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Found 10 results

  1. Sharp ....... @MadMax https://www.ump-attire.com/Baseball-Umpire-Equipment/Featured/New/CM84-BK_Champro-Rampage-Black-No-Weld-Magnesium-Umpire-Mask-with-Dri-Gear?id=947
  2. Just placed an order for the New Balance MU460 plate shoes. I thought sure that I could squeeze another season out of the original NB 450s, but it's just not possible, as my toes are still swollen 24 hours later from yesterday's game. As information, I ordered from www.ump-attire.com and I will be happy to report back with my review, both here and at Ump-Attire. Looking forward to some comfort !
  3. ... and you better be on Ump-Attire.com buying a new CP!!! Really. $40. Forty Dollars and a few days of waiting on shipping it to you is all it takes to stop looking like a yutz, a schmuck or a doofus, and putting yourself at increased risk of injury. I was a catcher, and I used my ol' catcher's CP for my first year of umpiring... Forget it. Might as well wear a sheet of cardboard. Are you using a cheap softee-shell that you got from the local sporting goods store? Makes you look like a meatball? Pfffft... Donate it to the nearest tae-kwon-do or martial arts studio for use as a sparring vest, for all the good it'll do you in baseball. Own a DavisShield?... ... ... You may be beyond hope. That Champion Hardshell CP sitting there, offered by U-A, is the ideal entry-level CP. Hard plastic carapace, contoured body panels, segmented padded liner/vest, decent hardware, substantial shoulders, but no-where near as hulking as a WestVest nor as pricey as the better CP's. You don't need a sports car for the daily commute, right? You just need a simple, reliable hatchback or coupe for the daily drive to save up for and get the sports car someday! This is that commuter car. Heck, it even has a better harness than most of the other, more expensive CP's come stock equipped with! But don't stop there, I advise you... Get it, and with a few extra bucks, purchase a Flex-style harness for it. The Force3 Flex isn't bad; the All-Star DeltaFlex is good, but it only fits slim-to-average builds on a non-All-Star CP like this; but if you want to think serious, contact @Razzer and commission one of his ULFH "RayFlex" units. You can take it with you into that sports-car CP you'll one day get, and if you get it personalized (you should! Ray includes it in the cost), you're allowed to feel a little vain and self-serving at Christmas. And I better not catch you wearing Catchers' Shinguards either, mister! Those Champion shinguards offered on sale alongside the CP? Those will work swell. You'll actually be able to move in them without toeflaps and sideflaps flopping all out the bottom of your pants... Oh, and you'll actually be able to fit some good pants over them, because these are nowhere near as bulky as catchers' shinguards. Now, where is @gnhbua93 hiding so as to talk up the fact that U-A is offering the Force3 Defender V2 on sale, too?!!! PS- Go ahead and get the '15 All-Black Umpire shirt, especially at that price, if all you've got is that lone Navy shirt that some ol' codger in your association said "This 'ere navy one is all ya need!". Those of us with all the different styles of black umpire shirts (there are 4) won't mind. We'll work a game with you, no sweat!
  4. In the effort to minimize the risks of concussions and head impacts, Major League Baseball Umpires advises changing out mask pads every year. Now, keep in mind, this is for near-constant use in "high-impact" environments (the speeds of Minor and Major -league baseballs). Also, this does not include the advanced, spring-suspension mask from Force3, the Defender, since the pads are specially designed for the mask, and the mask's springs and struts are taking a significant share of the impacting force. Mask pads themselves vary greatly, and it is equal parts construction, performance and feel (against your face). The two that are the most noteworthy are the Zorbium© pads from Team Wendy and the MemoryFoam pads from Wilson. Other pad sets that work very well are the All-Star LUC pads, Wilson doeskins, Wilson wrap-a-rounds (which are being phased out, IIRC), or any of the "boutique outfitter shops" (such as +POS or Honig's). In fact, the lighter the mask – by using materials such as Magnesium, Aluminum, and Titanium – the more supple and energy absorbent the pads have to be. The "show ponies" from Nike, Wilson, and Rawlings1 (the Titaniums) and the "experimentals" from +POS, Champro and Diamond (two Magnesiums and an Aluminum) are heavily reliant on more-than-adequate pad sets. Diamond skimped by with woeful, paltry pads for 2-3 years, until finally forced encouraged to dramatically improve their stock pads on their aluminum mask, even though one should strongly consider using one of the premier pad sets if using a mask like that frequently. Does that mean get a whole new mask? Not exactly! Most of these pads are available individually. Since the pads are sold separate from the mask, then... well... naturally there are mask frames that are sold bereft of any pathetic sub-optimum pads. Three great outfitters offering bare mask frames, ready to take pads and harness of your choosing are: +POS – Offering its light-as-a-feather-strong-as-an-ox hollow steel ZRO-G mask frame, in silver. Lightweight, great sight lines , rounded chin guard, classic look evocative of the Nike and older Wilson frames (perhaps there's substance to the myth that Nike used the ZRO-G planform when designing their Titanium & Steel iconic masks).Ump-Attire – The Emporium Co-Op of All Things Umpire offers Diamond's DFM-UMP-iX3 mask frame, in black. Aluminum, light but unyielding, with great sight lines, squared chin guard and extended crown guard. And with it sold through Ump-Attire, it has nearly the entire array of pads and harnesses to outfit it, as well as U-A's outstanding customer support.Honig's – The Outfitter keeps their trademark K4 mask frame out there, in black. Hollow plugged-end steel affording excellent, resilient protection, with a brief chin guard (ideally suited for any of a number of dangling throat protectors), "blowback" ear guards and an extended crown guard contributing to a sophisticated look. Nice feature of Honig's site, the frame can be ordered bare, or outfitted with any of the pads Honig's has in stock directly on the online page.1- All-Star is, unfortunately, not listed as their titanium show pony, the FM25Ti with its dual-wire eye slot and huge, radar-tower-like ear guards, is intended for catchers.
