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  1. Just finished RBI Regionals and had a blast!! FYI bad lighting in locker room my pants are not faded!
  2. I met some great friends over in Cooperstown. Big Dom (middle) used to be my coach when I was 10 years old and he found out I was an Umpire and we were reunited. Michael I met in Cooperstown and we clicked very quickly and instantly became good friends. I cant wait to go back! #UmpireBrotherHood
  3. Sorry about that guys, but here is what I picked up today
  4. I will be on the plate for RBI Regional July 19th at Dodger Stadium!
  5. @Mick ohh wow xD @Mudder yes first timer got the plate in the semi it was such an honor
  6. I had so much fun in Cooperstown. I was on the plate for the Semi-Final game. It was great meeting @Umpirechick1 did not see @Mick :(. Hopefully I can find a team so I can go again!
  7. Upgraded to some Team Wendy pads
  8. Words cannot explain how excited I am for Cooperstown! I'm only 19 years old and this will be the first I am not traveling with my Parents. I will be leaving the 10th to Virginia to meet up with my friend and then we will ride it down to CDP. #Week2
  9. @Mick I will ask the guy I am traveling with if we can. I'm 19 so no cervezas for me
  10. GAS1124

    Team Names

    @Majordave Tequileros always cracks me up
  11. GAS1124

    Team Names

    @Majordave Very common out here
  12. GAS1124

    Team Names

    Elite is another common name
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