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Found 16 results

  1. Selling a pair of brand new Nike Huarache Turf shoes size 10, regular width. $55 plus shipping (shipping from US). Here they are on ump-attire. https://www.ump-attire.com/Products/NIKE-HUARACHE/Nike-Alpha-Huarache-Elite-2-Turf-Shoes
  2. I have a barely-used pair of 3n2 base shoes, size 12. I usually wear 11.5, but bought these a little big and after wearing them about 6-7 times, I think I screwed up getting them too big. Other than the liner on top of the insole lifting up near the heel some, they're in good shape,. They were $65-$70 new, but I just want to get something for them, so $35, shipped to your door. Picture is from the web.
  3. These shoes (black and white) were worn for two games and they’re pretty much brand new. The only issue is some clay stains I wasn’t able to get out. PM me with offers. The pictures are in the link. https://photos.app.goo.gl/ZwNtYTHBgTyLvf8H6 Thanks.
  4. Decided to try my luck yet again. Looking for these bad boys.
  5. Good morning UE folks. Not to bounce off of anyone’s thread, but I’ve been looking for a pair of the Zigs (all black) in 11.5 or 12. If anyone has a pair send me a PM. Thanks!
  6. I have a few pair of these available. Brand new, never worn. Got lucky and stumbled onto a good deal. Message me and I’ll let you know if I have your size available. $120/pair and $15 for shipping. All black and white/black available. First come first served.
  7. Just placed an order for the New Balance MU460 plate shoes. I thought sure that I could squeeze another season out of the original NB 450s, but it's just not possible, as my toes are still swollen 24 hours later from yesterday's game. As information, I ordered from www.ump-attire.com and I will be happy to report back with my review, both here and at Ump-Attire. Looking forward to some comfort !
  8. I need to ask for a no-nonsense assessment of the New Balance 950 Turf umpire shoes, please. Yes, the ones they use in the Major Leagues. My UnderArmour turf-trainers have called one game too many, and never did have the greatest arch support. They were durable and presentable, but not too cushioned either. I have always worn Nikes, but when I needed a shoe for CDP two years ago, I chose the UnderArmours because they could be easily cleaned and polished. Most Nikes have mesh, or fabric, or nubuck, or Flyknit on their uppers, which just get destroyed by the red brick dust CDP uses. However, this year, I am considering the Nike Lunar MVP Pregame 2, which has synthetic leather, and looks like can be endlessly washed, as well as having the Nike fit I am accustomed to. After checking out the landscape, though, I could go "all out" and get the official MLB umpires' shoe, the New Balance 950. It is very difficult to find in stock in my size (11 D), but I can still track it down, and I need to know (or at least have enough encouragement) before I pull the trigger. Is it a really good shoe? How's the arch support? How's the cushioning? How's the fit? How's the clean-ability? How's the durability? Please give me whatever opinions and sentiments and feedback you have about them, straight up. I've worked in retail far too long to have an item pitched to me, but I would value your feedback and impressions and experience with it. Thanks, gang!
  9. I was asked today in a 18+ league if a player could wear crocks. I couldn't think of any rule saying he can't, but said that it really wouldn't be a good idea. I asked the director of the league if he knew of a rule, he said no. I asked the team why would he want to. I thought it was a really bad idea. He ended up finding a pair of old running shoes, but was curious as to what you guys had to say. Thoughts?
  10. Purchased the NBs last year half a size larger than my normal size, and they ended up feeling...half a size too large. 'magin that. Very good condition, no catcher cleat marks! Also selling/trading my backup Wilson mask, in like-new condition. Not exactly sure the type of mask it is, though it seems curved a little less than my All-Star masks. Looking for cash, size 34 or 36 GD pants, or Team Wendy pads (maybe you stocked extra during the December sale!). Would also consider used Navy shirts and ball bags for our association's incoming rookies if the items are combined with one of the big 3 above.
  11. Ok guys we with WIDE Feet need some help! We need sources and brands of plate and base shoes. Seems like this year they are harder to locate. Please help!
  12. Would you ever use golf shoes as your base shoes like Joe West does?
  13. I am having a very hard time finding plate shoes that are big enough for me. I cant remember the website I ordered off last time I needed plate shoes so I am in distress. I can find size 15 onle on most websites. I need a size 17 EEE . Is there anyone out there who could direct me in the right place? It would be much appreciated. Thank you.
  14. For those with a size 9 and 13 and 14 .......here's a chance to pick up this rarity .......... http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-New-Balance-MU350-Fielding-Umpire-Shoe-/181025463790?pt=US_Men_s_Athletic_Footwear&var=&hash=item2a25f55dee
  15. Fellow Umpires, I dont want to bash Jim at ump-attire.com, but he just lost me as customer. Everyone says they have great CS. Until you need to return something. I have easily spent over a $1000 through his site in the last year alone. These shoes don't fit me, so I tried returning them to Jim, but he sent them back claiming they are used. I am honest, they have never been used, other than a brief 20 yard sprint outside on my clean lawn. How else can you tell if they fit properly without testing them? I have attached pictures and can take more upon request. $90 shipped to your door... Please PM me and if you want me to send you higher quality pix than you see here. Thanks ump-attire.
  16. I have a very well cared for pair of Nike Air Diamond Trainer base shoes Size 11 I will gladly send to someone for the cost of shipping. They look FANTASTIC. Have about 250 games on them.[attachment=511:IMAG0179.jp
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