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  1. Sure as I'm sitting here, in yesterday's international bracket, the batter bunted a ball that landed flat 6" in front of home plate. PU called it foul! They asked for a replay, and it was overturned! They just did a do-over. They eliminated the pitch count and the strike. So I guess it IS possible to un-foul a call. Mike Las Vegas
  2. Definitely a blown call! B4 is out for IFF--ball still in play. R2 was either tagged or went more than 3-feet out of the base bath. (No call! Umps were napping!) IMO, third out was accomplished BEFORE R3 scored. One rare time the broadcast crew got all the rules right! Mike Las Vegas
  3. When I was in Virginia, the umpire quizzes always contained this question: Describe how you could have a triple play without the defense ever touching the ball! The clue is to understand what things can happen and keep the ball in play, and those which don't--the ball is immediately dead. One solution is started with the bases loaded. B4 hits an IFF (one out; ball still in play). A runner passes another. (two outs, ball still in play). Another runner interferes with the fielder camping under the fly ball (third out, and the ball is immediately dead on the INT.) Yeah, not likely to happen, but it illustrates what can happen and your knowledge of the rules. So you could have a double play on a declared IFF (that is determined to be a fair ball) and then a runner who interferes with a fielder making the play. Definitely can happen. Mike Las Vegas
  4. John: Wouldn't be the first time that ESPN and the replay officials can play God! Where's Ben Dreith when we need him? Mike :-)
  5. I saw this in a LL Softball game, but the same could happen at any level of the LLWS program. R3. B4 hits a bounding ball right on the 3B line. ESPN had a camera dead set on 3BL-X as well as an overhead camera watching the PU. About 50 feet down, the ball looked foul when it was touched by F5, and the PU so called it right away after the touch. OTM wanted a replay. Supposed it had been overturned? What do you do now? You cannot UN-foul a batted ball (unless you are Angel Hernandez). It would seem the only thing you could do is take the strike away from the count. But I sure as heck would not award bases to the batter or the runner. What's to say F5 couldn't have thrown R3 out at home had the ball been ruled fair? Question is, why do they waste time on a fair/foul judgement that has been ruled FOUL? I could see it the other way, because you theoretically change the call to foul and reset runners and the batter quite logically. SMH! Mike Las Vegas
  6. Vegas_Ump

    LL Rules Question

    I was at the WR Finals this past weekend. Speaking of an intentional pass gone awry....... VT was leading 1-0. HT is up with 2 outs and R1 and R2. Stud hitter comes to bat and takes to a 1-0 count. VT manager wants time. He desires to intentionally walk the Stud hitter. PU tells him that since a count has already started, the pitcher must pitch the remainder of the IBB. Ok, the VT manager must have thought that meant his pitcher had to PITCH TO THE HITTER! Next pitch was a bomb hit to center. 3-1! Communication issue? Mike Las Vegas
  7. I think this was a top 10 play on ESPN! I am hoping they gave adequate credit to the ump for being there, waiting to see the ball, and then banging him out. Nah! They probably gave the credit to the fielder! :-) Mike
  8. A force play is one where a runner must vacate his current base because the batter has become a batter-runner. The play you describe is a continuous action appeal play. The throw to second is an unmistakable appeal that R2 did not tag up. Once the play is made, you have all three conditions of an appeal. It's an appeal and not a force. Sitch: NCAA playoffs about a decade ago. The same play happened where BOTH runners left early because the fly ball was a dying swan! F8 made an incredible catch and threw to second for out #3. Everybody thought that R3 did NOT score. But in fact he did score a game tieing run. The umps waited for the defense to clear the field thinking the game was over on the apparent "force play". The umps were waiting for an advantageous 4th out on R3! Had that happened, the game would have been over! But since it didn't, the plate ump tossed a ball to the mound and said, "We are playing extra innings!" Mike Las Vegas
