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  1. It is common here in my area that umpires will go into the gyms and call pitches during practices. Typically, the first month or so of practices are inside because of weather. The coaches like it as their pitchers get a feel for the zone and it gives the umpires a look before the first true live pitch. If you have a rapport with any school coaches or travel coaches, I would say reach out to them. Or have your assignor connect you. Also, the group in my area uses it as a training tool for newer guys.
  2. Great easy transaction. Mask is perfect. Most difficult part of the process was getting the box open.
  3. Around here for high school ball, we get $7 for travel. For doubles, we get the travel fee for only one game. The game fee is the same for both games. 20 minutes between games is standard.
  4. This was at the PBUC evaluation course in Vero Beach.
  5. Agreed. He over stepped his partner big time. And made it a cluster you know what.
  6. Yes. definately agree there. It was a mess to see. I just realized I posted this in mechanics. Meant to post in NFHS section. Also could/should the PU have rectified the situation by putting R2 back at second? Did his call put the offensive team at a disadvantage due to the changing of the original call?
  7. Had this happen at a game I was watching last night. R2. 0 outs. Fly ball to right center (inside the v) ball is ruled to be not caught by the BU R2 scores when BU signals no catch. There's a play at the plate on the runner, he's safe. Then the defense throws it to second to appeal that R2 left early. Base umpire looks confused and signals safe. The defensive coach asks for a meeting because he thinks the right fielder caught the ball. PU says he caught it. Then proceeds to call R2 out for leaving early. How should this play been officiated? NFHS rules
  8. When I went in 2013, Jim had a store set up next to the classroom with protective gear, belts, shoes, and pants. They also had some undershirts and school embroidered things as well. If you email Jim or anyone from ump-attire I'm sure they'll answer any of your questions. They're great to deal with.
  9. The umpire was lucky not to wear it in the back of the head. However, if the throw was on the bag he could have gotten hit too. He was up the middle pretty far when the throw was made.
  10. @stkjock & @Stk004 I'm with stkjock in that the training is lacking as you move up the ranks. For those who've been in the game, how much instruction is there for guys in MiLB? I know they're evaluated multiple times throughout the season but anything in spring training? Also in the MLB is there many educational opportunities for these guys? From what Evans said here I would say there wasn't during his time. He received a position with the umpire development program a few years ago correct? Is he doing anything to change the lack of training?
  11. When I first saw this on Twitter I thought, "Oh great an article bashing umpires." But, it turned out to be a great article. Some good insight to MLB umpiring from a legend. http://www.freep.com/story/sports/mlb/tigers/2016/08/28/major-league-umpiring/89516532/
  12. Here HS varsity is $83 and 18u is $75. So not a huge difference. 16u is $70 (very close to jv pay) and the lowest we get is $50 for small diamond 6 innings. The PGCBL pays less than a college game as well.
  13. It probably doesn't cover all the expenses of getting there but they are given $400 according to this article. They mentioned it on one of the telecasts. I think it was one of the other World Series not in Williamsport. http://www.littleleague.org/media/llnewsarchive/2016/January-April/2016-llws-umpires.htm
  14. That's what I meant but it was an early morning after a late night. Time of throw is what matters here.
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