shirt or no shirt at all. Switch to the other color shirt, Honestly, no one who knows the details will care
  8. Which gets me back to my question -- can anyone reference such an interp? I know what the rule was -- I am asking if it still is. I am not asking for examples of where you called it in your LL game.
  9. Add: Multiple zombie thread alert.
  10. I admit that: 1) since my retirement, I have not kept up with all the detailed interpretations / rules changes 2) I am way behind in my reading of RefMag The September 2020 issue of RefMag contains an article on removing a pitcher, and discusses the old canard wherein a player other than the returning pitcher throws a warm up pitch. The article contains these sentences: In [NCAA and OBR] codes there is an interpretation that the intent of a player is a factor. Thus a "harmless" throw by another player should be treated as such. Is the author correct about tha
  11. It's never used alone. You need the rest of the context to answer. Just like so much reading in English. "A mouse is on the desk" -- what image comes to your mind? You won't know Whether I meant a rodent or a computer device until you read more.
  12. I use that -- but I hold my hands parallel to the ground.. And, weather also affects the time it gets too dark. You would need some sort of light meter, and call the game whenever it falls below xx lumens (or whatever) to have an objective measure.
  13. Click on the little dot to the left of the thread name. That takes you (or at least it takes me) to the first unread post.
  14. coaches = nobody ;) (we kid, rich, because we love you)
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