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  1. What made the situation worse since it was the starting pitcher. His suspension is 4 games not 1.
  2. Maven that was my question to him. He said there does not need to be intent. You make contact in any form, you need to go!
  3. It was first inning.
  4. Multiple decades. This was a college game.
  5. Thank you. I was not the ejecting official. I considered it incidental contact. He said anytime any player touches you he needs to go. Sigh.
  6. Here is a recent situation I experienced and I wouldn't mind some feedback. Simple grounder to first flip to pitcher covering. U1 is quite close to the base. F1 makes the play and turns away from foul line (as every pitcher does on a 3-1 putout). He takes 2 maybe 3 steps and bumps into U1. He is then ejected for making contact with an official. Thoughts?
  7. OK stupid question #2. When does the interference occur. When throw is being attempted? When throw is made? Or when throw has become a bad throw (because of the runner)?
  8. Interesting question my partners had tonight. Man on first. Batter bunts and is fielded by F2. Runner (after the 45) is running inside the base path which causes the catcher to overthrow the first baseman. A very easy call. Here is the question where do you place runners. Do all forced runners move up 1 base? Do all runners advance 1 base? Or do have to aquire the base before the interference is called?
  9. I am sorry if this topic has been discussed already. This was my goal as soon as my season ended last year, but of course I forgot. My WV Gold shin guard straps buckles are rusting. Does anyone have a way to fix this or change them? They are in great condition so I do not want to have to buy a new pair if I do not have to. Any suggestions.
  10. so if he is in the basepath and "gives himself up" by stopping or slowing down, the defender still has to make throw around runner? Isn't that hindering the throw?
  11. 1 area I struggle at with FED is to know what is allowed and not allowed for force play at really any base, but where is it most comes into play is the runner at second during a double play attempt. Does anyone have a presentation or something lined out of what they can or cannot do? I know the fielder is protected to both sides and behind the base, my issue is when the runner does not slide. If he is out by such a distance that he gives himself up what must the runner do to get out of the way? What can he do to intentionally or unintentionally cause INT.
  12. http://m.mlb.com/video/v34756991 Would any get obstruction here and give me the base?
  13. I understand where you guys are comming from, but would you agree self preservation is an attempt to hit the ball with the bat and not taking it in the ribs/head. Thats still an attempt.
  14. So where is the point you guys would say he offered/defending himself/self preservation. I know if he leave the bat out there and dosen't "offer" its not a strike, but to me that bat needs to be very very still to sell that. 1. Where is line to offer not offer a bunt attempt? 2. Does trying to avoiding getting hit count as an attempt (I think it does).
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