  9. There is no 5.10 (i) in the LL Rule Book! I had this issue in a tournament back in Virginia. As long as the current pitcher has dispositioned one batter (in the entire game) he may be substituted for in any inning later--even if it's the warmup period of the next inning. Little League only as far as I can tell! Mike Vegas
  10. Remember that an IFF is a pop fly (not bunted) that can be caught be an infielder with a reasonable amount of effort. If the infield is shifted way right, and the pop fly goes left, that "reasonable effort" criterion might not apply! Therefore no IFF. Mike Las Vegas
  11. Careful how the word "appeal" gets thrown around! There are certain plays that are "appeals" of the offense committing a running violation. Whether or not the ball was fouled is NOT an appeal play! So don't use that terminology like that. You do not ever have to "ask for help" from the other umpire unless you want to. (No coach can force you to, but it's often courteous that you do--good form--, but by no means can you poach--overturn--a call that isn't one of yours. That's one of those myths of baseball.) Anyway, you gathered data from your partner. That's a good thing as long as you don't keep doing it for every other play! Mainly understand the difference between the terminology of "appeal" and "going for help". Its important that you use that language precisely. Here's a play I had that was quite the opposite! 2-2 count and the batter swings and.......well, I heard a tick. I ruled FOUL as the ball rolled to the backstop. Everybody else was telling the kid to run (as if it were a U3K). There was all kind of bedlam going on. I had my hands raised, and I ruled foul and the ball was dead. Batter comes back with a 2-2 count. The claim was made that the "tick" sound was the bat hitting the plate and NOT the ball. (Could have been.) I did ask for help, and my partner (in "A") said that he was not sure either way. I pronounced the following: "I cannot UNfoul a ball. The call stands. I am NOT Angel Hernandez!" You had a better choice! If you let the play go, and then you and your partner were 1000% sure it WAS foul, you CAN reset it! And that IS making the right call. In my case, I thought I was right--I had it "foul" and so called it. (I might have been wrong.) At least I felt I handled it gracefully as I could, and I did get help from my partner. Mike Las Vegas
  12. In LL Rules, a runner is NOT out if he is hit by a batted ball IF (and only if) he is "immediately back" of the fielder. See 7.09(k) In your case, R1 is out and the ball is dead. Mike Las Vegas
  13. 80% of the beefs I have had are due to lack of rule knowledge. The usual suspects are Type B instruction, 3-foot lane interference, and ball OOP base awards. I offer every District in this State a comprehensive rules clinic, and no one has ever taken me up on the offer. And they ask me why I drink! :-) Mike Las Vegas
  14. Here I am having missed a lot of the 2019 season because I had knee surgery in February. My PT requirements eventually got me to leg curls, leg presses, and calf raises. My biggest problem was that I had to be inactive for so long, and my "good" knee/leg atrophied in its fitness. So I have been doing recumbent bike for cardio and my PT twice to three times a week. (Just getting back to treadmill. Perspective: I used to run marathons!) Of the plate games I did, I wore some pretty sophisticated knee braces, and I felt pretty good. I was tired from the work, but I know I'll have to stay with the PT through out the year. I assume you have taken some clinics that show you the proper way to squat at the plate. If so, this will biomechanically work your lower body properly and then keep your back out of pain. Staying in shape is a year-round process. I have a ways to go to get back to 100%, but so far the PT has helped a bunch! Good luck! Mike Las Vegas
  15. Ever done a girl's softball game? Those chants are festive! They ought to put those on "America's got Talent!" Basically, the defensive manager is scatalogically overburdened! Chanting in support of your own team is allowed. Sounds like that's what that was! If, on the other hand, you feel that the offensive chants are deliberately synced with the pitcher's delivery--in other words, trying to make him goof up--, then you have authority to put the kibosh to it. That IS definitely unsporting! (And other posters have cited the rule.) IMO, tell the defensive manager to obtain a deck of cards and deal with it! Mike Las Vegas
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