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  1. 12u playoff game, I'm doing bases and my partner is on the plate. First couple innings I hear some stuff about what my partner is calling but nothing deserving of a warning. Then 1 out with runners on, he calls strike 3 for the 2nd out of the inning. The pitch looked a little high, but I ultimately didn't have his angle. Neither did anyone on the HT but they all wanted to cut his head off anyway. There was a lot of yelling from the HT dugout that I couldn't make out but obviously they hated the call. Coach is arguing "HE FRAMED IT FROM UP HERE!!!" (pointing at his shoulders) my partner is yelling back "THAT WAS RIGHT HERE!!!" (Pointing at his chest) not taking SH*# from anyone. I liked that. So the inning ends, and as I'm going to my partner for feedback on my performance so far (This was only my 8th career game on the bases) I hear the coach arguing the call again and finishing off by saying "YOU SUCK" My partner asks back "I suck? I suck?" Then tells the HT manager that his assistant is ejected for saying he sucked. The game ends with a furious comeback from the HT who went from being down 6-1 to winning 7-6 by scoring 6 runs in the bottom of the 5th, then turning a double play with 1 out in the top of the next inning when the batter hit a screaming line drive to the first baseman who caught it and promptly stepped on the bag to end the game. I guess the ejection must have fired up his team. For all I know he got ran on purpose to fire them up. I've heard stories like that on this forum. As the HT was celebrating, the ejected HTAC returned to the field and shook hands with both of us and apologized for his behavior. Which is fine but he still should've left the area after being ejected. My partner was indifferent to me pointing this out to him so I let it go but obviously I don't want it to happen again.
  2. No clue what kind of discipline they gave him but I did talk to my assigner today and he agreed with me that the coach should've been suspended for the rest of the year if not thrown out of the league altogether and will speak to the board on my behalf.
  3. Two weeks ago I posted a story in Ejections about the coach who threw a clipboard at me after I tossed him for arguing balls and strikes and said "We're gonna talk about this later." Which felt like a threat. Today was the first time I did a game for his team in two weeks and he was still out there managing his team in this league. Neither of us acknowledged what happened 2 weeks ago, I had mostly let it slide. I still strongly feel this guy should've been suspended for the remainder of the year if not banned from coaching in this league, I feel pissed off about that. Should I be more or less angry that the league is letting him hang around after the incident? He only griped today about me calling a strike on his batter for not being ready as my instructor told us to, and not enough for me to issue a warning as he said that my call was ridiculous considering the age group and not me. So i want to think he learned his lesson but it still annoys me that he can still coach in the league.
  4. Yes I called the cops. He threw a clipboard at me and said he'd find me after the game AND remained in the area. He didn't give me much of a reason to believe he didn't have bad intentions. I also usually let profanity slide unless it's explicitly directed at me. He told other people I ####### sucked. Not me personally.
  5. Exactly what I did. I told him we weren't arguing my zone, he kept going so I warned him and he said he didn't care about the warning. Then later he said I didn't know what I was doing so boom, I dumped him and he threw his clipboard at me.
  6. 8u HC was arguing that I called two strikes on his batter in the other batters box. I call the outside strike in this level but not that crazy. Catchers are this bad at framing in 8u? Then when the other team was batting I didn't call an inside strike for his pitcher. I was not calling it inside either way. He said i needed to call it in the other box both ways. I thought it was clear by this point in the game I called an outside strike and not an inside strike. He tells me I need to be better and that's terrible. He keeps going so I give him a warning and he's like "Okay, give me a warning! I don't care!" Before the next inning starts he's in the dugout dropping f bombs in front of his 8 year olds about me calling that inside pitch a ball. Just enough so I can hear it. I wish I ran him here. Next inning starts and I call a strike and he's telling someone in the dugout that I don't know what I'm doing. I call time and ask if he cares to repeat that and he says "You don't know what you're doing." Me: "You're out of here." Then he throws his clipboard at me and walks away, comes back up to the fence and says "We're gonna have a talk about this" and keeps moving. People on both sides were shocked and one person shouted "AY, that's assault brotha!!" I called 911 in the half inning and told them what happened. Police later arrived in another half inning and I informed them of what happened. Cop said he didn't see a reason to put cuffs on HC but I did neglect to mention how he threatened to come find me after the game or how you're trespassing if you haven't left the area after getting ejected from a LL game. Then another parent comes over and tells me to get back on the field, to do my job and stop my nonsense. I didn't know calling the cops because someone threw a clipboard at me and said he'd talk with me about this later in a threatening tone was nonsense. Why do I feel i have to start packing during my games now? I don't need idiots throwing SH*# at me and threatening to come find me after the game because they think I'm cheating their kid out of a game nobody will remember in 5 years.
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