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  1. My name is Mick Mahoney and I've been umpiring at Dreams Park for seven years. I live in upstate NY, so I do not require any travel expenses. In 2020, I'll be working Week 7 & Week 9. I'm available for one more week. Please write me if interested: mickmahoney52@gmail.com.
  2. Keith Hernandez should not be allowed to speak.
  3. Heard the story of an English teacher, trying to teach plural possessive nouns and possessive nouns that happen to end with an "s". He thought of an example. "How would you complete a familiar phrase, 'Keeping up with the [blank]'?" A girl went to the blackboard and wrote "Kardashians".
  4. I agree with addressing the coach. As far as it just being a scrimmage, look at it this way: It's solid instruction to a coach that needs it, and it mat prevent this circumstance from happening during the seadon.
  5. offer TWO boatloads of money to Cespedes. the magic number is now TEN.
  6. http://www.liftable.com/andreadcombs/two-seconds-left-player-passed-ball-wrong-team-hes-hero/
  7. The Hope lives on! They're going to do it this year.... at least win the division, and actually play baseball in October! The addition of Uribe, Cespedas, Johnson and Conforto super-charged the offense. The starting pitching continues to be stellar. And God bless David Wright. No one knows how long he'll continue to playing.... it's not an injury, but a degenerative disease. Spinal senosis I believe it's called. He's showing courage, character and class. I believe next year is going to be THEIR year. Wheeler and Matz will be back. Hopefully, they'll offer a boatload of money to Cespedas. Trading Neise, Tejada, maybe Gee, maybe Lagares, could get them something big. Let's go Mets!
  8. I've been using a Diamond iX3 for the past 3 years and have had no problem. In fact, it was great protection against some hard foul tips (once, 3 in one game). The harness has not given me any problems. I can't find a lot number on mine, but I'll call them anyway.
  9. Mick

    Heat Issues

    I experienced heat exhaustion once. Hot humid day, double header. I did the plate, first game, hot & tired but no problem. I rested & changed and drank a bunch of red Gatorade in between. When I did the bases for the second game I felt woozy in the fourth, and blew lunch all over the 'B' position. It was all fluid and red... people thought I was tossing up blood. I was taken out of the game (to my naive objection) and replaced. At that point I sat, got doused with cold water and drank a lot of water. It was the right move to take me out, as it took about 20 minutes to recover. My lesson: hydrate with water only, before and during the game. If it's a double header, continue with just water along with a banana and some healthy carbs. Save the Sports drink until AFTER you're done. I know different people find different ways that work for them. This is what works for me.
  10. Last week at CDP, the batter holds up his hand, requesting time. The pitcher was not taking too long, and there was no other reason for it. I said quietly to him as the pitcher was winding up, "nope". The kid hit a home run off that pitch. When he came in to touch the plate, I asked him, "Aren't you glad I didn't call 'time'?" "YUP!"
  11. OK, this is not a pleasant subject, but I think it needs to be asked, and this might be the best format to do so: What does dining at CDP do to you? I've heard a lot of diarrhea jokes, but if it's a widespread problem, it's not a joke. I've had this problem. The odd thing is, I'm not sure it's only the food. I've had the effects when I've first arrived there, just having water & coffee. Does the water have a peculiar taste to you? Have you experienced diarrhea there? Please skip the 'funny' comments. This is a real concern. Thanks.
  12. The only reason it's a "conflict" (probably an unfortunate choice of words) is because I'm in agreement with what so many others are saying here: it's a good guideline, but I think at times with a proper delay, knowing for certain the runner is safe or out, one doesn't have to wait until that given moment that the firstbaseman releases the ball. I'm also in agreement that a "nothing" play requires a soft, non-verbal punch-out. I think this is another example of good guidelines that can become someone else's absolute do-or-die rule. Kind of like the in-depth discussion on the use of indicators by field umps I've heard so many times. I know it's a rule in college play; it's a choice for so many others. Some, at any level will absolutely insist with all black & white certitude that the field ump MUST have one, while others, with the same evangelical fervor, insist on the opposite.
  13. I appreciate you mentioning that it's not an absolute. I can see it as a pretty good guideline.
  14. We all know not to hurry a call. We've all been taught different methods. Here's a new one on me at CDP: My seasoned partner had the plate, I had the bases. He told me (for example) after a play is made at first base, don't call anything until the firstbaseman releases the ball. He said that's the way it's done in the pros. I did it to please him and avoid conflict. Still, it didn't feel right waiting that long. Any thoughts?
  15. Armour All (sp?) leather wipes work great after the shoes have had dirt cleaned off them with a brush & water.
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