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  1. This is probably off topic in this forum but I trust my peers in college baseball and didn't want it in the free for all. Anybody on here live in southern MO. Me and the wife the have considered relocating because of the cost of living in our area. And we both have good jobs, which is the frustrating part. We are not serious at the moment and this is probably more than a year down the road, but I threw out springfield because I hunt, fish, golf, and want to be in an area where there is baseball. Again, I know this might not be the appropriate part of the site to ask this, but I was just interested in some of the college guys thoughts on the area if theyr'e on here.
  2. I have milked my 460s to the bitter end. Its impressive that not one stitch on the outside has broke in years of service. Anyway, does anybody on here "in the know" know if any companies are coming out with a new plate shoe soon. Normally, when I get around to purchasing something, the latest and greatest comes out like two weeks later and I am stuck with the previous model until I wear them out. I don't want that to happen again. Somebody please say Reebok
  3. mine was welded correctly, but I cannot get that damn bottom bracket to sit in the middle. it sits on one side or the other and it bugs me.
  4. I have the Diamond and am getting sick of the zippers. Most of the vets that I work with who fly a lot use the ebag. It looks awful nice. Whoever mentioned the solid tub hit it right on the money. My next purchase will have it for sure.
  5. Thanks for the input guys, i'm gonna have to chalk this one up as a learning experience. One piece of advice for those who havent fallen on their ass. Have gum or candy or lifesavers or something after it happens to occupy yourself, because it was extremely hard not to chuckle afterwords during the game because of what just happened. My crew thought it was hilarious.
  6. Top of 7 (7inning game) home team winning 3-2. R1 and R2 with no outs. I am U1 approximately 6-8 feet from first TOP. Catcher attempts a back pick to second. R2 back in safely. R1 sticks himself in no mans land (I think it was a botched hit and run judging from the hitters performance in the series, the horrible swing, and the runners on base. pretty rare with a guy on second though. It wasn't a double steal) F6 snaps to first from second. When I take a hard step to plant and turn, to get the base between me and the runner, the next thing I know, I am on the ground parallel to the baseline. This was not a skid and topple over deal. This was a feet were above my head, Steve Atwater just earholed me coming across the middle as i got hung out to dry trainwreck. I don't know how, but I managed to get a really good look at the play as I hit the ground. My face was literally a couple feet from it. I was one hundred percent sure R1 was safe. Funny thing is though, the first thing i thought of, laying on the ground, was damnit, you were not set during the critical action of the play. The second was, what the hell just happened. And third, I have to get up and make a call. I stand up and signal safe, and the place just ignites. There was maybe 500-600 people there. probably all drunk because of a beer promo. The coach comes running out and immediately starts asking for help, over and over. Bottom line, I wasn't going to go get help. I felt I was sure of the call and I didn't want to drag my partners into this bomb I just lit. It was my ship and I was goin with it. HC knew it and I knew it, that he had to go. He went. Then the dugout, I let them chew on me for a little while, than I got the ring leader and they shut it down. So, I have already called my regular season coordinator on this and he said it may have been a good idea to not only get help, but preemptively stop the coach from coming across the field and get the crew together. The coach may not have stayed, but it would have given more time to settle the crowd and make the crew look better, particularly in this situation. Thinking back on it now, I feel he is totally right as always. I didn't know what to do, it all happened really fast, and I just went on gut instinct. Has this happened to anybody before, and how did you guys handle it?
