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  1. 13u rec fall ball, obr, r1, r2, Br hits a low pop up over f4s head (no iff for this league). The grass is super long and everyone thinks the popup is caught, I see it hit the ground but r1 and br think its caught. R2 is headed home. Br never even crossed the plate to attempt to get to first just headed back to the dugout. I'm one manning the game and I'm watching for the catch, didn't realize the br never attempted and thought the kid on first was the br and r2 crossing the plate was r1 (yes, I lost a kid on the field and somehow forgot momentarily there even was an r2). Throw goes to second. I'm confused and then the throw goes to first and I signal safe because I think r1 (who never left first) is the br. Coach calls time and asks about why r1 is safe, it's a force but then informs me the br never attempted first. Yes, can't believe I totally lost kids but in my defense they were all blond short people who all looked alike. So I had to think about this one. Yes, there was a force but since there was an abandonment before the catch wasn't made I deemed the force off for abandoning, br out for abandoning and r1 safe, r2 scores. Not even remotely sure that was even close to being right but the coaches got a good laugh out of it and an out so they were all happy in the end. So, was I right?
  2. Stopped by a junior umpires field today and he was wearing his hat backwards. I walked on to the field and Gibs slapped him. Problem solved.
  3. 12u is a great place to work on the plate mechanics and to work out kinks. Breath through the pitch, breath in as hes coming set, the let it out until you see the ball enter the glove and hear the pop. If your zone is too low and your hearing lots of oohs and awes on the same pitches, it's great to self reflect and see if you've got a bloop in you zone. I would first ask a senior umpire to watch an inning or two and see if it's really there. Work on your plate posture, dont lean in, make sure you're dropping into position, back straight and vertical, rather that leaning into it. It's harder the smaller the kids get, but you're better off widening you legs to drop in or using the scissor than leaning over. If you propping yourself on your knees, youre probably in a bad position which will askew your zone plus it's a good way to get hurt.
  4. You're conflating a fact and a personal anecdote which swayed your opinion. Yup, big old Texas boy with a gun running right behind me. Now that would be a fact.
  5. No, that's an opinion. I've used those same shin guards for years and they work fine for varsity and below. Took several balls off a 14u pitcher pitching 90s off of them. Didn't feel a thing. Had two other pairs, expensive pairs, and felt every shot even on kids ball. I personally can't compare them to something like the f3s because I haven't tried them but diamond shin guards are perfectly adequate for hs and lower ball at that price point.
  6. Thanks Kevin! I've missed so many great discussions living in the boonies with no internet.
  7. Video was super helpful. Sending that to my rookies. This is what I've been trying to explain to them just didn't know there was a term for it.
  8. I've seen this term used a lot but I don't know what it means. What exactly is using the wedge or moving to or with the wedge? Shoot, I may be doing it and just dont know it or I'm missing a mechanic that will help me be in a better position. Any good video examples would be helpful.
  9. Is the batter moving back to avoid an already incoming catcher? Shouldn't that be a part of the equation in considering the J/R interpretation?
  10. Pitcher stepped off, he's just a fielder. No balk.
  11. Strictly kiddie games. Anything above I've never had anyone out on a bucket.
  12. Not going to be the THAT umpire. I'd be the only one in our city to do so and I'm not setting myself up for a needless fight.
  13. Thanks, I probably was told the arm thing from a guy who does both baseball and softball as many of my trainers did. Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
  14. This is what I tell coaches in my plate meeting: I don't mind the bucket brigades but if a live ball comes into contact with one, it will be treated as dead ball territory and we will award based or send runners back depending on who is at bat. You WILL NOT benefit from your own buckets. Haven't had a ball come into contact with one in two years. Ball starts coming near and coaches grab buckets and scatter. Usually only takes one close call to get the coaches back into the dugout.
  15. How do you signal then enforce an illegal pitch? Had one last week and since it's not something Ive seen much of, I did what I believed was right. I'm BU. I held my left fist straight out, once the pitch was called a strike I called time and said "that's an illegal pitch, ball to the batter". I have no idea if that's even remotely close but it got the call across and no one said boo about it but I still want to have it right. Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
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