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  1. I try to verbalize if I get the chance. However if runner breaks right away or catcher goes for an immediate tag not much time to say anything. Also if to the backstop I tend not to vocalize, why do it when it’s obvious to everyone F2 didn’t catch that. If the runner doesn’t run on that one, that’s on him.
  2. Had one at one of my first league games. Although they knew protocol so no one complained, and since the spectators were literally next to neighbor’s backyards the volume was kept at a reasonable level.
  3. I had one last year working solo with a steal of home on a passed ball, I break to home with pitcher to get a better angle of , he stops earlier than I thought he would, boom, pitcher goes down. Not once did it enter my mind to eject the kid. I apologized to the coach, and he just said “kid’s fine, I’m just glad you are out there hustling on that play”. You have to have a feel for the game. You will know when someone is going after you to contact you. The situation in the OP does not sound like it.
  4. Another one of those plays you will nail rulewise but will probably end up issuing written warnings/restriction and/or ejection.
  5. As long as you only click them three times before use, use whatever size and style works for you.
  6. I also like the ones that for the last line says your kid doesn’t play for the “insert MLB nickname here”
  7. From post lockdown last year it seemed to me that everyone seemed a bit more wound up. I haven’t started yet but it seems that the winter didn’t calm anything down.
  8. Wisconsin alternate fall and delayed spring will overlap slightly by a few weeks, but there is no playoffs for alternate fall so I believe by early May overlap will be over. But I know assigners are struggling. Many officials are still opting out. And the bigger issue is this is the second season where all of high school baseball is head to head with youth travel and softball. So everyone is getting stretched really thin.
  9. Don’t pick up the bleeping end of the stick. They only get in fewer innings because of this that’s their problem.
  10. Item donated to a local association’s rookie sale, mods please lock.
  11. Count your loss, block him, and move on. Too much time has passed.
  12. I have available a size 15.5" Champro Pro-Plus Triple Knee Shin Guards. These are brand new. I bought them in 2019, but between a move and other life events, I never tried them on until the lockdown started last year. And I hated them. Nothing wrong with them, just not my cup of tea. Outside the return window so my loss could be your gain. I will sell them $50 + shipping cost to continental United States. Paypal payment.
  13. I know here, they are having issues with sub-varsity ball (the level I choose to pursue this year because I am coming off a back injury and didn't want a setback to tarnish my reputation with conference commissioners) as many officials are opting out due to a certain disease that everyone should know about by now. I wonder how many of those guys will just say "I haven't done it for two years now why will I go back". I know if my work schedule wasn't so flexible, I would be out of high school ball because 4:30 games are hard to get to.
  14. Same. Long sleeve shirts I love, and you can layer up underneath if cold. However, it does little for moisture. Also very cold wind, especially east winds off a certain lake where I live, it is almost necessary to survive.
  15. In high school and below, in my book, profanity that is loud enough for others to hear, and especially if it is directed at an opponent or umpire. is automatic. Same situation in men's league, unless the league has a zero tolerance policy, read the situation and earn your pay (although if directed at the umpire himself (usually preceded by a "You" but that could be implied) you are on very thin ice). Only one I wouldn't address is if it happens in a disagreement between player and coach and the team self polices it immediately. Under their breath, if not clearly directed at themselves,
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