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  1. This is an issue that far exceeds today's issues with everything on video and social media. Accountability for actions has been out the window for years in all phases of society. Coaches are afraid to discipline their players in travel leagues because their team is a revenue producer and are afraid mommy and daddy will pull their kids. Maybe a social contract needs to be signed by teams before entering leagues/tournaments with a zero tolerance stipulation in place. I know the baseball tournaments we do in Western PA the rules state "umpires have final say" and if that is not listened to, they are excused from the tournament. that includes players, coaches, fans. I have yet to excuse a fan because I am fortunate to have good site directors at the fields I work at that will address it before i have to.
  2. Class like managers spitting on and kicking dirt on umpires? Umpires and managers bumping each other. Players taking one in the ribs and instantly charging and guys getting thrown around. Runners breaking catchers shoulders and costing them a career. IMO a bat flip doesn't hurt as much as a guys career. As Archie Bunker sang......THOSE WERE THE DAYS!
  3. Might have been to a 3 man clinic and was tying things in fall ball?
  4. Have only worked one 1 man in the last 10 years, which I did this year(had an off day in my college schedule and my HS assignor needed a favor and field was in my back yard). The only thing I said in the plate conference was "guys I am going to work hard for you. if you have a question please call time and ask me in a professional manner, and I will give you what I have" Just remember, we are independent contractors and have made the decision to agree to work the one man game. If you feel that you have a call, stand by your judgement and let them know "from this angle, that is the call I have." If you feel that one man isn't something you want to manage, consider that when accepting or declining the assignment.
  5. that doesn't look 10-15ft to me(though Ted is a tall guy).
  6. It's an off year of a new rule book Regional Clinics are just online videos to cut costs
  7. I guess multi millon dollar contracts can pay for robo umps.....
  8. No wonder they moved the PSAC Championships out of there. Last game I had there this year (D2 conference play 2 7's) when we go let the HC know we have arrived he says "well if we get into an issue of delays, we are probably going to have to call the game because the transformer blew out and we have no lights" A very historic field with some cool dimensions, but all and all a dump.
  9. Because if my 85 year old blind grandma in the Uecker seats knows the batter is out, why make a flashy display making you visible to the play? Just remember as an umpire sometimes it's not about us.
  10. not even Minors. College Summer league
  11. GPblue

    Legion Regions

    I live in Pittsburgh and this side of the state doesn't even consider East of State College part of PA.
  12. Thank you. everything is paid and looking forward to working hard and getting to meet other's looking to gain experience and grow like myself.
  13. Speaking of that Camp, I submitted my registration to Mid American and got a pay pal receipt, but no other confirmation. Would anyone know if that is my receipt and confirmation that I am a camper?
  14. and Summer amateur sports tournaments is now at that level too. Indivivuals and groups are making multi millions of dollars for these and the professionalism of it needs to evolve
  15. I pay dues to a summer organization for use in Arbiter, assigning fee, and chapter liability insurance. They will usually get my first assigning of games, but that group is one county over from where i live. During the week I will try to take 1-2 of my local Legion(a very very weak league) games so that the assignor will give me games come regional play. if I agree to take a game, it takes a very large issue to come off. Only have given back two games this summer and that was due to Funerals. Weekends are a different story because I will only do 2 games a day(personally on a 90' diamond you are doing the kids a disservice doing more than that without a break). I also will travel for some for college summer leagues but just on the weekend as my work schedule only allows me that. IMO the level of money grab for tournaments across the country is creating a cluster in terms of organizing an event. Think about when you got married(if you did). Did you book the venue, dj, caterer, photographer, etc. 2 days before your date? What makes us any different in our service industry as independent contractors?
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