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  1. From the nose to the toes, and it's as big as Cecil Fielder's butt, so you better bring 'em up swinging! Little League. Often asked in tournaments! If that doesn't work, I use "It is what it is! And if you can't figure it out by the end of the 1st inning, you are not paying attention!" It's called baiting the umpire, and they will figure it out! Mike Las Vegas
  2. How many times does the manager ask you, "Can you get help on that?" How many times does the manger ask, "Where was that pitch?" I have had games where that happened a lot! And the notion that EVERY call can be challenged sets a dangerous precedent. In the OP, the ump explained in an instant why he made the out call. Its the same as "Safe! He's off the bag!" That's excellent preventative umpiring because you are explaining a subtle difference that you saw that could have been seen differently elsewhere on the field. You were within your authority to answer exactly as you did, and I think you get high marks for being so professional! I have gone to my partners before in big tournaments on a few bangers, but not all the close ones. I had a case where my field umpire called a banger and the assistant coach (NOT THE MANAGER!) had a fit! He wanted the FU to come to me. Then he asked me! I told him it was his call. Then I zipped it! He went ballistic and acerbic! I suggested to the manager the manager that his assistant coach had ejected himself out of the game. I have had other games where managers are asking all the time, and then they come up with the big one: "Call 'em the same for both teams, blue!" Adios, my friend! Also, do not tolerate any coach or manager who come trolling for a call, like between innings are later. ("Hey Blue, what's your understanding ob Obstruction?" asked the inning after a field ump made a no-call.) Depending on the level of play, the experience of the managers, and the circumstances of the play, you need to ask yourself how many times you would go for help especially if you have already provided additional information--like the OP stated--at the whine of the manager. (BTW, the manager is the only guy who can ask.....I will not entertain anything from an assistant coach.) Need to separate a legit question from whining! Mike Las Vegas
  3. IMO: The play was not made NOT because the runner was out of the lane. It was incomplete because it was a lousy throw. No RLI. Mike Las Vegas
  4. I have seen this happen at all levels of 90' baseball, and this clip I remember as well as my first instance of seeing it in softball. I hope the next thing you see when the ump gathers himself together is Bango! Bango! Bango! F1, F2, and the manager are gone! Mike Las Vegas
  5. At some of the Ump supply places, you can buy long tights that protect you from your shin guard straps. They do wick perspiration away, and I feel I tend to stay comfortable--even with 115 degree temps here in Vegas! And, these garments also have a pouch in which to install a protective cup. At my age, I also put on some pretty good knee wraps, as I have had both knees scoped in 2019. But that works with any shin guards. never had a problem! Mike Las Vegas
  6. No, I'm not talking about Halloween! :-) There is a FED BOO discussion above, and I wanted to point out some Little League consequences. Using Little League rules (OBR-based). I had many cases last year when an improper batter came to bat, and the offense realized their error, and they asked for time to bring the proper batter up. It was granted, and the proper batter came to bat and inherited the count. All was well......almost. However, I had cases where the DM wanted outs! He didn't realize the procedures under the BOO rule. One guy kept heaping it on and was given an opportunity to earn a one-game suspension for his ejection! Since it doesn't happen that often, attention is not paid to the rule that much. The biggest consequences often goes unnoticed! Where you have mandatory play, each player must complete at least one at-bat. The definition of an "at bat" states that the batter must come to the plate WITH NO COUNT and be retired or becomes a batter-runner. So if a proper batter comes to bat to inherit the count of an improper batter, or if a proper batter is called out on a proper BOO appeal, neither case gets credit for a time at bat. Thus, MPR rules may be a thorn in their sides even if a BOO is dispositioned correctly. Mike Las Vegas
  7. This is a great idea! BU should be in C, so (for 90') he should be inside anyway. He can get a good view of the play at first, and then pivot if a throw goes across the diamond to 3B. If the PU signals ("I'm staying home") pre-play, then there should be no confusion. With a runner in scoring position, there are a lot of plays that could result in a play at the plate, and PU needs to be there. Mike Las Vegas
  8. Vegas_Ump


    Hey! You haven't given the Angel Hernandez interpretation! (LOL!) I mean, if he can un-foul a swung on pitch, then he can allow a runner to steal 3B that way! Naaahhhhhh! Mike Las Vegas
  9. My pet peeve too! If the DM is in your face begging for an out, suggest the fielder might be guilty of Type A OBS and award a base! (Nah! Don't think so, but it might neutralize the spleen!) Mike Las Vegas
  10. For OBR-based rulebooks: There are three defined things which warrant a ball being added to there count whether or not there are runners on base: 1. Licking the fingers while on contact with the rubber. [Some warming up the hand may be waived during cold weather.] 2. Doctoring/defacing the baseball. 3. Quick Pitch. Ref: 8.02(a) and 8.05(e) Mike Las Vegas
  11. I don't usually officiate baseball where a squeeze or steal of home is possible. So I am going to give it a try! The fact that the batter backed out is irrelevant. Once the battery are set and the batter is in, the next thing that happens (if the pitcher remains engaged on the rubber) is a "pitch". So if F2 comes out to block the plate before the ball gets there, I would opine that this is CI. I subscribe to MadMax's analysis. What's to prevent the batter from getting back into a legal position and take a swing? JMO Mike Las Vegas
  12. The primary judgement (as pointed out above) is that ANY infielder could catch the fly ball WITH ORDINARY EFFORT. (That's the part that most managers don't know or choose to forget!) Had to be there, but you judge the ability to catch with ordinary effort and you should take the shift into consideration. For instance, I once no-called an IFF because the infield was way in to cut off a run at the plate. No way could F6 catch that ball with ordinary effort. He gave it a good try, but the ball fell out of his glove. No IFF. He had to run like Willie Mays from his starting position. Yes, had to have a short rules clinic with the DM. Sounds like if you had called an IFF, you could have judged it so. But your ultimate outcome was not in compliance with any rule. Mike Las Vegas
  13. I do Little League, and the instructions tell us to stay facing forward and give the hammer for a strike. I admit that some style is allowed and it's not a big deal. However, I cut my teeth doing LL baseball and softball BY MYSELF! I found it important to keep my face forward as much as possible so I could follow the ball and observe any other play as much as possible. Thus, I am quite comfortable staying square to the infield. As for a called Strike 3, I'll start the chainsaw and put a little drama there. But I'll keep my head forward. A U3K requires constant attention IMO. Mike Las Vegas
  14. Yes, I got my letter yesterday. Coincidentally, I got a message from AOL that my main email (the one I used on Arbiter) was attempting to change the password--probably trying the one I used on Arbiter. That hacker lives in Vietnam! If you use Arbiter, pay attention to the letter and change your password ASAP! Mike
  15. I was doing a LL game in the field when I called a 7:13 on R1. Batter hit a clean double and advanced on the play to home (by errors). I put R1 on 3B and the BR on 2B. Nobody had a clue and I got the (semi notional banter) for the rest of the game. Tried answering the questions including to a League VP. I was blackballed for 2 years from ever officiating at that league. That league really became dysfunctional with umpires being accosted in the parking lot, racial discussions on the field, etc. I didn't miss them at all! Mike Las Vegas
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