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  1. TNCoach

    B.O.O. Who's out?

    Then, when three hits, four is supposed to bat next, but he is on base, so five is batting out of order.
  2. Baseball is the worst sport to have an automatic EJ for leaving the bench in my opinion. Basketball? Fine. Football? Fine. Those are equal in the number of people on the field. Baseball, I know fights are often initiated by the batter on a pitch, but it gets initiated often by the defense. Let's say a batter comes up and the catcher starts mouthing and jumps him. Then a couple more players on the defense jumps him. You've just allowed, by the automatic EJ rule, a mugging.
  3. TNCoach

    Thrown Bat

    It was a steady rain, no puddling, but a bit heavy at times. We were going through balls like crazy. I'm coaching this year, not umpiring school ball. Anyway, we had a big lefty come up. He swung, hit a grounder, and the bat slips out and goes flying to the first base side on deck circle. Umpire immediately calls the out. I think he grounds out there anyway, but wanted to just get a question answered on if there is a difference in a purposely thrown bat and a bat that slipped because of rain. He said it was a safety issue and any bat thrown was an out. (My batter doesn't wear batting gloves) We played just enough for a legal game and got out of there. It was just beginning to puddle. No other bats were thrown.
  4. TNCoach

    Thrown Bat

    Issue came up tonight, which wasn't a big deal, but one I questioned. Is there a difference between a purposely thrown bat and one that slips out on the swing in a heavy rain? FED...
  5. Also, for argument sake, the R2 and R3 neither tagged up, but they got the out on R2 after R3 crossed the plate. Unless they appeal R3 not tagging up before they leave the field, R3 scores.
  6. Does a courtesy runner or the original batter get credit for scoring a run?
  7. TNCoach

    Conferences and DH

    I know in my state, we join the association and they send the rule books to us (me as the Athletic Director) and I give them to my coaches.
  8. TNCoach

    ball hits runner

    Pretty sure if pegging a runner with a ball was an out, we would have a lot of problems.
  9. Pitcher begins to deliver the pitch and the ball goes rolling toward the first base foul line and stops about 25 feet short. There were no runners on.
  10. TNCoach

    Website SUCKS NOW

    I liked the old look better, but understand software changes and the need to change the look at times. I hope the indexing finishes soon because I search to find old info often so I don't have to ask again. I'm not sure that is the whole problem though because I can search google, but the links are dead... Hopefully it is just indexing though.
  11. I can't take credit. I fell into a perfect situation. It is a school that has a long history going back to the old 6 on 6 start of girls' basketball up to its current form in 5 on 5. Many top teams have gone through here and gone on to the high school level to win state championships. All that history keeps a good supply of girls making sure they come to school here.
  12. A big problem is that I don't see a league conference adjustment because it is a county school league. The local communities are very involved in the community sports. They don't want to do like most surrounding counties have done in going to actual conferences that are built around competitiveness and size. Again, we played the largest school in our part of the state and won by 70. Also our boys team has struggled over the years, so I don't see them going to a tougher conference. The girls team has kinda overshadowed them though they are looking better and improving now.
  13. See the balance is also that I need 8 in my rotation getting some good hard man defense in because that is my main defense. It is hard to do that when I am holding back at the start of the 2nd quarter. We try to hold back on the break and run some half court sets, but teams just absolutely refuse to get back on defense and we just take it in for the lay-up. I had one player who played the first half only. She had 26 points, 15 rebounds, and 5 assists.
  14. OK. I am not sure if this is getting posted in the right spot or not, so if not, someone can feel free to move it to another section. Anyways, I am coaching a girl's middle school age basketball team. I would say we are a very good team. We are a very small, rural school, but we have played some very large schools. For example, we have about 45 total students in the 8th grade which gives you an idea. Well we have played several teams about the same size as us and some quite a bit larger than us. We beat a school a little larger than us 50-3. We beat a school about the same size as us 71-6. We then played a school that is more than 3 times our size by 15. We beat another school that is 3 times our size by 26. We then played a school that is around 14 times our size by 70. Then we beat a team that is a bit smaller than us by 69. We even played a school the same size as us, playing no starters (and 3 of them being 5th graders), and beat them by 20. I worked on conditioning and defense. Our team is based on a run and gun offense and a trapping full-court and half-court defense. We haven't even had the time to really put in half-court offensive plays. Being middle school, we play 6 minute quarters. Most games go the same way. I press with my starters for 3 minutes. We are often up 20 after just 3 minutes. We then back into a half-court man for the rest of the 1st quarter. In the 2nd, I put in 3 new guards and leave in my 2 posts. We don't press but still play tough man defense. At halftime, my posts are done for the game and my 3 guard starters combine to play with 2 of my second unit. They play most of the 3rd quarter, but in a 2-3 zone. Then for the 4th quarter, my other guard from my second unit who didn't play the 3rd quarter, enters with my 4 others off the bench to finish the game, in a 2-3 zone. I have trained my players to run the fast break off of steals, rebounds, and even inbounds passes off made shots. I don't want to tell my players not to play hard. I work to back them out of the press quickly, but I need them to press because we will potentially play some tough teams at times during the year. I have trained our offense to get down for a quick, good shot. The thing is, my young players get in against the other team's starters most of the time and drive the score even higher. I hate the way the scores turn out, but don't feel that I am really running up the score. I won't try to just drive the score higher and higher, but my younger ones go in and have fast break opportunities because the other team just won't get back. I get them to tone it down a bit, but we are that much better than the other teams. Thoughts? Am I in the wrong? Honestly, I feel bad that my starters bust their tails to get better and it causes them to get to play a half or less than half a game. On a side note, we were up 40 to 0 in the first quarter last game. Their high school wants them playing a fast tempo game to get ready for what they will do.
  15. May do it tomorrow... That is gross, haha I also have a boil on my.... nevermind... lol
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