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  1. Replace the "." with a "?"
  2. Because yes or no was too hard to type? This prior sentence can be phrased as a question or a statement. I chose question as denoted by question mark.
  3. So the same situation I gave but with 2 outs, the defense can appeal for an advantageous 4th out?
  4. I believe it was in reference to Joe Jackson juggling the ball on purpose toward the infield so as to not let baserunners have a better chance to advance on a "caught" flyball. So why can a runner legally tag when a foul flyball is first touched and bobbled? Being that no runner can advance on on a foul ball and a ball first touched over foul territory is an immediate foul ball.
  5. I thought the criteria was more along the lines did the batter offer at the pitch?
  6. Runners on 3B & 2B. One out. Batter his a single. R3 scores and R2 is thrown out at home. B/R advanced to 2B, but missed 1B and called out on proper appeal. Does the run score?
  7. A good rule of thumb to remember is, one from the rubber/two from the field. I remember FED baseball had situations showing how many bases to award in their rulebook.
  8. Any and every ball touched over foul territory is ALWAYS a foul ball. ALWAYS!
  9. Can you read and if you can, can you comprehend? WHERE DID I SAY A RUNNER COULDN'T TAG UP ON A FOUL BALL? I saying that a runner has to wait until the catch is complete until they can legally tag? Question for ya' there? What's a ball that is touched over foul ground? If you see a sign that says FINE FOR HUNTING, do you get your rifle out and go huntin' wabbits?
  10. I'm aware of the rule, but my point is that it is written poorly as in reality a ball touched over foul ground is a foul ball until caught. Runners can't advance on a foul ball. Why a legal catch would be required. Jim Evans used to point out this out...…...I would say he is a pretty good authority on the rules wouldn't you agree?
  11. F1 was struck over fair ground and all that is required is first touch in your scenario.
  12. All I'm implying that when touched over foul ground it is a foul ball until caught even if it isn't bobbled. A poorly written rule is what I'm asking about. Guess I've been around longer than you have and had discussions with more learned and experienced umpires.
  13. It's been a while, but in baseball rulebooks it used to state that a runner may legally tag when a fly ball is caught I believe. Didn't FED change their ruling to say when a fair fly ball is first touched and foul ball is caught? Didn't Evans and other academies teach the same thing at one time or has anything changed since? I'm pretty sure Jim always pointed this one out at the beginnings of his rule clinics.
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