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  1. About as easy as it gets. 14u travel tournament at a popular turf complex in jersey (most locals know where im talking about) backwards k to end the inning and the batter draws a line where he thinks the pitch was. easy toss. the HC actually came down and inexplicably asked me to show him the line. i stared at him blankly for a good 5 seconds until he understood and walked away!!
  2. BRUMP

    Been awhile....

    I do get a smile whenever I see an old post MST contributed to resurrected. RIP Mike. Hope your enjoying the baseball upstairs.
  3. BRUMP

    First EJ

    here's mine
  4. BRUMP

    First EJ

    Thats pretty impressive. Im interested in the details. I had one two pitches in thought that would be tough to beat.
  5. @noumpereim stealing that line
  6. im guessing by the looks of the field that this is a HS game and obviously i dont have the best look but that angle looks like a hybrid from F1
  7. Jerry is done for the year. He had successful surgery for 2 bulging disks. He is expected back on the field in 2020 per Bob Davidson.
  8. @grayhawkThats fantastic that your getting out on the field. It will be emotional but soak it in cause you've earned it.
  9. @Biscuit@BlueRanger couldn't agree more guys...i did this all through college, joined the local HS assoc in the area and umpired at a tournament site nearby. I always made my class schedule with umpiring in mind. Class in the am, umpiring in the afternoon, and "extra-curriculars" at night. Cant beat it for a college kid.
  10. +1...i dont do it myself but Ive heard nothing but positives about volleyball...I know @Kevin_Kdoes volleyball here in Jersey. Im sure he could offer you some mroe insight
  11. great transaction with @FireEye. would not hesitate to do business with again
  12. @Thunderheadslock it up
  13. Not sure about your area but around here the high school baseball conference is a pretty tight community. All the coaches know each other and all the umpires. If your a newcomer expect a "feeling out" process so to speak where the HCs will try to work you and see what they can get away with.
  14. Running down the line screaming about balls and strikes = no warning. I'm running him for that. Ehh it happens to the best of us. Just have to work harder on biting your tongue. Good job in having your partners back especially when that partner is a newer teenage umpire. As someone who was that newer teenage umpire, trust me its appreciated.
  15. Im agreeing with everything maven said. However, let me add a couple things. Once the coach is ejected do not continue to engage him. If you have the luxury of a partner he should be rodeo clowning him off the field. If you are alone in this case, I would go to the assistant and tell him that the HC has been ejected and needs to leave the visual proximity of the field. Secondly, you say in the above post "I was then afraid for my safety." If you are genuinely afraid for your safety and you are working without a partner in a game where there is no game administration present (I am assuming from your post that there was no one else there) I would not hesitate to call law enforcement. Its better to have them there and not need them, than vice versa. Its a tough situation to be in but you can always take something away as a learning point from these types of situations. And as maven says keep calling strikes!!
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