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  1. Of course, overturning a EJ would be a sure way to lose umpires.
  2. With the condition "Not another word" You've painted them into a corner that they will breach.. They will say "word" just to see what you do...What if they say "Thank you"? You going to toss them for that? It was another word after all. Instead, put both hands up in a stop motion and say "That's enough coach", "Let's get on with the game". This implies that this was enough for this particular call and ranting..You've left them room for redemption. Most will calm down. For you "gentlemen" implying violence...what message does that send to the young players? No violence for me, I like to think that I'm a little smarter than that. Not even in self defense when I'm wearing the blue... Keep your attorney's number on speed dial and we'll see just how "judgement proof" the coach is...
  3. Funny how you can spot them after a while. I was a spectator at a 9&10YO state LL tourney. Told the wife in the 1st inning that the third base coach for the one team was most likely to get EJ'd. One inning later "WHOOSH" he was gone. Body language, I could read it on the calls that didn't go his way. He got booted for arguing balls and strikes.
  4. If that spit hits me I'm having him arrested for assault.
  5. Why? He's the one that's leaving... You leave and he's not only got your goat but the game is essentially over. Why punish the others?
  6. "one more word and your gone" Wrong phrase, "That's enough coach" is much better.. BUT, the fact that he ran onto the field without being granted time and putting on a monkey display and he'd be gone without the need for any warning.
  7. The leagues I work with usually have the coaches yell at them, cuss them and kick dirt on them. That draws em in like flies to sugar...
  8. Get rid of the cat pee smell by soaking in a water/baking soda solution or a water/borax solution overnight. Rinse well and give the ole "sniff test"....Might have to repeat. Cat pee is the worst... Glad you got your gear back.
  9. cyclone

    Protested game

    That's a LL rule, not sure about other books.... The simple solution is not to replace them, continue without the ump. If that means one man, then so be it..
  10. What the heck is someone going to do with the trophies and food? Frozen food? Candy? Chips?
  11. cyclone

    2 + 1

    2 coaches, 1 knucklehead..
  12. cyclone

    2 + 1

    Of course, just because the game is over does not make it open season on umpires..
  13. Every time I leave the sight and come back to sign in my password isn't working. I know I'm using the correct one. I have to reset it every time I want to sign back in. The problem could be on my side but I thought perhaps someone might have a better insight than I.. Thanks in advance..
  14. cyclone

    2 + 1

    1st game of a DH, travel teams (13/14YO) at a local city park both teams having some good players. 2 man crew and I’m in the bucket. Plate meeting goes as planned with home team Mgr. apologizing for not having field lined from bases to the poles. “Not a problem coach, we can handle it,” I state, “Let’s get started”. Well apparently He couldn’t handle it. In the top of the second with bases loaded the batter hits a banana curve looper to right. I line up and watch the ball hit solidly between the bag and the pole on what would have been the line had it been there. It rolls to the far right field fence. I indicate fair and shortly afterwards the HT Mgr is screaming “foul”! Partner turns to look at me and sees that I’m still pointing fair and play continues, the BR cleaning off the bases with a triple. Mgr bursts through gate, “Coach we discussed this at the pla…”… “ You’re pathetic!” screams he. “You’re…..” “You’re gone coach.” So he rants and raves and carries on as my partner comes in for the sweep and leads him out the gate. The game proceeds without any more theatrics and is a decent ball game. Home team loses by a couple.. As my partner and I are heading for the gate, the HT AC walks by and says “You guys are really terrible, you suck” …..”and you’re gone too sir.” To which he states “You can’t toss me, the game is over.” “You’ve been tossed sir”. Well, guess who shows up for the start of game #2..Yep, HTAC comes onto the field and stands staring…Partner now has the bucket and asks me what to do. Do your plate meeting Carl and then tell the Mgr and acting Mgr that we don’t start until Coach EJ is gone. Partner does, coach refused to leave and coaches daddy, who is a big shot for the LL complex where the game was held, steps in. (note: I did not know these relationships at the time.) I’m on the phone with my assigner, who also happens to be a state trooper, explaining the sitch. I ask coach EJ’s daddy if he is a member of the coaching staff for that team. Nope, “Sir, you must leave the field so we can start this game.” He refuses, I toss him..Assigner calls in the troops and rolls a unit to the park. EJ’d parties leave, game starts everything runs smoothly. The home team kids actually win their second game without the drama kings.. AC who was tossed is in his mid to late 30’s, His dad, late 50’s.. Mgr tossed also in his mid to late 30's. All old enough to know better..
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