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  1. I would argue the proper take-away from that MLB interp would be that interference is usually an out, not an uncaught third strike.
  2. Prior explanations of the voluntary strike mechanic are correct, but I would emphasize that calling time is NEVER part of the mechanic and, in large part, caused this whole mess. Disclaimer, I’m not familiar with FED rules and this is one messed up scenario, so correct me if I’m off base here. To narrowly address the defensive team’s appeal, they’re wrong—on a dropped third strike the batter’s “window” doesn’t “expire” until he (1) enters the dugout or (2) he doesn’t try to reach 1st before all infielders leave the field when the inning is over. See 8-4-1-i. To address it more b
  3. ...how does this end with only one ejection?
  4. I like the no-call—not saying interference would be incorrect, but from the video it looks like the dirtier end of the stick. Only recommendation I’d have would be to stay on the line and not drift with the C there for the catch/no catch.
  5. Nike Titanium mask, power coated gunmetal grey, with black Team Wendy pads (2 seasons old, & the logo blacked out) (Sold) Wilson Titanium mask frame (Sold) Nike Titanium mask frame (Sold) Wilson Shock FX 2.0 Titanium HSM (used for 1 spring season) Reebok Magistrate Zig All-Black Base Shoes, size 13 (used for 1 spring season) Black Smitty Pullover with white piping. Large (New without tags) Honig's Poly-Wool pants (new with tags & and unhemmed) PBS1 (Base): 32R & 34R
  6. when it comes to cold weather gear I agree with you, but the Nike hypercool stuff is great in hot weather.
  7. I use the Nike Hypercool tights and I love them.
  8. You could do what I did, quit and go to pro school. lol
  9. Wilson Leather Replacement Pads - Natural Tan Brand new, off of my Wilson TI mask. $35 shipped. PM if interested.
  10. Anybody out there have and willing to sell a 13 inch version of one of these CPs?
  11. I went to the new school this year, they are ok with buckets (a traditional mask would have been a LOT easier though). 15% discount from school.
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