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  1. Because if my 85 year old blind grandma in the Uecker seats knows the batter is out, why make a flashy display making you visible to the play? Just remember as an umpire sometimes it's not about us.
  2. not even Minors. College Summer league
  3. GPblue

    Legion Regions

    I live in Pittsburgh and this side of the state doesn't even consider East of State College part of PA.
  4. Thank you. everything is paid and looking forward to working hard and getting to meet other's looking to gain experience and grow like myself.
  5. Speaking of that Camp, I submitted my registration to Mid American and got a pay pal receipt, but no other confirmation. Would anyone know if that is my receipt and confirmation that I am a camper?
  6. and Summer amateur sports tournaments is now at that level too. Indivivuals and groups are making multi millions of dollars for these and the professionalism of it needs to evolve
  7. I pay dues to a summer organization for use in Arbiter, assigning fee, and chapter liability insurance. They will usually get my first assigning of games, but that group is one county over from where i live. During the week I will try to take 1-2 of my local Legion(a very very weak league) games so that the assignor will give me games come regional play. if I agree to take a game, it takes a very large issue to come off. Only have given back two games this summer and that was due to Funerals. Weekends are a different story because I will only do 2 games a day(personally on a 90' diamond you are doing the kids a disservice doing more than that without a break). I also will travel for some for college summer leagues but just on the weekend as my work schedule only allows me that. IMO the level of money grab for tournaments across the country is creating a cluster in terms of organizing an event. Think about when you got married(if you did). Did you book the venue, dj, caterer, photographer, etc. 2 days before your date? What makes us any different in our service industry as independent contractors?
  8. Did you become a slap hit master? and the next question is what cheers did you learn?
  9. Thank you for grabbing this. Is this the same rule number in the 2019 book? I want to get my Rules Interpreter to get this to the head coach as he is one of our top teams in our chapter
  10. Had a varsity game tonight. The field is fully fenced and down each line has a gated bullpen that has space to occupy one pitcher. The VT while on defense had one warming up in the bullpen and then wanted to get a second to warm up at the same time. VTHC sends down the right field line his second pitcher, a catcher, and a bench player with a helmet to protect. My partner on the plate(who is my assignor) looks at me and basically gives that “you better clean this up” look. So I proceed to go to VTHC and let him know that because both teams have designated bullpen areas that out of play we cannot have a pitcher warming up in live ball territory. The VTHC started giving me some push back saying “I need to get this guy warmed up, where do you want me to put him?” Because other than the bullpen there isn’t any room on the other side of the fence due to the field being on a hill. I told him “I don’t care where he warms up, but he can’t be in live ball territory with both teams having designated bullpens. I am probably messing up NCAA and FED, because I couldn’t find anything going through the FED rules on this. Should I have grabbed that?
  11. GPblue


    And this is the exact problems that we now see for kids making transition from tourney ball to college. They only play a 20 game HS schedule and then go into summer and have to play 75-100 games of "rat ball" because of time limit rules. Bad teaching leads to bad habits.
  12. Don't do what I did! First two games this weekend and was no where near prepared. Sitting at my desk with what feels like 2 knives shoved into my hamstrings.
  13. GPblue

    Ejecting Fans

    IMO that is what a game manager are for. I officiate dugout to dugout, pole to pole. If the fans have become so unruly that it has caused the game to not continue to play, I let the home team coach work with the game manager to take care of who and what needs to be taken care of. Was the level of the crowd causing the game to be interrupted? To me that sounds like an umpire that did not use his proper channels to handle the situation.
  14. First weekend of the season......was bound to happen with someone.
  15. Check out Tom's Video on the Central Hub. They define it clearly and use this video as an example
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