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    Stealing Home

    What you can see is what is discussed in most clinics: If F2 comes out early to catch the pitch in order to get a good tag down, you may have the only double penalty in baseball: The pitcher is charged with a balk (and runners advance one base, so R3 scores), and F2 is charged with defensive interference which entitles the batter to first base. (OBR) Mike Las Vegas
  2. Looking way too deep into this one! Once the BR is retired at 1B, the force on any and all other runners is off. R1 was forced to run to second when the batter became a batter runner. But once the BR is out, no other defined force plays are possible. Yes, R1's running violation is appealable for the third out. But now any scores are timing plays. Mike Las Vegas
  3. As for the batter, I think the discussion is that on the third out the batter is retired before he successfully reaches first base. Why is this so busy? Well, what about an uncaught third strike where R3 dashes home? The catcher retrieves the ball and tags the batter; he's out #3, so no runs can score. How about a 3-foot lane violation? (Of course, that's defined under Interference, wherein all runners must return.....) See? There are many cases where the batter-runner can be retired before he successfully attains first base, and none have the essence of a "force play". Thus the Third Out rule needs to have some completeness. Your buddy is confusing this one with a timing play where the third out is obtained on a non-force play before/after a runner reaches the plate. And take a look at appeals. There are some interesting consequences there too. Mike Las Vegas
  4. In Little League, only the first batter of the inning may be out warming up. All other times there is no on-deck area. (60') I think in the 90' game, since there is an on-deck area, between innings the first batter of the inning and the subsequent on-deck batter may be out. But that's it. (That's an interp from my District.) Mike Las Vegas
  5. Read the definition of Offensive Interference. It discusses ANYONE from the Offensive Team who intends to confuse a fielder.
  6. No! Just I want the coachers to coach, and I'll do the umpiring! If I call "OUT" loud enough, it's never going to be a problem. Just don't need the coacher waving his arms like a SAFE signal and sounding off "SAFE!" when I just banged his BR out. It is possible that the defense may react to that. (Never seen it.......) but it's possible. Yeah, don't go looking for trouble. But explaining that the coacher's actions may be interfering with a play and he needs to knock it off should be sufficient. Mike
  7. First, I think you handled it pretty well. The fact is, only the manager has any standing with the umpires. He's the guy who handed you the lineup and shook you hand at the plate conference. The coaches need to use their chain of command if they have a beef. I'd give a warning to the manager that his coach was out of line and let him handle it. How many times do you get a first base coacher try to make a SAFE call when you have a banger? He could be guilty of interference if the defense reacts to him rather than to you. Mike Las Vegas
  8. I am late to the game on this thread, but here is my $0.02 worth. Years ago, Andy Konyar was the UIC of all Little League. And he sought to standardize all umpire training. For the most part it worked pretty well. Then Andy retired. Some regions kept up with the disciplines for tournament umpires. I used to be in SE Region at the time, and I thought they were pretty sharp umps. This year? Not so sharp. Don't know why. Being in WR now, I have done the WR Tournament in 2017, and looking sharp was a must! Here's my take on it: If you are lazy or inconsistent in your plate mechanics (or any other mechanics when you are in the field) you'll probably be OK until you get a close one. Then, you will have the other team's manager (and ESPN replay) on your ass because you gave them the impression that you are not fully involved in the game. Yeah, you are a volunteer, but if you want to be respected as an umpire, you have to look like one and act as one, especially in tournaments. Consider the video clips of umpire dancing with Dugout--The Little League mascot. Sure, he's just a fun loving guy who is part of the carnival atmosphere. But if he blows a call, he's just a buffoon trying to get himself on TV, and acting as one sets the stage for undeserved criticism. The most transparent umpires call the best games. And these guys are sharp and crisp ("robotic"?) with their calls. JMO Mike Las Vegas
  9. Because there are pitching rules that must be enforced. Do you give a batter two strikes then call him out? Do you give a batter a walk after only three balls? Probably not. Because the rules say differently. This kid is in for a big surprise when he gets to 90' if he keeps these habits! He is illegally pitching. Where were the umpires during his regular season? His Districts? His Regionals? Mike (Enjoying the beverages too!)
