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  1. @wolfe_man hooked me up! Was buying a mask from him and ended up with cp and shins to go with it. Very knowledgeable and helped me out quite a bit. Fast shipping and all was new as described.
  2. So I am fairly new to umpiring and am looking at getting a nice lightweight mask setup. I've read that the TW are not good in cold weather. I live on the wet coast of Washington where baseball season is usually anywhere from 45 to 75. What would be a good all around pad or do you guys swap pads out for the weather?
  3. Hi all. Mainly done little league since my boys are 10 and 13 now. I did a bunch of 10TOC including the ship behind the dish. Plus we hosted 11 district and I did quite a few in that plus the first ship game behind the dish. Now doing a game at state for juniors this weekend. Just found this site and looks pretty awesome for information and for buying\selling gear. Really enjoy umpiring so far but haven't had any really hiccups yet. Knock on wood.
  4. Still available? I can't see the pics for some Reason.
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