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  1. That was my thought but it just looked really strange, so I wasn't sure.
  2. Yu Darvish seemed to "pause" on this pitch with no runners on. If the game was played under FED rules, is this an illegal pitch or nothing? https://www.mlb.com/cut4/yu-darvish-lost-his-balance-on-the-mound-but-still-managed-to-get-the-strikeout/c-269323012
  3. Does R1 have to go back and touch first before advancing to the awarded base?
  4. R1, less than 2 outs. FED rules. 1)The hit-and-run is on, so R1 takes off for 2nd on the pitch. The ball is caught by RF but R1 is obstructed by 2B when a) going towards 2nd and b) when trying to get back to first. 2)Instead, R1 rounds 2nd but missed the base and is obstructed by the SS. The ball is still caught by RF. In both cases R1 is thrown out trying to get back to first. I know that under FED rules the runner is entitled to minimum one base and is protected to wherever the umpire believes they would have reached without the obstruction but can be put out if they choose to advance past the base they are protected to. I know that the runner must go back and touch first but where does the runner end up and how is the missed base handled.
  5. Thanks for the clarification. My assignor said it was interference but when I checked the rule book it conflicted with what he said.
  6. I had this play come up last season and wanted to get some opinions on it. 5/6th grade - modified FED rules Runner on 1st takes off stealing and the catcher makes a bad throw that goes between 1st and 2nd. While the 2nd baseman is bent over trying to pick the ball up he is run into by the runner. I called obstruction because the 2B was not in possession of the ball and wasn't making an immediate play on the runner. How would you have called this?
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