  5. Umpire ball bag is a patented design. (US Patent #5,788,170)Elastic frontEasily holds 6 baseballs and 3 softballsInside pouch for: indicator, plate brush, and line-up cards (items not included). Everything stays snug and secure during those quick calls.Zippered compartment on back for keys, wallet, watch, bandages, etc. - no more bulging pockets or lost keys.Available in black, grey and navyFits on umpire beltsMade in Kentucky, U.S.A.This product is available from Ump-Attire.com.
  6. Saw Ump-attire has the new all black shirts I for one don't like them, will I get one probably because I need to get new stuff and I have Christmas money too spend LOL
  7. Competitor Honig’s Helps Us Out in a Pickle One of the best feel good stories you haven’t heard about within the officiating sporting goods industry took place in March of this year. The background: We (Ump-Attire.com) had just secured the rights to provide uniforms to Minor League Baseball. The uniform was chosen by PBUC (Professional Baseball Umpires Corp) who oversees MiLB umpiring. They were to include Smitty shirts, Smitty jackets and Ump-Attire poly-wool pants. In the process of ordering our supply of these items for all 220 umpires, the manufacturer (O.E.M.) for the pants got behind schedule after providing almost one-third of the pants. Two weeks prior to the drop-dead delivery date, the company of almost 30 years closed its doors. Yes, closed. Not just early for the weekend. For good. No more pants were to be delivered. Now what? We did have some stock of poly-wool pants, which are all but required at the professional levels, from previous years. But this stock added to the stock that was newly manufactured was not nearly enough to cover all umpires. So, here we were, a company who is known for providing great service. We had just proudly stepped out of our comfort zone just a bit to score a contract with Minor League Baseball. THE Minor League Baseball. And after stepping up to the plate as a rookie in perhaps our biggest game ever, we were about to show the world how well we could strike out. We scrambled for over a week trying to find a solution. Spring meetings for umpires - where we were to hand out uniforms - were less than one week away! No solution was available to have additional pants in our hands in that time frame. Or was there? The final solution involved contacting our retail competitor Honig’s. Honig’s is the largest and longest standing officiating sporting goods company in our industry. Headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Honigs not only provides uniforms to the NFL and the NCAA but they also provide poly-wool pants for Major League Baseball. Would Honig’s assist us with a supply of pants despite being a competitor and despite having the MiLB contract prior to us? Their answer? “Yesâ€. And a few days later, I drove to Ann Arbor (about 6 hours from Louisville) to pick up pants in order for us to have in time for the meetings. Some say we showed a lot of class in swallowing our pride and going the extra mile to make this happen. But I think Honig’s showed the class. They didn’t have to do that. Contractually, we did. Where we agreed is we wanted to make sure that a set of umpires were taken care of no matter the circumstances. What I took away from this experience most is just how much companies, like us, Honig's, etc, who specialize in sporting goods for sports officials, truly care about the profession of officiating and those in it. THEY COULD TAKEN A BETTER PICTURE OF THE BOX! http://umpattire.blogspot.com/2013/11/competitor-honigs-helps-us-out-in-pickle.html
  8. Got a question for anyone that has these pants. Especially in the plate pant cut. Have any of you guys run into sizing problems with these (and I dont mean in the waist area)? I bought a pair last season hoping to find an alternative to Honigs. I discovered that my WV Pro shin guards were showing through at the knee/lower thigh and have been told I look like I am wearing combo pants. Note:I have never owned a pair in my life. Has anyone else run into this problem? I will be buying a new pair or two of the Honigs this year so that I dont have this issue and am currently working to deal my beloved WVs so that I do not run into this problem again. Thanks for the input.
  9. Fellow Umpires, I dont want to bash Jim at ump-attire.com, but he just lost me as customer. Everyone says they have great CS. Until you need to return something. I have easily spent over a $1000 through his site in the last year alone. These shoes don't fit me, so I tried returning them to Jim, but he sent them back claiming they are used. I am honest, they have never been used, other than a brief 20 yard sprint outside on my clean lawn. How else can you tell if they fit properly without testing them? I have attached pictures and can take more upon request. $90 shipped to your door... Please PM me and if you want me to send you higher quality pix than you see here. Thanks ump-attire.
  10. I have several Ump-Attire Ultimate Umpire shirts for sale. There is nothing wrong with them, we just have to wear Honig's now. I have black, polo blue (black collar), and cream. I have large in black, medium and large in the polo blue, and large in the cream. Message me if you're interested and we can talk about price, depending on how many you want.
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