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  1. So, I umpired a first grade machine pitch game the other day. I know I'm gonna get a lot of hate for umpiring such a young age, but whatever, because I love umpiring so I don't really care about the age. This was the last game of the year for both of the teams. During the pre-game meeting, I kind of got a bad vibe from the visiting coach, but of course I just kept it in the back of my head and moved on. So during the top of the first, the visiting assistant coach was feeding the machine and he was getting kind of impatient with the home catcher and having to wait for the home catcher to be sta
  2. Well regarding training, there were a few meetings with going over the league rule book, and then there was a clinic one day. Also, thanks to everyone above for all your help, and as you can probably tell I’m not the best umpire because this was my first season. And also regarding what @MadMaxsaid, at the time of the game I didn’t know the correct ruling on the play at third, and i didn’t want to change just because a coach told me something, because that seemed kind of biased. Now I will start being more active on this website because everyone is so nice and willing to help about anything.
  3. So, this summer, I started working as a rec machine pitch umpire, and I have had some pretty bad situations(for me). One wrong call I made involved a ball hit along the third base line. It was a popup. The ball bounced on the line, and I clearly saw chalk bounce up, yet for some reason I called it foul. Needless to say, the coach of the team at bat was not happy. Just a few seconds later, I realized that I totally blew it. I don't know whether I should have said something to the coach, but I ended up just moving on with the game. This coach was notorious for being way too competitive for seco
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