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  1. Yaw: With all due respect, I would have been dead by now had I not stayed in shape and ran like I did! My arteries were genetically narrow and clogged up: The "widow maker" was 85% blocked, and I felt no pain! (Should have!) The surgeon on my triple bypass said that there was all kinds of extra vascularity on my heart because it was doing the job that the arteries could not! That came from 40 years of distance running. And once my knees get well, I can run, although maybe only 20 minutes. But heck! I am 71! Cannot complain! I outlived my brother who died at 46 with the same artery defect. So I am living on extra-granted time. I'll still do the plate and stay svelt! Yes, I'll count my blessings, and it won't be long before I am back behind the plate and doing easy jogs! See you at the resurrection! Mike Vegas!
  2. Rats! Now the right knee is messed up! I go under the knife again on Nov 12. Fall ball is going fine on the left knee, but the right knee has years of baseball and Marathon running! So it's time! I should be back ready to go for the Spring. More "deranged" meniscus problems! See you at the clinics! Mike Las Vegas
  3. I have high end pro shin guards since I am tall to begin with. I get the flaps that cover the lower thigh as well. I got one of those inside pitches and it went THUNK off my left shin guard. The fans made a similar reaction. (They thought I had been schwacked!) I just said, "Kick save my Marc Andre Fleury!" (Goalie for our terrific Las Vegas Golden Knights!) Mike Vegas
  4. Vegas_Ump

    Live ball

    Hey! Just because the first base coach or manager yells at you "Tie goes to the runner!" , so what evidence do they have that its a tie in the first place? :-) Mike Las Vegas
  5. Vegas_Ump

    Live ball

    How many times does a pitcher issue a walk and the DM comes briskly out of the dugout to talk to his pitcher......and DOES NOT ask for time. That's because everybody thinks the ball is out of play. Remember that a BR who is headed for first may attempt (at his own risk) to advance, as may other runners. I will usually wave at the manager to get back into the dugout until BR reaches first and the play is relaxed. As was pointed out above, too many ball players and coaches watch too much MLB! Mike Las Vegas
  6. All rulebooks: DM wants a visit to the mound. You go back and take a drink, brush the plate......and the visit is still going. So you start walking out to the mound. "Time to play ball, coach! Let's go!" And the scrum continues. What can you do? And what rule do you use when you might want to justify what you decide to do? In the LL Book, I don't see any guidance! Mike Las Vegas
  7. Rich I'm with you. The first thing that came to my mind was a three-foot lane interference situation. But since all the "physics" happened prior to the beginning of the three-foot lane, BR is legally trying to advance, albeit his starting point may have become zany because he backed out of the box on the U3K to allow R3 to score. IMO, the collision between the BR and R3 is nothing but high comedy. So that leaves us with the BR's attempted advance, F2 trying to find the ball, and F3 obstructing the BR. I suppose you have to consider the timing of some events: If F2 doesn't have the ball, it's Type B. If F2 does have the ball and is cranking up for a throw to whomever is covering 1B, you might rule Type A with the special case that it's the BR obstructed before reaching first base. I think the outcomes are the same, but A kills the ball, and B does not. Mike Sin City
  8. This is sorta like "buckeye" stickers on the helmets for great play, base hits, homers, etc... Ooooops! Not allowed to put stickers on helmets! While I appreciate the leadership attempts here, rules is rules! Mike Las Vegas
  9. A quick sweep isn't going to allow anything to happen. No need to call time. But, if you need a back hoe to clean off the plate after a slide, yeah, probably a good idea to call time because it will take some time to clean it off. Mike
  10. Good luck! I had stem cell replacement for a "deranged meniscus". I was out of pain in 2 days, but I had to keep it in a brace for 16 weeks! I think its going to work! You be well too! Cheers! Mike
  11. Fall Ball starts tomorrow. My rehab is coming along, and I hope to check out the program with the games I'll do. It will be fun getting back to the game in earnest. I have been able to jog a bit, so the knees are stronger and my stamina is coming back. Will check after a few plate games. Cheers! Mike LAS VEGAS
  12. He's Safe! Looks like a Harrier whose lift system failed, so he had to try a conventional landing. And if the nozzle wheel chain locked, that's why he's having control problem! Glad he ejected when he did. (That's called a Righteous Ejection with no one game suspension!) Mike
  13. You own everything that happens between the fences plus the dugouts. You usually have little authority outside the fences. But there should be a League official or security around. Let the league deal with unruly parents. For youth ball, I feel sorry for the parents who are as wild as that. I have seen worse in the parking lots after the game. Don't go there! Bringing the sheriff might be necessary, but that's the right thing to do. Don't you try to be Joe West and Barney Fife all in one! Mike Vegas
  14. I am not trying to sound like an apologist for your umpire. But I'd like to present my take on this issue. If any part of the ball goes through any part of the zone, it's a strike. If it doesn't it's a ball. But geometry has a lot to do with it. What is the handedness of the pitcher and the batter? And what level is it? 60' diamond means the pitcher is closer to the batter than 90' and that angularity matters a lot! Assume 60': A RHP against a RHB will miss the inside pitches. Why? No way could the ball have crossed the plate. But a RHP to a RHB might get an outside corner because the angle from the pitcher's arm to the catcher's mitt might have included a bit of the zone. Similarly, a LHP against a RHB will have the opposite angularity differences. It does not matter where in the box the batter stands. It does not matter where the catcher catches the pitch. You have to ask the question where was the batters vertical zone w/r/t the plate. In younger leagues, the pitchers have little pace on the ball. So it may be coming in high, cross through the zone, and get caught on top of the dirt. Guess what? That's a strike! A pitcher who can bring it actually makes your zone calls easier. And where you set up matters! You must give the low-outside strikes to the pitcher is he earned it. Now in 90' ball, those angles are a lot less wide. Thus, your zone will be easier, but the same philosophy applies. Any part of the ball goes through any part of the zone........ I never use the term "a ball width on each side." Geometry from the mound to the plate and the pace of pitch make a book strike easier to call than you think. The zone is what it is. Deal with it. Consistency is better than being good! Mike Las Vegas
  15. I see this is Little League a lot, largely because people see it in the pros, and they misunderstand what's going on or NOT going on! Kid slides safely into 3B. Coach and kid are begging me for time so he can stand up and dust himself off. My tendency is to do the following: "Throw the ball back to the pitcher!" THEN, when play is really relaxed, I'll grant time. I had one animated coach really get into my face about NOT calling time when he asked. I told him the following: The umpire is NOT the 10th defensive player nor is he the third offensive field coach. I noted that this particular team did a lot of clever (and legal) base running things when they caught the defense napping. What if the third baseman throws the ball over the pitcher's head? Had I called time, I would have denied the offense a chance to take advantage of that miscue. In other words, "Lighten up, Francis!" I had one team where F6 would be the cutoff man on a play from the outfield. He'd come into the infield with his hands up asking for time. Not only did I say No!, I told his coach that he needed to cut that out. Why should I kill they play just to make it easier for the defense to reset when maybe they can't throw worth a flip in the first place? Again, I'm not the 10th defensive player, and I'm not going to kill they play to make things easier for the defense until the play is relaxed. Don't get me started on batters doing the "George Foster Wave" asking for time when he and the pitcher are playing a cat and mouse game! There are legitimate times to call Time! But just doing it to make life easier to try to stop further potential action is unsporting IMO. The ball players need to get the ball back to the pitcher and get to "relaxed play" before Time needs to be called. Mike Las Vegas
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