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  1. Middle School has a max of 85 here. 1-19 pitches is 0 days rest. 20-35 is 1 day. 36-50 is 2 days. 51-66 is 3 days. 67-85 is 4 days.
  2. Haha. Nah. Now, I did have a player miss the steal time at first three pitches in a row, so I yelled at him from the 3B box and tell him he missed the sign three times, so he needed to steal this time.
  3. That's what I have usually done in the past. I had a team where we stole home probably five or six times one season. I normally alerted the home plate umpire so he did not get caught by surprise.
  4. Thanks. Trouble I am sure I am going to run into is coaches and umpires who don't know the rule. I will have to talk to them in pre-game to make sure they do to avoid problems. At our level, we get new ones and such.
  5. Okay. So, I can sub him out, then bring him back in, but only once per inning. So a pitching change is also not a charged conference, correct? Those would not count toward that? What is the caveat with the pitches at the end of what you quoted? The rule book has not been placed in my queue yet on the app. How many warmup pitches does my replacement get? My pitcher coming back in would get none, correct?
  6. Okay. I have been out of umpiring and coaching for a few years enjoying my kids in their prospective sports and working on my masters. Both the baseball coach and softball coach have stepped down within a short period of time. My kids go to school with me, so I will be at the games anyway since they are playing. They got me to coach both. Baseball pitching rules have changed and I have no clue what I am doing with softball, but that is another story. So with the new pitch count rule, I am at a small school. 40 per grade level or less pretty much. So I am not going to have a lot of pitching. So I am trying to think creatively in case a situation comes up. I have to download an app and wait for my state agency to load the book on my app, so I am in a holding pattern on that. My question is, can a pitcher come out of the game in the middle of an inning or otherwise, go to a new position, then re-enter as pitcher from a new position on the field. For example, I have my number 1 in the rotation going. He pitches to hitters 1-6. To save him from using pitches, can I move him to RF, bring the RF in to pitch to 7-9, then switch them back? I believe that was something I could do before. I coached during the inning count days where it was X amount of innings and a partial inning counted as a whole, so wasn't really something I contemplated back then. I just see this as a way to save some pitches from him, to allow him to go deeper into games that we are sticking with the other team in. Thanks (NFHS, but Tennessee Middle School if it makes a difference between states for any reason on pitch count rules)
  7. TNCoach

    B.O.O. Who's out?

    Then, when three hits, four is supposed to bat next, but he is on base, so five is batting out of order.
  8. Baseball is the worst sport to have an automatic EJ for leaving the bench in my opinion. Basketball? Fine. Football? Fine. Those are equal in the number of people on the field. Baseball, I know fights are often initiated by the batter on a pitch, but it gets initiated often by the defense. Let's say a batter comes up and the catcher starts mouthing and jumps him. Then a couple more players on the defense jumps him. You've just allowed, by the automatic EJ rule, a mugging.
  9. TNCoach

    Thrown Bat

    It was a steady rain, no puddling, but a bit heavy at times. We were going through balls like crazy. I'm coaching this year, not umpiring school ball. Anyway, we had a big lefty come up. He swung, hit a grounder, and the bat slips out and goes flying to the first base side on deck circle. Umpire immediately calls the out. I think he grounds out there anyway, but wanted to just get a question answered on if there is a difference in a purposely thrown bat and a bat that slipped because of rain. He said it was a safety issue and any bat thrown was an out. (My batter doesn't wear batting gloves) We played just enough for a legal game and got out of there. It was just beginning to puddle. No other bats were thrown.
  10. TNCoach

    Thrown Bat

    Issue came up tonight, which wasn't a big deal, but one I questioned. Is there a difference between a purposely thrown bat and one that slips out on the swing in a heavy rain? FED...
  11. Also, for argument sake, the R2 and R3 neither tagged up, but they got the out on R2 after R3 crossed the plate. Unless they appeal R3 not tagging up before they leave the field, R3 scores.
  12. Does a courtesy runner or the original batter get credit for scoring a run?
  13. TNCoach

    Conferences and DH

    I know in my state, we join the association and they send the rule books to us (me as the Athletic Director) and I give them to my coaches.
  14. TNCoach

    ball hits runner

    Pretty sure if pegging a runner with a ball was an out, we would have a lot of problems.
  15. Pitcher begins to deliver the pitch and the ball goes rolling toward the first base foul line and stops about 25 feet short. There were no runners on.
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