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  1. That harness... wow... plenty of white
  2. @Stk004 I want to say that I called and talked to someone at F3, and they had came to the conclusion that the 3 spring design was just as protective as the 4 spring design, plus the diminished weight provided another benefit. I feel that the v3 is much more well balanced than the v1 was. I got hit with both on, and the v3 is certainly as much protective as the 4 spring. I felt the dull impact of a middle 80s tipped fastball, but no sharp pain. no headache. As with anything, the mask will feel incredibly heavy to anyone who uses some sort of ultra lite mask right now, there is an adjustment
  3. Just the pads I believe.. Leather on the Big League and their cheaper cloth type pads on the IX3
  4. Wilson Ti, not low profile, with brand new black TW pads for sale! Message me!
  5. Who starts the contact? Did the coach initiate the contact to advance or stop the runner? No, he simply slipped and fell and slid into the coach. You can't look too far into a play like this. Think about the average situation you would have this, wet conditions, runner headed home, MAYBE he scores, maybe he doesn't. But he fell and doesn't have the chance to. I'm sure that's a win for a HS defense, in which the odds of them completing the play to get him out are slim. Nature of the game.
  6. If you're watching the glove/ball through the tag, I feel like it is very distinguishable. Just think catch/no catch in football, you have to stick with the play and make a judgement call. NFHS tries to take out all judgement rules wise. Hence, minimum 1 base on OBS.
  7. Gently used, great condition. No rust. PM for pics
  8. They're the 75/25 split...not sure on model #
  9. Plate and Base. Good condition. Worn less than 15 games. Plate 36x34.5 Base 34x34 Message for pics.
  10. Dont take the fun out of baseball. Let it be.
  11. #2. Watch infielders toss while F1 throws his 8, put the ball back in play and roll.
  12. If they are not delaying the game, don't worry about it.
  13. Always good to attach a handle to the back of the catchers harness so you can steer him into the ball when he starts not blocking them... so as long as you're close enough to grab that you're good to go
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