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  1. Received as a gift 12/19. Didn’t work in 2020 and lost the drive to start up again - nice having the summer free! $150 includes shipping and bag. I do not know V1 or V2 I also have an almost never used Wilson Charcoal CP with delta flex $75 shipped. I don’t check the site like I used to so email simko.paul@gmail.com
  2. totally different - I like and wear them both -
  3. I have several pair of pants (34 x 30) that are used but fine and maybe a few other miscellaneous umpire things. Just trying to free up some space and would like to donate them to either someone in need or a group of kids or whatever. If your group can use them pls email me atsimko.paul@gmail.com and I’ll stick them in a box and send them
  4. I have two pair of used Honig polywool plate pants size 34, hemmed to 30 length. I bought them a few years ago and never quite made it to a 34. In my defense, they are a tight 34. They are in very good shape and nice pants. I was thinking $50 plus shipping for the pair.
  5. Great job seeking out advice is the most important reply to the OP. Experience and your obvious willingness to learn will take care of the rest
  6. thanks very much for sharing @maineump I havent been on this site in a while and didnt know we had someone on the WS - congratulations on that honor! Did you have Hawaii at all - they were my wife's favorite by far!
  7. since when are navy shirts bad? I missed that
  8. th3


    Its funny that you say that Rich - I sometime feel like I am TOO close and have to work on finding the right distance
  9. Looking for advice on how to better see the tag from C on a catcher throwing behind a runner on 2nd. I find that I can't really get around the throw to get a good look a the runner contacting the bag and the tag - I am often screened by the runner. Maybe I'm starting too deep? Anyone else have that issue and any advice?
  10. I love my Wilson Charcoal. Fits great with the harness that came with it and I feel very protected. I bought it used on craiglist 10 years ago and have used it for 80-90 plate games a year and i see no reason no replace it. I used a gold for part of a season and never felt comfortable in it.
  11. these guys do a good job
  12. i used to be a stickler about not calling time - now I just do
  13. why not change into your pants at home or at work?
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