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  1. Don’t pick up the bleeping end of the stick. They only get in fewer innings because of this that’s their problem.
  2. Item donated to a local association’s rookie sale, mods please lock.
  3. Count your loss, block him, and move on. Too much time has passed.
  4. I have available a size 15.5" Champro Pro-Plus Triple Knee Shin Guards. These are brand new. I bought them in 2019, but between a move and other life events, I never tried them on until the lockdown started last year. And I hated them. Nothing wrong with them, just not my cup of tea. Outside the return window so my loss could be your gain. I will sell them $50 + shipping cost to continental United States. Paypal payment.
  5. I know here, they are having issues with sub-varsity ball (the level I choose to pursue this year because I am coming off a back injury and didn't want a setback to tarnish my reputation with conference commissioners) as many officials are opting out due to a certain disease that everyone should know about by now. I wonder how many of those guys will just say "I haven't done it for two years now why will I go back". I know if my work schedule wasn't so flexible, I would be out of high school ball because 4:30 games are hard to get to.
  6. Same. Long sleeve shirts I love, and you can layer up underneath if cold. However, it does little for moisture. Also very cold wind, especially east winds off a certain lake where I live, it is almost necessary to survive.
  7. In high school and below, in my book, profanity that is loud enough for others to hear, and especially if it is directed at an opponent or umpire. is automatic. Same situation in men's league, unless the league has a zero tolerance policy, read the situation and earn your pay (although if directed at the umpire himself (usually preceded by a "You" but that could be implied) you are on very thin ice). Only one I wouldn't address is if it happens in a disagreement between player and coach and the team self polices it immediately. Under their breath, if not clearly directed at themselves,
  8. And the coach goes "we will have it playable by game time"
  9. Cause they know who butters their bread and it isn’t the umpires. Physical fights lead to liability though so they need to put an end to.
  10. I wish I could say it quieted down, but no. One of my partners got a HC for arguing an obstruction call, after he had already been warned by me for arguing balls and strikes. I also had another one in a 16U tournament pool game that had implications on going to the final (due to rain earlier in the weekend there was only a championship game and the HT needed to win by a certain margin to advance). Bottom 1, leadoff hitter gets hit by pitch and steals second to become R2. B2 laces a hit to right center. R2 rounds third to go home, throw comes in wild to the backside of plate. R2
  11. Yeah I would not work a game if a TD overturned my EJ during the game.
  12. We don’t use the flag in these non-Little League leagues so can’t use your exact tactic, but I think the warning I gave was in the same spirit.
  13. Had a few in my first few weeks. Both games FED with white sheet mods. 14U, Tournament Final, Bottom 4, 1 out, R1, R2, runners take off to steal, F2 throws to third to get R2, R2 doesn't slide, I judge tag happened before foot reached base, I call out. Coach responds with "Jesus F***ing Christ". I toss. About 30 seconds realizes he is in the wrong and leaves. Easy enough. Then about a week later, 10U, which has a rule that runner cannot leave until ball leaves pitcher hand (so working from outside to observe runners). 2nd game of doubleheader. Top 2nd Inning, the defensive tea
  14. I’m back at it here in Wisconsin. We have protocols, but besides each team keeping their own balls on defense, and some spacing players out more, there is no social distancing. I am wearing a mask every game but am the only one on the field most of the time wearing one (no league I work has made them mandatory). Although it is nice with the protocols that they moved all the other “umpires” further back or down the line
  15. Most of the time, coach pitch is like stealing money. But when it gets bad, it gets really bad.
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