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  1. Its obvious because that kid is gonna get earholed at a minimum, and we're handing out 4 game, or higher suspensions because of it. That is minimum because chances are guys are coming out of the dugout, and at that point we as a crew have lost control. Something I don't wanna have happen, nor do I wanna end up on the weekly video. Yes, getting earholed is growing out it, but it doesn't need to happen on my watch.
  2. My last triple crown game ever, in Longmont many moons ago, went like this: ball down the line, I point fair, catcher turns, points at me, yells, "that's bullSH*# blue." I jack him, coach comes out respectfully. Goes back without a peep. I think, "hey, that was smooth, life goes on, next brother doesn't have to deal with this turd." Triple crown used the fed 1 game suspension rule at the time. At least the tournaments we did. What happened after is burned in my mind forever. We walk off, I tell the tournament director (snake), who watched it all. He replies, "the kid said he was sorry
  3. This ^^^^^^ all the way. We have warnings for a reason, "i don't care" would have been it. "This is your warning" is all you need to say.
  4. These ones are hard because it involves the crowd and you will be the perceived agitator in this instance. Kudos on telling him to get back in the hole. If he doesn't leave though, that's the critical action. Ejectable without any priors, maybe, maybe not, could go either way because of the perception aspect. Player or assistant, most definitely right now. After a long hot day of warnings, and cursing, green light all the way baby, make it a big one. If I was the assigner, I would have taken either. Certainly do not allow prior EJs or the amount of EJs spook you out of more, its a learning
  5. Nothing like a nice hard punch out. Just don't look at the ground 🙃. Lot of solid advice here. When I filled in for LL stuff, it's hard. Do not second guess your zone in a kids game. It will drive you mentally insane. And, please for heavens sake, watch the LL world series, certainly not what I would consider the epitome of calling a book strike zone. They'd be out there for 4 days if they called the book, which inevitably somebody will quote. +2 on them plate shoes.
  6. Just another excuse for dads who watch sports center and own a cool pair of turf shows to go out and act like they're Joe Torre. I was in a local business the other day and one of the delivery guys talked for like a half hour on why toddlers need to be able to steal bases and learn pro rules. It's like hey, chief, how bout we get them to run the right way first. This is exactly why I have stepped down from every youth baseball organization I used to work for or be a board member for, including high school. ABSOLUTELY no feel for the game. You did lose something. You saw the lig
  7. Man, paint. I always forget about paint. Like the oldest computer program ever and I never think about. If I get more interest ill have it figured out. I appreciate the heads up.
  8. Crap, another blunder. I thought the video would pop up automatically. My bad
  9. https://youtu.be/VP2LT0ZgnvU Couple questions here for the NCAA vets. As per a recent video discussion, we know proper protocol for staying in a guys ear going up the line. I will not critique this video on that aspect. What I do have a question about is high stepping it in. This is a no no, obviously, but how do we address it? Specifically to the batter, we know and should expect immediate sniper shots, but what about the hitter? How do we address it at the end of a game if its a solo walk off? Something I've always wondered about, high step shenanigans.
  10. Just ran into a problem. I cannot send photos through this platform because of the file size of the phone. Please keep this in mind if there is more interest. I may ask for a phone number or email to attach pics to. I ain't no spammer
  11. Mad max mentioned bulky, stupid bulky for the gold. I know a bunch of guys that have em retrofitted, and they look so damn comfortable and trim. Missed my opportunity a long time ago when retrofits were the craze. Somebody offers to sell you one, DO NOT SAY NO.....
  12. I am seeing if anybody would be interested in these. Platinum Shins $40+shipping -- purchased 3 yrs ago, never game worn. Thought I'd give the platinums another shot but they just don't work for me. I believe they are the biggest size, but I cannot remember. I will gladly send a pic with a tape measure on them. They've been in a box since purchased, but I was too stupid to actually close the box, and they have a nice layer of saw dust on them (carpenter by trade, will be blowed off and cleaned up). That's it for those. Smitty Major League Fleece Lined Umpire jacket Black and Pol
  13. Ya, they act all surprised everytime time its called, even if you popped em for it early in a series. Same with obstruction. It's like fellas, "you watched the same videos we did at the beginning of the year."
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