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  1. Based on some of the comments posted on Facebook to my state's athletic association? Yes. The level of unbelief (disbelief?) some people have toward the seriousness is amazing.
  2. That would come out to less. My club season is vastly more money than my fall season, which still has a chance to play. Honestly, all the work would be for a few hundred dollars. I'll save the work and funds for those who are really having an effect of not being able to officiate or run their business. I'm friends with a travel writer - he's out thousands a month. There's a lot of others in the same situation - and I'd hate to find out my hobby funds went away from their pockets. Thank you for being a proponent of it though - there are some who really need it.
  3. I'd be worried about covering HP on an overthrow on the play at 3B. If PU takes the play at 3B (getting into that triangle), he's going to have some trouble getting into a good position to take a play coming from the fence around 3B. With BU taking the play at 3B (getting as close to the triangle as possible), it gives PU the chance to get closer to the plate for any potential play there - and it keeps BU close enough to the working area to take any play at 2B (if BR was safe at 1B).
  4. yawetag

    The Balloon

    As @dumbdumb says, I don't think anyone would work above the catcher today. It's not the chest protector I'm worried about protecting me there - it's the face mask.
  5. Seems like a TON of hurdles for the few hundred I lost in volleyball. Can anyone comment on what a "forgiven" loan will do to my credit report?
  6. That's not 6 feet around - it's barely 3 feet! RE: NCAA Registration that @Kevin_K posted. So you lose your registration for this year and only get a 25% reduction next year? Wow.
  7. Essentially, the Astros' on-field penalties will have come out to a grand total of zero games.
  8. With federal guidelines now saying April 30th, don't expect anything to start before May 1. Personally, if I were given the option, I wouldn't step foot outside for anything non-essential in the next 2-4 weeks.
  9. How does a one-year suspension work? Is it based on 162 games? One calendar year? One season of the league? I wonder how a delayed season will impact those punishments.
  10. Looks like referee.com is beginning a "Case Play of the Day" through an email list (https://www.referee.com/freecaseplays/). Might pick and choose a few each week to post here as well. Give our brains a chance to think while sitting at home.
  11. I'm happy to see Joe Maddon got LASIK and shaved his beard. Looking good in the Angels' dugout.
  12. In fairness, if someone asked me how much I made, I wouldn't ever say "After taxes? $3.50." You almost always go with the gross amount. And, even if that official did say, "I make $35k a year officiating sports. However, it's not really that much after travel, hotel, and meals," the reporter is still going to write down "$35k." After all, this was written by someone who also wrote "set for his 42rd spring as an umpire."
  13. I think a dad who just finally got back to his 9-5 after being laid off for 3 months isn't going to want to work at McDonald's in the evenings. He's going to want to do something that keeps him a bit more active to bring in some side money to get them back above water. I'll add this, though: Since more and more organizations are going to Arbiter and checks (rather than cash), you won't find the influx. When I started in 2007, it was obvious many were taking cash-only gigs. As more organizations moved to Arbiter or checks, I found a lot of those guys showed up less.
  14. @Aging_Arbiter, did you ever get that one framed?
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