  7. Thanks for the advice everybody. Just to clarify some information, I am not a volunteer, nor would I be. I am paid to be the UIC here because I am in a small town I just moved to and they were not impressed with the gentleman that did it before me. And if I was volunteering my time, which is short on this planet, I would not wait seconds. it would be now or ejected. If the board doesn't like it, they can let me go. The board pays all of our umpires including me when I am doing games. That being said, I am new to the game of Little League. I went through my period of Triple Crown and USSSA and thought I was free from it but now i decided to accept this because I thought it would be fun. Now I totally get the whole "this jamoke will put and anybody with a heartbeat on the field" because, sadly, I am doing it now. There are rules in little league I never thought existed or would ever exist on a baseball diamond. Not a bad thing, just the way it is, and I get most of them because they are safety oriented. So again, thank you for the proper little league rule interpretation. So just to be clear, this is not obstruction, CHECK On another note, That is not baseball, and I will not tolerate it. This is not a personal feeling shared just by me. shoot, when i was playing, and a kid held a tag on me, that glove would no longer be on his hand when I got off the base. I honestly don't see how the other coaches just sit back and watch it like that is a normal everyday occurrence. I can just hear my juco coach yelling profanity at the opposing first baseman if this were to happen. That guy still haunts my dreams
  8. So I'm doing a game for our 50/70 little league and got into a little tussy with one of the daddy coaches. Situation: pitcher picks off, not even close, first baseman holds the ball on the runner while said runner is laying on the base. Base coaches are yelling "Call Time, Call Time." I looked up and said no. The kid still holding his glove on the baserunners back. I cannot stand when kids hold a tag like this. I can literally feel the seconds tick by, like a thudding in my brain. I usually give it a one two count and say throw it back. If they don't, i say it louder and louder. on this particular occasion, i had to walk walk up to the kid and adamantly say, LETS GO, THROW THE BALL BACK. Well, the coach didn't like that. He replied by saying "(Little Johnny) you can hold that ball as long as you want." Well me and the coach had words, that ended in a warning. He didn't say anything after that. The sad part about this is, that it has appeared in high school games in my area, to the point where I just call the runner safe if they tag him in this bushy manner. Now that I am the UIC, I feel that I can send out an update about this. I am kind of excited because it will be my first update on a rule. The only problem, I don't know what to say. It cannot keep happening though. Is this considered a "Travesty of the Game" situation, or can i tell my guys to start calling obstruction and awarding bases. Do I have any rule book support anywhere for this.
  9. anybody know where i cant get one of those huge dinner plate lookin danglers that tim mclelland used to use back in the day? Look at the pine tar incident
  10. I will default to a SH*#ty argument I had with a base coach this season. His name is Jacob (changed for personal reasons). Jacob is a two time world series champ with the dodgers (no bullSH*#). I call him jacob and he calls me by my first name, its been that way since I had them in my first college series. Anything more or less and it would be awkward and untenable. Always, always, always go with a first name. It is truly a respect thing, and is understood in that manner. If that coach doesn't like it... BAM... red flag, get rid of his ass.
  11. I am glad this thread came up at this time, cuz i had a question similar to this a couple days ago about pants and force3s. JimKirk said it best, a lot of over thinking going on, put them on and work that just might be the local craft brews talking though
  12. so, since i got some veteran brothas on this thread..... I caught the OU Texas game at the local bar tonight on ESPNU with the swmnbn (going on right now) and although we didn't have sound, I picked up on the fact that there was an umpire switch during the game... closed captioning.. First of all, what happened to cause the switch if any of you know (i noticed they were still rollin' in three man)????, and second, the HP was killin it during a tight game. it was fun to watch a power conference guy gettin after it back there.
  13. You wore all that crap and only started to sweat when it was 55. My oysters would love a 55 degree game. And I suppose I’ll think about havin a look at the force3s. I’m 6’3” should the 18.5s work??
  14. Fellas, I never thought about the wind. I actually haven't warn them when the wind wasn't blowing now that I think about it. I wish Dave could keep that freakin wind on his side of the border. I will get back to you all when the wind isn't blowing here, which will probably be in September or October. On a positive note though, they actually felt really nice when it was snowing and I had every piece of clothing on underneath that I could find.... I always thought the WV Golds were actually kind of flatter to begin with. I've had them so long they just sit right and feel right, I really need to wash em too But fine, I will look at the Force3 shins. just look mind you I'm a mask fan boy, but haven't warmed up to the shins.
  15. So my last pairs of good honigs PWs are done. I’m super depressed about it. We had the option of wearing poly spandex in the conference this year and to be honest I have my doubts. But that is the way things are going so... Everything I read said true to size, which is true for the waist, unlike the PWs. I wear thirty eight and bought thirty eight. I also wear WV gold shins. I have found that the knees on the shins totally show through even when I’m standing straight up, it’s crazy distracting to me and causes the pants to ride up. . . It also looked like crap on video last weekend. Have any of you experienced this or did I get combos that were labeled plate pants by mistake. I have actually seen that before. Have any of you sized up?? I am concerned with sizing up because of the true to waist fit. And no I’m not gonna buy force 3 shins
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