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  1. OK, do you see a difference between "Batter Interference" and "Interference by a teammate--Definitional 'Offensive Interference'" I think so, and intent is differently interpreted. Especially in lower levels, the batters may just not have a clue but their standing in the way of a throw could constitute Offensive Interference as defined. This is where the little kids need help and judgement. On the other hand, if a pitch is CAUGHT, and the batter tries to get in the way of F2 and his throwing morion to retire a stealing runner, you have BI. And you must judge a lot more intent.
  2. Funny how an ad popup on this thread shows sports outerwear jackets all of a sudden! LOL! Mike
  3. Funny story I heard in Poland. Right before the game, the umpires are checking on the field, when an assistant coach says, "Let' get this G*****D******ed game started!" The umpire felt that their authority didn't quite apply yet, but he wanted to make a point. So he glibly responded, "Coach, don't you dare blaspheme on my field!" Gotta love that! Mike Las Vegas
  4. OK, if the catcher just gives up and does not attempt to throw, I got nothing. If he balks the throw because the batter is in the way (or throws wild) I have Offensive Int. Is that what your post suggests? That's where I think we have a fine line. Mike
  5. Vegas_Ump

    Stealing home

    Did the pitcher toe the rubber and deliver? That's a pitch! If F2 comes out, that CI. The batter has every right to offer at the pitch legally. Yes, score the run. Did the pitcher disengage before he threw home? If so, he's a fielder and the batter's actions are interference with a defensive play. Mike Las Vegas
  6. I do mainly 60' Little League, and I always have arguments about the following situations: R2, batter takes a Wild Pitch/Passed Ball. R2 breaks for 3rd and after the catcher gathers the baseball.......... 1. Batter remains in the box and the catcher does not attempt a throw to 3B. 2. Batter remains in the box or even starts backing out; catcher winds up to throw but balks because batter is in the way. 3. Batter is backing out and the catcher throws and hits the batter or throws wild to 3B. What's you call? Feel free to rule by other rulebooks too. I toss this u
  7. Mac: You may have maleware that snuck onto your computer! This will literally seek advertisers' web sites, and even some unsavory ones! "Aggressive Pop-up ads" are symptoms of malware! Suggest you run your virus detector often and get a VPN that will make your computers and phones "invisible" to evildoers. Good luck! Mike Las Vegas
  8. I do Little League, and I have ruled on this only once in 34 years. Between innings, F6 comes over and does a full windup warmup pitch from the rubber to a configured catcher. I announced the pitching change to the other team. DM said he was NOT changing pitchers; I said, "Oh yes you are!" The other pitcher's record was complete, and there was now a new pitcher. I pointed out that the fielder had done everything consistent with a real warmup--it didn't look like horsing around to me. I told the manager that this guy has to disposition one batter, and then he could put in a reliev
  9. Without knowing the exact "where's" and "when's", I'd protect R1 to 2B only. Then he's on his own! Sounds like the ball stayed in the infield! What was R1 thinking? No way I am guaranteeing 3B. Players have to know that if OBS (type B) is called, they still must go full tilt and play on and wait for the play to end to determine what the nullification of the OBS means. Mike Las Vegas
  10. I'm going to take a different look at this. While, I don't officiate anything other than baseball, I am always watching officials in all the sports I watch (live or on TV). I have noticed in the last decade that officials work together much more than they did in the past. Notice how in football, the side judge and the back judge will coordinate about feet out of bounds before a catch or touchdown is ruled. They seem to be taking their time--just like we are taught in baseball. I think the teamwork emphasis pays off as it does in baseball. Having done a Regional LL tournament, I saw t
  11. I remember when Andy Konyar did a weekend "Umpire 1" clinic when I was in Virginia. He told us all about this "Administrative Removal" procedure he was implementing. Neither in the rulebook nor the RIM--nor any other b bulletins--was the subject discussed. I understand the "humanity" of the concept: teach the kids about safety and so forth. Nonetheless, does the umpire not have a responsibility to ensure a safe field? If a kid throws that bat dangerously, doesn't he need some kind of penalty? That year, I was doing the plate--LL Majors--, and it seems half the kids on one team threw
  12. A video on YouTube asked the question about the rules involved in the following situations: Batter steps in and is cranking up to address the pitch. His bat hits the catcher's mitt BEFORE the pitch. I seem to remember a Carl Childress explanation decades ago that the umpire should call time and re-set the situation. No Penalty. Same thing but pitcher starts his delivery but stops when he sees the bat contact the mitt. Some umps ruled Balk. I think I would have applied the same judgement. That's nothing; reset! These cases are distinct from "follow-through" interference. O
  13. Remember when Bill Veeck had an air jet installed at home plate? The ump would simply step on a button and air would blow over the plate to clean it off. Simple! Mike Las Vegas
  14. If you judge that the coach didn't do anything deliberately, and he is legally within the confines of the coacher's box, it's play on! I suspect it's a quick event and he didn't have a chance to get out of the way. No harm. No foul! Mike Las Vegas
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