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  1. They’re standard width. It’s worn off the tongue though.
  2. This is for the whole group. Details on each item is listed below. This is a steal for all of these items to be sold together. All used but in great condition. Will ship it all together for an additional $60. Will divide as well and give you a price plus shipping. $500 for everything! Wilson Platinum Chest Protector Wilson Platinum Shin Guards Honig’s Mask with Team Wendy’s Pads Reebok Plate Shoes, size 11.5 New Balance Plate Shoes, size 10.5 New Balance Base Shoes, size 10.5 Two Ball Bags with water-protective layer Brushes Indicator Wilson Equipment Bag
  3. Because I haven’t purchased the shoe yet so can get any size. That’s about as easy as it gets I’d say.
  4. I have a few pair of these available. Brand new, never worn. Got lucky and stumbled onto a good deal. Message me and I’ll let you know if I have your size available. $120/pair and $15 for shipping. All black and white/black available. First come first served.
  5. I am not sure if there's anything wrong with it, but not something I would recommend. Especially if the game was crazy or got out of hand in any way. Couldn't image him hanging around to shake the hands of someone pissed at him, but then again I don't know the guy. I worked with some guys when I first started who liked (and taught) to hang around after the game during the hand shake to make sure things went "smoothly". I was never a fan of this but it's what the association wanted. Umpire jurisdiction ends when we leave the field, so I'm with the philosophy of getting off the field ASAP upon the final out of the game. Whatever happens after I'm gone is between the two schools. Or at least that's how I feel about it.
  6. JamesC


    I guess we'll have to agree to disagree on this one. Just because I haven't had to use a rule doesn't mean it doesn't have credibility. I've never had to eject a player for using a foreign substance, but that doesn't give the rule any less credibility.
  7. I downloaded too. Add me and let's play: jhc021
  8. JamesC


    Since this post, I still haven't had to address it yet. I like to keep the game moving. I'm sure you're a great guy, I am just having a difficult time understanding why someone would come to the board asking for advice on how to handle this particular situation and then when they are given a rule to support the advice (20-second rule) they decide to call it impractical and refuse to apply the rule if/when necessary. Don't get me wrong, I know there are a handful of rules in the book that seem to stretch it and there are many umpires who choose to ignore certain things. A lot of us understand the intention of certain rules and also understand how real-life baseball games work, so we do understand that there are situations where things seem impractical. I don't disagree with you that the 20-second rule is a bit strict and is rarely (I've never seen anyone call it) called on a pitcher, but it is a tool (rule) in our arsenal if we need it. The 20-second rule is a straightforward way for you to address the delay you're describing in a supported approach. While I'm sure you would get plenty of argument if you assessed this penalty, you're 100% supported by the book and they don't have a leg to stand on unless they want to say you don't have an official timer/watch to assess the penalty. Then it's your word against theirs I suppose at that point. And so far (8+ years) I haven't lost the count yet. **Knock on wood** since I have the dish on a big district championship 4A game tonight with the series tied 1-1.
  9. JamesC


    I don't even consider timing someone unless I think they're taking too long, and then I'll do a rough count in my head. Even when I think they're taking a long time, it's normally a few seconds short of 20 so I don't worry about getting too technical. Plus, I don't use an indicator so my left hand is free for the stopwatch. Is that Smitty enough for you?
  10. JamesC


    I guess I'm confused why this is impractical and how it's going to turn the game to crap. This is a rule to the game and it is not uncommon. There are 20-second clocks in the majority of your major college stadiums (if not all) and there are even 20-second clocks in your MLB stadiums. This rule is to assist in moving the game along, which you're asking for assistance with through this thread. I'm normally very lenient with this and even when I feel like a pitcher is taking too long I'll start to keep a mental track of their time in my head. Rarely do I get a pitcher over 17-18 seconds after receiving the ball so I haven't had to address the matter yet, but I think it's good to know the rule is in place to avoid the aforementioned 3.5 hour games. If the plate guy is working the game as he should be and has good game management, you shouldn't be out there that long. We completed a 10-inning game last week in 2 hours and 10 minutes. None of that BS between innings where the pitcher wants to hang out in the dugout until the catcher is ready because he was the last out. Not my problem. There are 8 other people on the bench who can warm up the pitcher. In those cases, when the pitcher walks out thinking he's about to warm up after hanging out in the dugout for 2 minutes, I'm calling for a batter. Bet me he doesn't get his ass out there next time and get warmed upon the completion of the inning. Not meaning to hijack a thread but I despise calling with guys who are letting pitchers take 7-8 pitches in between innings, drag around, 4 minute half-innings, and everything else. Those things add up and add up quickly. I think a pretty popular guy in the Northeast says it best, DO YOUR JOB!
  11. I've always been curious about this and would be interested in hearing everyone else's stories on handling this. If/when you tell a coach that you kicked the call and missed it, do you not catch a lot of hell or even more grief for admitting that? It doesn't escalate the coach's anger? I've never admitted to a coach during a game that I've kicked a call, even if I know without a doubt I did. Don't get me wrong, I've made calls where I immediately wished I could have a mulligan; however, I've taken my ass chewing because I deserved it. I guess I've just never had the balls to admit to a coach while he's chewing my ass that I missed a call. Either it's not having the balls or not wanting to make the matter worse. I guess I just feel like admitting it is going to piss the coach off more and he's going to be wanting me to change the call because it's "for the kids".
  12. JamesC


    I must have misunderstood the rule. I thought the ball call applied at all times, regardless of runner situation? I was under the impression the pitcher had 20-seconds to take action after receiving the ball; whether this be a pickoff attempt, pitch, or whatever else you would consider a play. I don't have the FED rule book with me, does anyone have that rule reference readily available?
  13. Why would it matter if the foot was off the bag or not if the initial call was safe to begin with? Appealing (correctly) that the foot was off the bag wouldn't change the call, right? If he was deemed to have beaten the throw to begin with but an (defensive??) appeal determines he pulled his foot, the call is still the same? I'm having a hard time understanding this situation.
  14. I have a pair of Honig's PolyWool base and a pair of their plate pants I need to get rid of. The waste is 36 and length is hemmed to approximately 30 but with some room left for modification. They're about 4 years old with maybe 30-40 games total on each pair. These are the prior model pants and I can get pictures if you need them. Overall, they're in good condition and actually just had them dry cleaned before I put the away. $35 each shipped or $60 for both, shipped.
  15. JamesC

    BR misses 1st

    Can someone give me the rules reference that says a runner is to have legally acquired a base once they reach/pass it? As demonstrated in the OP? I do not have my rules book or case book with me. A reference to each would be nice if you have it, rules book and case book.
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