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  1. Vegas_Ump

    Fielders Balk

    In most books, if the fielder's foot is touching the line, that's enough to be completely in fair territory. (The Fed interpretation is listed above.) But if it isn't, call time and fix it. "Don't do that!" (As Rich pointed out.) If the situation persists, the fielder can be ejected. Mike Las Vegas
  2. I agree it's a pre-game set up. The PU will normally NOT make any calls going to 1B EXCEPT Fair/Foul or Interference. But a cool way to do this is for the BU to say, "Do you have a tag?" PU: "Yes I do!" BU" "On the tag, he's out!" It looks like you rehearsed it, but you look good doing it. Of course, if the BU had the tag anyway, he can call it right away. Mike Las Vegas
  3. Folks, it's either safe to play baseball or it isn't! Beerguy, I'm not going to call you a crackpot. But your post reinforces my point! if you have to wipe down baseballs and bats, disinfect the dugout, sift the dirt around home plate, and force the umpires to wear a facemask just because you are afraid of COVID-19, then it ain't safe to play, and you need to stay home. We are hammering ants with a sledge hammer here! What we really need is the governor to tell us WHY we have to jump through these hoops! Heretofore, they just said "Do it, or else!" Sorry, I do not buy that. Objectively, if there is a good reason not to play baseball, fine! I will accept that! But don't keep us in the dark! This has been my pet peeve since day 1! Jumping through hoops does not speak well for the game. Note that all Pro, NCAA, and most amateur sports programs are still on hiatus. Maybe somebody knows something! (Why don't we?) Communicate! Inform! Just don't pronounce! What you are talking about here ain't baseball. JMO Mike Las Vegas
  4. Leaving early: In Little League, you are supposed to use a signal flag. I'm probably the only one that does! But if I hear yipping from the dugout about the other team's runners leaving early, I call time, I reach into my pocket for my flag, and then I say, "I know how to use this!" in a stern voice. Usually they get the message. Ejection: I wasn't there, but the chipping about the other runners you can take care of early. And it's best you do. Because if it continues, now you will be closer to the edge of where you are going to have to eject somebody. Sounds to me, he was challenging the integrity of the the umpire crew. Gone! Period! If he continues whining, clear the field, bring both the other team's manager and the new acting manager from the other team to the plate and discuss the ramifications of forfeiting the game because the "mouth" has a problem. Not saying I would forfeit the game, but you need to get one of the other adults in charge fast, and have him control the situation. Clearing the field sends then message, and it has worked every time I used it. The games continued to conclusion rather than forfeit. Mike Las Vegas
  5. I am smart enough NEVER to argue with Rich! :-) But IFF was called in the NL WC (videos have been gratefully posted.....), and I just about spit out my Ju-Ju-Bees onto the TV when I saw that call! IMO that was a classic case of OOO. I'm with you Rich! Mike Las Vegas
  6. We have been given information about the future of LL baseball at the League level here in Las Vegas. Some leagues have cancelled for the rest of 2020. (No Fall Ball) Most leagues are cancelling all of the Spring sessions with a focus on an enhanced Fall Ball concept. Practices in August and games starting Labor Day. They will run a regular season program like the Spring and maintain the 2020 age charts. (Most leagues will be keeping the same teams together that started in March.) The season will end in November. The District hopes to run a tournament program that will be finished before Thanksgiving. There may be some Summer leagues, but we need a clue from the Governor as to when parks can open. The details of this program are notional at this time, but from what I understand, that all these concepts have the blessing from WR, and thus we can vet the teams under LL Inc programs. Play Ball! Mike Las Vegas
  7. At the time--and ever since--I felt that this call was a crock! How this was considered "ordinary effort by an infielder" AT ANY LEVEL is beyond me! JMO (with a bit of a vent.....) Mike Las Vegas
  8. Here are some basics that we exercise at the WR Academy. The batter checks his swing. And..... Plate Ump should rule "Yes! He went!" [Can't appeal!] or "No! He didn't go!" DM can tell his catcher to ask PU to get help. It's up to the PU to decide to go to his partner or not--but it's a courtesy that you usually do respond to. At this point, there is no doubt what your plate ruling was. If you want help (on your own), go for it! This is vital with 3 ball and or two strike count. It could mean something important to the possible play! (But technically, you do not have to honor the request to check.) Point is, always rule what you judge on a check swing. He went or he didn't. This is a little preventative umpiring that will actually enhance the umpire team's credibility. Mike Las Vegas
