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  1. In the Little League Baseball clip (link below), there's no one else on base and it doesn't appear anyone on the field adjusted what they did with the incorrect call. F2 threw out BR by several feet, and it doesn't look like BR even slowed down. If I were the guy behind the screen, we're calling BR out.
  2. Aren't there exceptions to every rule?
  3. And that's how it should be. With today's technology, a site admin has unlimited access to the weather with much longer notice than me seeing or hearing the signs. Either way, if someone knows the threat is near, there should be no questions asked.
  4. Not at all sarcastic, though the tone might have been harsh. If all he's interested in right now is Little League baseball and officiating at his current ability, then good for him. But "advancement" includes much more than what level of baseball you're working.
  5. Hopefully the course uses it for more than the joke, as an example of why you should take any storm seriously when out on the course.
  6. Herein lies another piece of "the problem." He's a known problem child, yet the coaches have no fortitude to kick him off the team (or allow him to join, apparently).
  7. If all you want in your officiating career is to volunteer at your local Little League, then I'm glad you've found your happy place. I, apparently falsely, assumed you had aspirations to move into more-competitive baseball.
  8. Around the 6-minute mark, you can see part of his issue on another grounder to the infielder. He's leisurely walking to his position while watching the play. If he did the same in the plays he missed, I can see how he's not ready for that banger.
  9. Keep up the strawman arguments. It will do well in your advancement.
  10. Added to this: they're working 6-man mechanics when most of them have minimal experience in anything over 2-man, especially on a 60' field. I don't know how much training they get to prepare, but unless it's a season's-worth, they aren't ready for it.
  11. He's been told this multiple times in multiple threads. I'm beginning to think it's his M.O. I was the same way when I started - I just learned fairly quickly that being a contrarian just for the sake of being a contrarian won't get you anywhere.
  12. You don't all have Instagram models at your games offering their cheeks for kisses?
  13. I thought @Kevin_K was working the ALWS. @RichMSN was at LLWS, though.
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