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  1. We got 12 here... I had a couple of games in a dome the same day. Worked out well though because only like 6" had fell when I left for the games and 6" fell while I was at the games so I didn't get stuck in either place!
  2. What it looked like to me was that they went to replay for both calls at one time... The spectator INT possibility occurred first so they looked at that. When that came back as call stands (no INT), they went to the play at the plate, where it was overturned.
  3. That referee video brought everyone down, hopefully this can bring everyone back up again. This story ran a month ago, I checked and didn't see it anywhere on here. Very cool, uplifting story. http://barrie.ctvnews.ca/mobile/a-nine-year-old-umpire-is-inspiring-players-and-fans-alike-1.2508487 .
  4. It's in the WUM. I don't have it on me though. A trip begins when a manager or coach crosses the foul line and ends when they leave the mound... Should they attempt to return to the mound after the trip has ended, the umpire should instruct them they cannot. If the manager does make two trips with the same batter up, the pitcher must finish pitching to that batter, and then must be removed. If the manager was warned not to return to the mound but does anyway, he will also be ejected.
  5. "Mom! I told you to stop coming to my games!"
  6. Hey Bobby. Glad to hear you're recovering well. Scary s*** though! Get well soon!
  7. Worked a game in the cold Monday... the hail Tuesday... the snow Wednesday... the BITTER cold Thursday... I took the 50-degree game today with gratitude!!
  8. It was loud enough for the infield to hear it, but my partner did not hear it from behind the plate. There was a lot of yelling in the crowd, as they didn't understand what was going on (shocking, I know), and that would have been the out to end the game. Your top line is what makes me feel like I got it right. If everyone had been angels from the first pitch and then this occurs in the intensity of the moment, I'm probably just going to give him a knock it off. Everything was ready to boil over at that point though, and I believe I got this one right.
  9. Even in this case where it appears the pitcher was just wondering what the call was? OP says he calmly asked and then went right back to the mound. It reads to me like he just didn't know what happened, and it doesn't read like he "demanded" anything. This. He just approached me and said that he didn't see what happened and asked if I could explain it. I had no problems explaining what occurred to him, only a problem with the F9 afterwards.
  10. This is the summary of what happened. To set the scene, there had already been three close calls in the game, and I had already issued a direct warning to two different players on the home team - not the one who was ejected though. This is a JV game. In the top of the 7th, with two outs and a runner on 1st, a (visiting team) batter hit a double into the right-center gap. Upon the runner on 1st rounding 2nd base, R1 collided with the shortstop, who did not have possession of the ball. I called obstruction, and left the ball in play. The ball was thrown to 3rd base, where the R1 was tagged (out) on a close play... Upon conclusion of the play, I called time and awarded R1 to 3rd base... The pitcher for (home team) at the time (#10) approached me following the play, and calmly requested an explanation for the call. I gave him my explanation, which he accepted without incident, and began returning to my position in 'C'... As I returned to my position, I heard the right fielder (#13) yell from his position in right field, "You need to re-read the rules!!". I ejected #13 for unsportsmanlike conduct. Thoughts? Most of me says it was needed, and that is was a personal attack. Part of me says I should have told him to knock it off first, and that it was an attack on the call, not on me. Thoughts? -Edit to take out team name I missed taking out in OP-
  11. Only thing I possibly have is to use his name rather than coach. More personable, and it puts it on THEM, not their title. "That's your warning, Jeff!" > "That's your warning, coach!" Well done!
  12. @FlaUmp22, you need a 7th Nike for your collection??
  13. Star pitcher in the local league is also my top junior umpire. He started throwing what he called a slider when was like 12 or 13... The slider started wearing on his arm so he experimented with the grip and turned it into a nasty cutter that he says doesn't affect him at all to throw, and it's more effective than the slider ever was.
  14. Check out this article Little League published recently. http://www.littleleague.org/learn/newsletters/Little_League_Notebook/2015/marllnotebook/dont-let-this-happen.htm
  15. Agreed. You don't eject him, you RUN his ass with a Bill Haller BOOM!!!
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