  10. I noted the same. But with no runners on--which was usually the case--it's nothing. If I were doing the LLWS, I would call it immediately if there were runners on and award a ball. But no runners? Nothing! That being said, I remember many years ago there was a kid who did a conventional windup, and as he rocked back, he disengaged his pivot foot, mule kicked it back, re-established, and then pitched. Not once did this kid get called. I posted such a question about it on ETeamz, and I got a bunch of weird answers. Methinks LL says "Don't go looking for trouble!" My $0.02 worth! Mike Las Vegas
  11. Yeah it was a four man, 60' mechanics. It was PU's responsibility and call. The PU returned to his position to deal with the next batter; the defense then executed an appeal (although they had to be reminded that the ball needed to be in play.) The PU ruled on the appeal from his position behind the plate. But during the play he was there at 3B. I have done this rotation a thousand times. It's second nature to be up at 3B. Mike Las Vegas
  12. Position between innings? Yeah, get your drink of water, but then get away from the fence. You do not need to be chatting with the coaches from the side you are on, as it might give the appearance of a conflict of interest. Consider if either umpire had a close or controversial call. How many times does a manager come to the other ump "mining" for a call. Hey pal! It's over! Further discussions are out of line. Apply rule 11.03(g). If the defense takes their time getting out onto the field, or if the pitcher lolligags during his warmups, or the team does not send a sub out to warmup the pitcher while the catcher is getting configured, that's tough! I am counting off constructive warmup pitches and I will call "balls in" and "lets have a batter". Do I care if the catcher didn't get a throw down? No! I brief it at the plate conference: there's a minute between innings; what you do with it is your choice, but we will play ball when it's time. When you have time limits, you are acting in the best interests of both teams keeping the game moving. You have to be rigid on these things. be consistent too! Mike Las Vegas
  13. Chances are that U2 went out to rule catch/no-catch or home run, etc. When U2 goes, he stays out. U3 cycles into the working area and takes runners and touches/plays at second. PU rotates up the line to 3B to cover touches/plays at 3B. U1 gets the BR touch at 1B and walks the line to make the calls at the plate if necessary. The call was the PU's call to make, and he did! Mike Las Vegas
  14. First, the "base path" is determined the instant the fielder has the ball and is starting to play on the runner. Where is the runner? Where the the base/plate he is trying to achieve? Draw a line between those two points. The runner has a 3 foot margin either side of THAT line. Do you think the runner's fake out move occurred within that 3 foot area? I do. Safe. But.... If a runner is advancing and the velocity vector of his progress is coming from his head and not his feet, he's out for a HFS. We can judge and argue that! Let the games continue! Mike Las Vegas
  15. Arch: be careful not to try to infuse "String Theory" in this play. [That's bogus rule interpretation.] The old language in the rule book used to say "A runner who is DIRECT BACK of a fielder" who fails to make the play cannot be called out. It is play on. But if the fielder has to really leap sideways to attempt to make a play (and does not touch the ball), upon hitting the runner, he is out for interference. Your situation comes up with the infield way in to cut off a run at the plate. But the language of the rule doesn't care. Mike
  16. From a 34-year LL umpire who has done Kutno, Poland three times and Western Region once: I blow 'em as I sees 'em! Mike Las Vegas
  17. LL the base is NOT a sanctuary. Mostly they follow LL baseball rules. Mike
  18. Let's look at the question completely! Baseball: Any runner hit by a FAIR BATTED BALL IN FAIR TERRITORY is out. Ever notice how runners from 3B are coached to be in foul territory? That way if the ball hits them, its foul! And nothing else. There have been cases where a hard drive hits the third base bag and bounces towards the runner and hits him; first, its a FAIR BATTED BALL, but second, the runner is NOT in FAIR TERRITORY. Approved ruling is Play on! Also, a declared Infield Fly that hits a runner standing on a base is NOT an out. Some (but not all) softball rules: Standing on a base IS a sanctuary. I believe it's play on! My $0.02 worth. Mike Las Vegas
  19. "Juuuuuust a bit outside!" --Harry Doyle Dang! Beat me to it! 🙂
  20. Both of these tournaments are held at San Bernardino. They start today. Some friends will accomplish some of the umpire duties. They report that the Alaska team (NWR) has been sent into quarantine for Covid positive tests. That means they are out of the tournament. On the Western side, my team from Summerlin South (Nevada) had some players pop positive, but they have enough players to proceed. It's going to be an interesting LLWS, but I take may hat off to those who did the planning and coordination while dealing with the pandemic so there could be a season, districts, states, and now Regionals. Consider how long ago they had to make decisions based on what the pandemic was presenting them at the time. Enjoy the games! Mike Las Vegas
  21. I have been hit in the throat protector by thrown BATS about 95% of the time. If you are in the right slot, you will rarely get hit by foul ball. It should whistle past your ear. Bats? Been hammered a bunch (in Little League). I always wear one! Mike Las Vegas
  22. Warn for arguing judgement calls. (Non-negotiable!) Then eject. Suspend the game until the ejection is complied with. Then let the League deal with it. I often apply Rule 11.03(g) when necessary. Mike Las Vegas
  23. After both knees got orthoscopic surgery, I managed to condition myself to be in pretty good shape. Even got back to jogging. But now, squatting at the plate gives me an occasional aggravating ache. And maybe I can't bust out from behind the plate like I used to. Then, after cataract surgery, I found that I was receiving a ton of glare noise in my left eye. The biology of the human eye system is amazing, so I understand better that I don't have the frequency response to clearly see the ball come off the bat. My life skills are fine, but I find myself a few steps behind now. In the Air Force, there are pilots who walk out to the airplane knowing it's your last flight; then there are pilots who walk out to the airplane who DO NOT KNOW it's going to be their last flight. Similarly, I may have done my last game. I don't think it's fair to the kids if I am two steps behind. 34 years of volunteer umpiring is still something to cherish. Mike Las Vegas
  24. Had a similar sitch in a District tournament. FU was in C; I'm staying home. Long trouble ball down the right field line. F9 came over to try the catch. In my judgement, the ball hit his glove over FAIR territory, and thus I pointed it fair. Naturally, what everybody else saw was the ball landing 12 inches foul. I let the play go on, and I stuck with my call. The DM never asked about it, and so it was what it was. [Of course the volunteer umpires in the stands were sure it was a foul ball.] Had I had any chance to get help from the FU, I would have asked if requested. I don't think there's a chance he could have seen it, but my instincts were to let it play on and call it foul and reset later if evidence were available among the crew. But you cannot UN-FOUL a ball. Once it's called foul, you are done! And the ball is dead. [No, I am not Angel Hernandez!] Your pre-game briefing with your partner should cover any of these contingencies. Mike Las Vegas
  25. Had a play at the plate the other night (LL Majors LLWS Districts) that illustrates another rub. R3, wild pitch, F2 retrieves, tries to toss to F1 covering and there is a collision. F1 did not have the ball, nor was he in a position to make a play. Ruled the runner safe as no play was made. I judged that there was NOT malicious contact. While F1 was being attended to, the DM got into my face and said, "Now, there's a MUST SLIDE RULE......" And that's when all the trouble started. Mike Las Vegas
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