  9. I hear ya! But here's a different perspective! When the State of Washington crafts "relocation camps" for COVID-19 positive patients, I worry. When the governor of California closes down beaches where people who want to surf and kayak out in the ocean--thousands of yards from anybody else--, I worry. When it's OK to go into a tattoo parlor but you can't go into a liquor store, I worry. When a state governor pronounces a lockdown and then extends it past 30-days (actually violating federal law), I worry. And here's what I am worrying about: All of these pronouncements are NOT backed up by information (at the very least) or science. What's being said is "We need to contine quarantine!" But what's not being said is the reason why! (Is the country that stupid that they won't understand facts?) No explanations have been forthcoming, and the story on this virus changes daily! Worse yet, speculation is filling in the information vacuum, and that's aggravating people. So how could it be that the Chiefs of the NCAA, NBA, MLB, MLS, NFL, Little League all simultaneously suspended operations in a heart beat? There must be something else going on that we do not know, and Mustafa Monde is not telling us. If we should truly cancel the year 2020 in sports (and other enterprises), there is likely to be a good reason--maybe even a great reason! And information supporting that reason would support Yaw's point. But we are being treated like mushrooms: Kept in the dark, and you know what they feed you! Sorry for the rant! But I want sports to resume--even with some modifications for safety. But the elites are holding the rulebook and are not sharing it. We as umpires are expected to use excellent (not just "good") judgment. Our skills in exercising judgment are based in rules, and the dialog here on this board that explains Approve Rulings or deeper understandings. That is the whole point. Respectfully, Mike Poore, Col USAF (Ret), Las Vegas, NV-4
  10. Everybody has basically answered: "It 100% a judgement call!" And that should be sufficient. Speaking Little League, I want to to add some commentary in the case of a bunt. For baseball, the batter can square and "take" the pitch. The umpire should rule on the merits of the pitch and NOT rule that batter offered. The batter does NOT have to bring the bat back for the motion to be ruled a "take". But if the batter moves the bat towards the trajectory of the pitch, the umpire may judge that IS an offer, and it should be ruled a strike EVEN IF he brings the bat back. Often, the OM will complain that since the batter brought the bat back, it's not an offer. That's only half of it! If--in the umpire's judgement--the batter moved the bat towards the pitch in a serious attempt to make contact, that's an offer! Strike! And that's regardless if he brought the bat back! Now the punch line: In Little League SOFTBALL, the batter MUST bring the bat back to assert that no offer was made! If the bat is down in the zone and remains motionless, that IS an offer in LL Softball. Mike Las Vegas PS: We might open up for LL baseball on 11 May! The Nevada Governor is supposed to make a statement on Thursday.
  11. Little League has pronounced that they want to hold off on baseball until at least May 11 because of the guidance on COVID-19. Don't know what it's like where you are, but in Nevada, the Governor has closed everything (including the parks) until the end of April; but we are hearing that the closure may extend through the end of May. IMO this is disrupting normal league baseball all over the world, and it's going to be darn near impossible to complete a season much less get District All-Stars done. This would push States, Regionals, and even the LLWS in Williamsport. I get it why the shutdown of sports has been necessary. But the information vacuum has been annoying. I conclude that there is a risk to the 2020 LLWS tournament. Your thoughts? Mike Las Vegas
  12. This is more simple than I think. The BR was retired for out #3 before legally attaining 1B. Therefore NO RUNS CAN SCORE. You see this kind of ruling on appeals, especially on an advantageous 4th out appeal. Mike Las Vegas
  13. "Rich Ives Points out: Be aware that LL, which uses OBR as its basis, EXCLUDES the "in the fielding" exception." Rich: And this is where the DM is going to tell you there is a "Must Slide" rule. Be ready for a beef. :-) Mike Las Vegas
  14. Vegas_Ump

    No Call?

    Note the PU: He called it right away, signaling "safe" as if to say, "That's nothing, play on!" I think we got a proper call. Mike Las Vegas
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