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  1. https://maxxsunglasses.com/collections/maxx-classic-collection/products/domain-classic $20. I used to use the Oakley Flak Jacket ($130) until they broke. Now, these are the only ones I'll wear.
  2. Health: good to excellent overall, though more recently, it takes longer to recuperate from what used to be aches and pains that I could ignore. This past season I was finding myself reaching for the ibuprofen before AND after games. I incurred an injury to my toe that I got during a clinic, and it still hasn't healed after two weeks. Age: Not getting any younger; next one is the big 6-Oh. (But I hear some folks saying that 60 is the new 40... or was that the other way around)? Interest: I don't think I'd ever not be interested. The problem is the political atmosphere where I am. Other priorities: Family and job, which will always have to come first. College in looming for the only child in about 4.5 years. I see your point though; of course it is up to the wants and needs of the individual, just wondering about input from others in a similar point in life, etc.
  3. I was looking for a decent-sized crater on Mars. Not on this map.
  4. Ken: question for you: when you were hit and the cage bent above the eyebrow.... what were the results? Concussion or no ?
  5. The original Shock in titanium was $250. Re: the bend in @KenBAZ's cage: interesting.... exactly where the cage on mine bent, some years ago. Wilson sent a replacement (first steel, which I questioned them about, and they followed with the titanium, and let me keep the steel). This was circa 2008. Nice look on the repair / refinish job. Is that titanium or steel ?
  6. Almost no mosquitoes or black flies where I am. Haven't used bug spray in years.
  7. Do what the Maine lumberjacks did: eat a lot of garlic.
  8. @Thunderheads lock it, please. My thanks to @Varsity07.
  9. Looking to buy 2017/2018 NCAA rule book - hard copy. Yes, I know I could order one directly from NCAA, but the only shipping choices they offer start at nearly $13.... and up to $56 ( ) , via Fedex. Not sure why they don't offer reasonable rates via USPS. PM me if you would, please.
  10. Re: boldface highlight: agreed, though he stayed in and finished the inning (one more batter, I believe), but that may also be due to the fact that concussion symptoms are often a bit delayed. He may have felt good to go after the trainer made his check on him, and then within a few more minutes,.... not so much. But yes, no sense hanging around and adding to the risk. And just my $0.02 on this, describing the warm up pitch as "errant".... I didn't think it was all that far off the mark (that's why they get warm-up pitches, right?) but check out how late F2 gets his mitt up there. Lazy.
  11. With a winning (and only) bid of $9.99 ! In size XXXL. Hmmm.... the same seller has an older black version as well.
  12. Includes GIF of the warmup pitch. http://www.masslive.com/redsox/index.ssf/2017/08/umpire_hunter_wendelstedt_leav.html
  13. There it is !!! I love the expression of the kid in the background. Great stuff.
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