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  1. It's been longer than that. I had torn my meniscus, and working a DH was becoming almost impossible. I could work one game, but couldn't run very well for a few days after. Got it fixed, but doctor advised against umpiring. Anyway, I was a very good softball player, so I got my Jones playing Senior Softball, and played on World Championship teams. I recall something like this in a discussion. I asked about a batted ball being deflected out in foul territory, and was told to award 2 bases. I also recall being told a batted ball was dead when it became dead. Perhaps our rules guy (state rules guy for several years) wanted it to be that way. Really don't recall all the details. Might have talking about a deflected thrown ball.
  2. Screwed up. I do remember a game when Paul Lo Duca was with the Mets, and Hunter W. was doing the plate. There was a play at the plate, and the runner was ruled safe. Senor Lo Duca immediately disagreed, and proceeded to throw the ball to the ground in a raging display of disgust. While this was going on the runner at 1B, John Smoltz, took off for 2B. However, he was returned to 1B. I asked Hunter why, and he told me that playing action had ended. Meanwhile, the ball had rolled halfway to the backstop.
  3. The part where it says all runners would mean that the batter, or technically speaking, batter-runner are awarded 2 bases. Diaz was off on the pitch, had rounded 2B, and almost to 3B when the ball went dead. Kiermeier had rounded 1B when the ball went dead........so technically, we had two runners. Diaz should have been given home and Kiermeier awarded 3B. I just recall when doing FED (I know not OBR) awards were given from the time the ball went dead in a situation like this. I'm perplexed why something like this is a TOP award. Doesn't sound right that the offense basically gets penalized for the bad play of the defense.
  4. From what I saw, the ball hit the base of the wall, and wouldn't have left the field of play without Renfroe's help.
  5. Hmm...2B ump immediately ruled no catch on the play....and Jackson did intentionally stick his leg out.
  6. Batter/Runner interference. Batter runner establishes their own base path. Batter/Runner not required to run in 45 foot lane, unless there is a play in which they are required by rule. E3 and batter credited with a fielder's choice and RBI.
  7. I don't know what the umpires ruled, but a deflected ball over the fence is the same as a thrown ball. Place runners from their last base acquired, and the time ball went dead. I do believe Tampa Bay got hosed, unless the rules state otherwise.
  8. Easy situation. Ball hit to F6. He throws to 1B, but the ball hits in the dirt, bounces up and F3 traps the throw against body which is not a catch. Next question. The ball bounces off F3 and he has the ball in his glove or in his throwing hand. However, the ball is on the ground. He has control of the ball though. Is having control of the ball while it touching the ground considered a catch in this situation? If possible could you post the rule, the rule set, and please cut and paste the wording of the rule. All this is near impossible on my phone. Thanks.
  9. Replace the "." with a "?"
  10. Because yes or no was too hard to type? This prior sentence can be phrased as a question or a statement. I chose question as denoted by question mark.
  11. So the same situation I gave but with 2 outs, the defense can appeal for an advantageous 4th out?
  12. I believe it was in reference to Joe Jackson juggling the ball on purpose toward the infield so as to not let baserunners have a better chance to advance on a "caught" flyball. So why can a runner legally tag when a foul flyball is first touched and bobbled? Being that no runner can advance on on a foul ball and a ball first touched over foul territory is an immediate foul ball.
  13. I thought the criteria was more along the lines did the batter offer at the pitch?
  14. Runners on 3B & 2B. One out. Batter his a single. R3 scores and R2 is thrown out at home. B/R advanced to 2B, but missed 1B and called out on proper appeal. Does the run score?
  15. A good rule of thumb to remember is, one from the rubber/two from the field. I remember FED baseball had situations showing how many bases to award in their rulebook.
  16. Any and every ball touched over foul territory is ALWAYS a foul ball. ALWAYS!
  17. Can you read and if you can, can you comprehend? WHERE DID I SAY A RUNNER COULDN'T TAG UP ON A FOUL BALL? I saying that a runner has to wait until the catch is complete until they can legally tag? Question for ya' there? What's a ball that is touched over foul ground? If you see a sign that says FINE FOR HUNTING, do you get your rifle out and go huntin' wabbits?
  18. I'm aware of the rule, but my point is that it is written poorly as in reality a ball touched over foul ground is a foul ball until caught. Runners can't advance on a foul ball. Why a legal catch would be required. Jim Evans used to point out this out...…...I would say he is a pretty good authority on the rules wouldn't you agree?
  19. F1 was struck over fair ground and all that is required is first touch in your scenario.
  20. All I'm implying that when touched over foul ground it is a foul ball until caught even if it isn't bobbled. A poorly written rule is what I'm asking about. Guess I've been around longer than you have and had discussions with more learned and experienced umpires.
  21. It's been a while, but in baseball rulebooks it used to state that a runner may legally tag when a fly ball is caught I believe. Didn't FED change their ruling to say when a fair fly ball is first touched and foul ball is caught? Didn't Evans and other academies teach the same thing at one time or has anything changed since? I'm pretty sure Jim always pointed this one out at the beginnings of his rule clinics.
  22. Thanks so much. I think that is what I was trying to find the answer to in my original post. Don't know why I used intervening plays. Have a great season.
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