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  1. Or do the politician point with your thumb.
  2. Something like this, only pointing at the pitcher (and using the right hand)?
  3. WTF is a "closed hand gesture"? I'm reading it as the same signal as an out, but that would make no sense.
  4. In my first years, I almost had no choice but to work the plate. Maybe I just worked with a bunch of plate dodgers. Then, I learned the magic of payback. I'd gladly work the spring plates. That way, when summer rolled around, I could say "I worked the plate the last time we worked together; can you work the plate tomorrow?"
  5. As for how they refund teams, that's something you shouldn't become involved as the UIC. As the UIC, you're there for the umpires only, not the teams. However, you should fight for a set delay time when the game is canceled. I'd make it roughly half the expected playing time for the game. If the host doesn't want to start by then, umpires are done - and getting a full game fee. You can see that in my fees. If the game gets canceled within 2 hours for weather, the umpires already get 1/2 game fee. If the host wants to wait until start time to cancel, the umpires get a full game fee. It's hurting the host director to push it until someone breaks.
  6. I'd rather not lie to my wife. Because the half she'll take when she finds out is a lot more than the half I'd have given if I were honest.
  7. I'm not @umpstu, but getting good at the plate takes a lot more time than getting good at the bases. For anything double-header, work one of each. I'd suggest working the plate for the first game of the night. You're focused, you're well-hydrated, and you're not worn out yet. Sometimes the earlier games are lower-level, too, so the pressure is a little less. For solo matches, I'd suggest 2/3 of your games to be behind the plate - maybe even 3/4 early on. You'll probably get this when you work with veterans anyway, but make it an effort to work them.
  8. Another reason to tell my doctor why I don't run.
  9. My experience comes from working Fed games through an organization that assigns me to games throughout the area I live: Games Canceled: If we're on the way to the field, 1/2 game fee. If we're already on property, full game fee. Rain Delays: Nothing extra. Solo Work: 1.5 game fee, usually rounded up to the next $5 increment ($73 becomes $75; $76 becomes $80). Incomplete Games: Full game fee. If a different umpire finishes the game later, 1/2 game fee if they're already there for a second game, full game fee if not. If same umpire finishes game, no fee if they're there for a second game, 1/2 game fee if not. Here's how I would want it if I were the assigner (all fees are rounded up to next dollar): Cancellations: If a game is canceled more than 24 hours before its start time, no fees to the umpires. If the game is canceled between 24 hours and 2 hours before start time, then (a) no fee if weather-related, or (b) 1/2 game fee for any other reason. If the game is canceled between 2 hours before and the listed start time, then (a) 1/2 game fee if weather-related, or (b) full game fee for any other reason. If the game is canceled after start time, then full game fee. Continuation Scheduling: If a game is called by the umpire-in-chief and rescheduled to finish at a later date/time: Original umpires will be paid full game fee If called game is due to weather or darkness (or anything outside the control of the teams or umpires), new umpires will be paid 1/2 game fee if the umpires are also there for a second game, or full game fee if not. If called game is due to any other reason (or anything based on team or umpire actions), new umpires will be paid full game fee. Solo Work (yes I know this one is weird - it's to entice leagues to get two umpires): If league/team requests one-umpire games, umpire will be paid 1.8 times base fee. If league/team requests two-umpire games but one is scheduled, umpire will be paid 1.5 times base fee. Multiple Games and Tournaments: For purpose of this section, "scheduled" means a following game starts within one hour of the previous game finishing, no matter who the teams are. If two games are scheduled on the same field, the same umpires may be used for both games. If three or more games are scheduled on the same field, umpires will be scheduled to work no more than two games in a row, with at least a one-game break after the two games. No umpire will work more than four games in a day. Umpires will be paid full game fee for every game worked. If the official start time of a game is more than one hour after the scheduled start time: If due to weather, 1/4 game fee for each hour, rounded to nearest hour For any other reason, 1/2 game fee for each hour, rounded to nearest hour If a full day of games are canceled, umpires will be paid 1/2 game fee for each game scheduled to work, but no more than a full game fee If a partial day of games are canceled, umpires will be paid full game fee
  10. So, exactly like what replay already does? How many are overturned because the catch/tag was made a couple frames before the touch of the base? Or the runners who slide into a base and have a fraction of a second where their body wasn't touching? So when do you stop? 60fps? 100fps? 500fps? If you're advocating replay of any type, you're already advocating the ability to use technology to prove the call right or wrong. If you're advocating a "real-time view" only, then we'd be better off having a tribunal with "safe/out" paddles, who just sit in a judge's box, watch the game, and make the calls. Who needs umpires on the field?
  11. Apples/oranges. Our partner doesn't have zoom capabilities, replayable slow-motion, and three angles. My decision to go to my partner is in situations where I feel I need the help. A vast majority of today's challenges would never be something I'd ask my partner for help. This is next to impossible. You're asking officials to sit in a room and wait for a call from the field, then give them 30 seconds to decide what the call is? As someone who had worked over a decade in a department that dealt with "what happened?" reviews, I can tell you that it would be near impossible to even get the play queued up within 10-15 seconds if you had no advance knowledge. In most of today's reviews for MLB, they're already looking at it when the call comes in BECAUSE they were watching the game. I don't get what you mean here.
  12. Everything about that play was perfect. Playing it off the wall, hitting your cut-off man, the relay to home, the tag, the slide, the positioning of PU, the call by PU. Everything there was textbook.
  13. yawetag

    End of Game Out

    Given the very specific information, it was the Cards/Braves game yesterday. Cards won on the walk-off - no appeal was made.
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